Saturday, 19 March 2011

Fukushima - Perception-Management, Critical-Thinking and Gnosis

I don't know all the complexities of how American media is covering/spinning this Japan Radiation Leak story, but here in the UK I'm seeing that it's business as usual.

There is a combination of contradictory reports, down-playing of facts, intelligent discussion consistently evaded by prefacing every other statement with ever-changing official statements, etc.

The spin is already laying its foundations to manage our perceptions of any future problems with this situation. For example, down-playing the fact that radiation levels in Tokyo are "10 times higher" than normal levels - by suggesting that normal is such a tiny amount that 10 times normal is a mere statistical quibble.  Even though the milk in Fukushima prefecture has been found to be contaminated with radiation, official sources claim it does not pose any ‘significant’ health threats.

Also, they are citing Chernobyl as a bench-mark of a 'bad' situation, and thus consistently distancing the Japan leak from this event.

The power of words.  It does not take a degree in nuclear physics to see that this is just as bad, if not worse, than Chernobyl.

What surprises me though is that many of the UK newscasters and reporters seemed genuinely on edge, angry, and deeply shocked - sometimes coming out with intelligent jibes at 'nuclear and political experts'.

It would be nice if this was evidence of a nascent perceptual maturity and not just a flash-in-the-pan, huh?  Alas, we see now that attempts at serious mainstream reporting seem to be falling drastically over the past few days.  Obviously, the new wrinkles in the Libya conflict seemed to have eclipsed the severity of the Japan situation.  Almost a week into this unprecedented disaster, the US and Britain declare military action against Libya under the pretext of protecting rebel forces. Muammar Muhammad el-Gaddafi is suddenly an intolerable presence on the global stage, which is curious considering the strange relationships allied forces have had with him in the past. 

Fukushima is the "blessed island", etymologically speaking, or "the island of good fortune".  While that might be a dark irony considering current events in Japan, I feel that it is somewhat resonant with the Atlantis observations made in Chris Knowles’ Childhood’s End Exegesis post.

Also it's resonant with this Wikipedia quote about the Egyptian god Atum returning the earth to "watery chaos" at the end of the creative cycle:

"Atum's name is thought to be derived from the word 'tem' which means to complete or finish. Thus he has been interpreted as being the 'complete one' and also the finisher of the world, which he returns to watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle. As creator he was seen as the underlying substance of the world, the deities and all things being made of his flesh or alternatively being his ka."

It's very hard to speak insightfully on these events without appearing to sensationalise them, or scaring people. But these events ARE sensational, in that they assault the senses with powerful, uncomfortable data.   The term 'apocalyptic' has been used quite frequently in the media to describe the scope of the disaster - whilst on the surface attempting to down-play the ramifications of these events.

Look at the discursive space that has opened up; its parameters, taboos and speculations - not just in mainstream media but in alternative media also.  I find myself wondering how much to discuss with regards to these events; my intuitions and suspicions. I feel that other intuitives and creatives must be experiencing a similar thing right now.

Much of the world was watching the events that are still unfolding in the "blessed island" nuclear plant.  There is a creative potency in the psychic air now, though edged with fear and uncertainty - but those are often the most fertile circumstances for creating art.  And our conscious perception is definitely a form of art.

Will this art slowly darken and lose its truth-telling quality as the world gets ever more frightening, or will it expand and liberate us somehow? Where will this art of perception take us in the coming weeks, months and years?
Now, I have been following this whole situation since it first broke, as I'm sure many, many others have been doing. A lot of folks are very scared over this Quake/Tsunami/Fukushima event, and I would suggest that unfortunately their fear is not entirely unwarranted.  For those with eyes to see, this event is shaping up to be one of the worst disasters in modern history. The myriad factors involved means that it's very difficult to really process the severity of the situation.

Countless scores of people are dead and dying, made homeless, psychologically and socially shattered. They are quickly losing faith in their governments to give them accurate data - and the 'relief' operations, while much needed, could be considered purely cosmetic.

Food and water shortages, the threat of contamination and disease not just from radiation but also from sewage and chemical taints, and the prospect of decay from the thousands of bodies yet to be recovered - all of this converging at once, and its scope and ramifications, is surely unprecedented.

This is a huge humanitarian crisis, but I'm sure the sci-fi resonances are not lost on anybody here.

Do I agree with certain voices out there who suggest that a cover-up is already underway? Absolutely. The nuclear industry is a vast business, and like most billion-dollar industries, mercy is often hard to come by.   All that matters are bottom lines - EVERYTHING else is perception management, spin and plausible deniability.
We are witnessing a cover-up of huge proportions here, in my honest opinion, and over the next few days we will see the evolution of a disinformation and deniability campaign in all avenues of mainstream media.  Please do your own homework and keep current on the severity of this situation – because corporate instruments are not going to give you the unvarnished truth with regards to what is occurring.  This cover-up includes idiocy, passivity and lack of homework - as well as sinister agendas.

To assume that your governments and transnational corporations are lying to you is the most prudent, intelligent stance to take in these matters. I would suggest that the line between paranoia and critical-thinking is a subjective one. NONE of us are as well-informed as we think we are.

Instead of smugly amusing ourselves with the shrill tones of all the 'alarmists' and 'kooks' out there who suggest the sky is falling, we should look at a fact that is often hard to stomach, especially in times of such tragedy. The fact that human life matters VERY little to the oligarchs and sociopaths that run our worlds and allocate our resources.   This should be of serious concern to all of us, especially now.

