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The Cusp - the Japan Tsunami, Empathy and the Sun - UPDATED

I do not wish to sound like a wannabe-prophet, doom-monger, or come across as someone trying to use the recent Japan horrors to promote a dark interpretation about humanity’s near-future. But in all honesty I see a very dark situation gathering pace all the time – and the recent Japan situation (with all its nuclear complexities) is just more proof of the unending brutality of this realm.

When the heart speaks, I try to listen.


Here’s a dark possibility that I think we should all seriously consider if not entirely endorse - Grandmother Terra doesn’t really like us, and we really don’t like her… to the point that we’ve figuratively allowed ourselves to become an insidious X Files-style black-oil consciousness with a huge death-fetish.

What if this self-destructive death-fetish isn’t entirely all our doing? Grandma has some awfully big teeth, as Japan, Chile, Haiti, Brazil, Australia and elsewhere all recently demonstrate. One could be forgiven for thinking that she might be a wolf in Grandma’s dress.

Don’t get me wrong, the Earth is majestic and beautiful and awe-inspiring – but it’s also petty and ugly and horrific. And I’m referring to nature itself here (non HAARP-influenced, straight-up Mama Nature), not man’s defilement of nature.

Indonesian boy, 2004

Hatian Boy, 2010

Now in 2011 we have Rebellions in the Middle East (whatever their actual origins are), global animal deaths (misinterpretations aside, though there will be many), Earth Changes (for want of a less New Age term), and the unacknowledged importance of the Sun in all these things.

Throw in real-time information sharing, laptop warriors and junkies and trolls, associative compartmentalization of all things Fringe, and you’ve got a seriously potent Molotov Cocktail.

From what I understand, the television show Fringe is exploring a convergence theme; the impossible convergence/intersecting of two parallel worlds - and the crazy things that happen due to this situation.

I see that over on The Alien Project blog Andre Heath mentions this Fringe exploration, applying it to current and recent events. While I disagree with various aspects of his reasoning, many of Heath’s posts are still interesting to me.

There may indeed be important truths connected to a convergence theme, but when I look at all this data I see a fork in the road, a separation, not a convergence – in hard-edged literal terms. A birth, for want of a better term, where one entity is created within another but must separate from its host in order to birth itself.

I only say this because we live in a system where violence and creation are closely intertwined…physics and geology and biology all attest to this. There is the possibility that humanity itself might have been birthed from some ancient cataclysm (spiritual or otherwise).

If there is some validity to this separation idea, then it makes me consider the image of the Archon. What would be the main imperative of an Archon with regards to the human race? Separation?

The Pythagoras Cage is one of my pet names for this Gnostic prison, as I feel that it implies a sinister mathematics to this realm; a hard-edged science of suffering. I see the predator/prey equation in much of our current understanding of physics and indeed in our daily experience.

Perhaps predator/prey is too imprecise a term to use – maybe ‘the violence of cause and effect’.

How many Leonard Shelby’s (of the film Memento) are wandering the Earth right now? How many resonances with Shelby am I carrying around in my own psyche (or any of us)? Is it simply the inhumanity of man against man and nature that constitutes the evolvement of this Gnostic Antichristos? Or is nature itself complicit?

Christos means anointed, right? And anointed means ‘to smear’. So, Antichristos is something ‘opposed to the smear’ or even ‘opposed to those who are smeared’, or even ‘opposed to those who CAN smear’. Is this interesting in a quantum mechanics wave/particle duality sense?

Is Christos (or Thomas Anderson, or John Murdoch) really the aspect of the psyche that is able to smear itself across space and time, thereby negating linear causality? Through the Looking-Glass, like Alice?  Walter Bishop of Fringe found a way to smear and connect two separate parallel earths, right? Neo of The Matrix did as well, and John Murdoch’s tuning ability in Dark City would be the holy grail of this ‘smear’ interpretation. 

the smear...?

It’s interesting that ‘smear tests’ attempt to detect cervical cancer. Is the host going to survive this theoretical birthing process, or will she (and we) die in childbirth (or Childhood's End)?

Obviously, it’s US being born in all this violence and separation, but the question is, “Are we going to come to term as stillborns, or will our spiritual hearts keep beating?”

Obviously, I’m talking very broadly here and with very little certainty of what is actually occurring. We could use the metaphor of adult maturation instead of childbirth and the same thing applies.

In connection with my Anitchristos thoughts, it’s also interesting that ‘Anti’ was a ferryman entity who carried Isis to Set's dominion in some versions of Egyptian myth. Connections abound, and I’m not savvy enough to parse them all. But there they are.

Perhaps, figuratively speaking there is a simultaneous convergence AND separation occurring on Earth at this time. Perhaps the separation has been gathering pace ever since the Industrial Revolution, but the convergence is somehow trans-temporal, unable to be prophesied or quantified.

And yet the separation and the convergence are somehow spookily interconnected.

The nuclear radiation events occurring in Japan right now, due to the tsunami, are atomic in nature, right? Our manipulation of the atom, or the microcosmic sun.

From Wikipedia, about Atum:

"Atum's name is thought to be derived from the word 'tem' which means to complete or finish. Thus he has been interpreted as being the 'complete one' and also the finisher of the world, which he returns to watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle. As creator he was seen as the underlying substance of the world, the deities and all things being made of his flesh or alternatively being his ka."

I do not mean to take away from the breathtaking human tragedy of recent events - I only hope to offer compassionate insight or debate.  Just to be clear, I am not suggesting a full-on nuclear meltdown riff with the above Atum quote, only that all things are semiotically and associatively connected - and therefore spiritually connected.  Times they are a-changing.  It's frightening and disturbing, but hopefully maturing and sobering too.

I think it's interesting how our enhanced neural-net can operate due to the real-time sharing quality of the internet.  The internet theoretically gives us a highly sophisticated relationship with information, events, perspectives and interpretations - that no other generation prior to the late twentieth century has had.

It means something - as this quake and all its permutations clearly 'means' something to us.

To me, as an intuitive, life has to still be lived in the face of revelations, insights, dreams and pre-cognition - the world still hurts, it's still unfair, and the innocent suffer unimaginable tragedies.

The truth of this doesn't square easily with a metaphysical 'university earth' interpretation, IMHO. Cities and bodies crumble, the mind can forget profound psychic or experiential truths.

Linear time is utterly merciless, and imagination must give back compassion through art and story, trying to heal the wounds left in time's wake.  Tempus Fugit; we'll be understanding this more keenly in the years ahead, I feel.  Kronos eats his children, after all.

But we are all stronger than time or the brutality of 3D experience. The human heart is the figurative Vortex of Ages - the place where we can imagine a new physics, a new perception, which is inclusive rather than exclusive.
It's the only way we'll really figure out what the hell is going on with regards to humanity's past, present and future.

As an aside to this, those 2010 SOHO images of the Sun and its mysterious companions speak volumes. I'm not sure yet what those volumes are describing, but it’s mind-numbingly intense. I know that. 
If those objects are not 'compression glitches', then they are not simply unknown companions of a star - the fact that they can even get so close to the star without burning up means that they have access to a physics and a knowledge that is beyond our understanding.
watching our Secret Sun?

For all intents and purposes they are Observers of the Secret Sun - a level of thermodynamic and cosmological knowledge that we can only imagine.

It's sad to say this, but I think there will be multitudes of people who will be determined to ignore the significance of the Japan tragedy, or any of the other recent tragedies. 

Once the news stops covering the events and returns to its sacristy of celebrity news and pornographic trivia - these multitudes will follow.  The subtleties of all this and our place within it will be lost on them.

However, like 9/11 there will be a selection of people for whom these events will act as an accelerator pad for their conscious evolution - something in them will shift and suddenly they'll be more awake than they were previously. 

These events and those that will follow have such far-reaching human implications.  I mean, there are people still displaced and desperate due to the Hurricane Katrina disaster (and the disgusting 'ineffectuality' of the US governmental response). 

The same pattern can be found in the Indonesian tsunami event of 2004, in which apparently nearly a quarter of a million people perished.  The psychic dimension to that event still throbs with import and real-world effects six years later. 

There are survivors all over the globe with tales to tell us that would stagger our imaginations, but generally speaking we don't seem to really give a shit.  Now, I understand the difficulty of processing such distressing events.  At a certain point the mind desires to look away, and occupy itself again with sex and drugs and rock & roll.  But the sex is just porn, the drugs are no good anymore, and the rock & roll has largely been replaced by a bloated imposter. 

As Bobby Dylan once said, "You're gonna have to serve somebody.  It might be the Devil, or it might be the Lord, but you're gonna have to serve somebody."

Not really being the god-fearing type or the devil-loving type either, I think we need to work on serving each other.  We're all inmates together, in this Pythagoras Cage.  We need each other, because none of us are getting out of here alive.  That fact connects every one of the 6 billion souls who reside here.


I think like all manifest phenomena, Grandmother Terra has (at least) two faces.  One of her faces is the benevolent, nurturing grain-mother with nothing but love and hope for humanity.

But Terra's other face is the dark, destructive goddess with an ambivalent attitude to her stepchildren. This side to Terra is just as important to seriously consider (as recent events demonstrate).

One face does not cancel out the other.

In all this speculation we get into theories concerning humanity's possible influence of the magnetic/energetic field of the planet, through our emotional/spiritual states.  An idea suggesting that Terra's destructive aspect might in some way be tied to our own fractured psyches.

Again, all these descriptive terms and metaphors are just our collection of shorthands - figurative symbols through which each of us is trying to account for the things we experience and the insights we feel.

I suspect this is because our realm of existence is largely figurative in and of itself - in a truly infinite universe it could be no other way.

We are a race of stories dressed as men, and sometimes we mistake our clothes for our selves - any true shaman will tell you this, if pressed deeply enough.

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