For ANY official body to make absolutist pronouncements about issues of safety and harmfulness concerning explosions, partial core meltdowns, fires and radiation leaks - ONE WEEK INTO THE SITUATION - says more about perception-management than it does about reality and facts.  I would suggest that people take another discerning look at the data-sets presented to them through official channels. The facts and reality in them are hard to come by.

Let me spell it out for people. The data in regards to all this is supposed to be QUANTITATIVE, not qualitative. But instead we have emotive rhetoric, half-truths, and incredible logistical double-speak from official sources.  This is indicative of a body of data that is qualitative and spun all to hell.

This event should throw into relief our own critical-thinking processes, and the blind-spots and inaccuracies therein.  Truth be told, we know very little except that this event will continue to have profound import in the times ahead.
Now, I am not trying to push a particular interpretation to this situation, but I wanted to offer a quote from my Voices From the Fiction blog. It concerns 2012 mythology, or supposed revealing/awakening type events in our near future.  I felt it might be applicable here:

"Do you think there are individuals who may be affected by 2012 'awakening'-type events even if the majority are not? I mean, is there a middle-ground to this?"


Indeed, you are right to suspect that individuals will have mini-awakenings in their lives if they are open to them. Perhaps, if the people involved are sufficiently magnetic, they will allow others to catch glimpses of this different order of reality. This already happens all the time, on a global scale.

But here we run into the concept of the collective. And on a consciousness level the collective in your society is determined largely by mass-media. I use the term for all that is modern, sleek and commercial in your technological world.

So, if there is already a process of transformation occurring, it has not yet reached the conscious collective because of the power of this mass-media. But it is reaching them subconsciously and super-consciously all the time.

Perhaps then '2012' will be a process where the mass-media no longer transmits a trustworthy reflection of the world at large."

So, are we there yet? It's unfortunately quite possible that things could get much darker now, very quickly.  Are we going to address the disconnect between what we see, feel and intuit, and what we are being fed by the oracles of mass-media?  How toxic and fundamentally corrupt does a system have to be before enough people cannot abide it any longer? 

From a Gnostic viewpoint, we must address our complicity in our own enslavement.  Here's the thing about Archons and gatekeepers (in all their guises) - if they have to they would rather kill you in your sleep, all things considered.  And if you continue to lumber around in your deceased state for a while, so be it.  Kill the spirit and the body will follow.  Or, kill intellectual activity and the mind will follow.

Or, as Cancer Man of The X Files once said, "The Child is Father to the Man."

It’s time to inject some realism into our thinking processes, because, as the Strangers of the movie Dark City are well aware - the clock is always ticking.


  1. Although it is terrible the suffering this kind of events bring to the victims, to me this sort of events might serve a function: to produce a shock in the collective psyche.

    Remember 9/11. Although an inside job, and with the purpose of furthering the agenda of control, how many people have started questioning the political reality paradigm? How many of us are now awakened, or alert to the strangeness of it all, due to the 9/11 events?

    One aspect of the Matrix that helps maintain the sleepiness and conformity of the average joe, is the apathy, monotony, illusion of security, the illusion that everything is normal, predictable and cozy. Because this kind of events are so overwhelming and beyond the control of the controllers, the contradictions, the lies, the absurdity of it all starts spilling out the boiling pan, and people start noticing this, and may start questioning, and when this happens in mass scale, and with the speed of communication and the Internet, something might happen.

    IMO, the Apocalypse/Eschaton or wtv we want to call it will involve, as a preparatory process before transformation, a sort of global collective awakening, where the collective psyche realizes and overcomes the stability of the System, and in this way institutions of control start to crumble, thus facilitating the process. But to get there, the Earth will apply continuous shocks in the form of calamities until there is a raising of awareness in the collective psyche. And the severeness of this shocks will be equivalent to the degree to which human kind will stubbornly insist on remaining asleep and continuing acting out the same behavior patterns so characteristic of this Male dominated paradigm.

  2. we need to be focused on what we are creating anew in our lives, that which is not ensnared in the dying paradigms of the past... and by creating anew I don't just mean action, physical life etc .. I mean deep down at the innermost levels of spirit and soul.. CREATE ANEW.. a new story, a new reality breaks out of the egg... the old world is the dried cracked shell that breaks away... and as the transition occurs, we need to help each other and hold each other up, heart to heart... strongly and with fervor because dying beasts are not pretty.

  3. Dear Raj,

    I am also a fan of the Secret Sun and tremendously influenced by the thought-provoking insights of Chris Knowles. Your own insights have hit home:

    "I find myself wondering how much to discuss with regards to these events; my intuitions and suspicions. I feel that other intuitives and creatives must be experiencing a similar thing right now."

    Yes, all my intuitive friends are saying the same thing: that it is worse in Japan than what we are being told, that the attack on Libya is being used to distract us from Japan, and that other important stories, like another oil slick near the BP deep horizon, are being overlooked.

    And I agree with the comments of goathead that all of this is shocking people from their slumber. I don't know how many more calamities we may have to witness before we stop our addiction to toxic energy, but they do seem to be increasing in frequency.

    At the same time that I have been feeling all the collective grief and anger, my own psyche has been feeling more alert and optimistic. Perhaps other intuitives are feeling the same way? I keep asking myself if I am in denial, but my heart has been feeling lighter and more present. Each breath and moment of life feels more precious lately. Gratitude for sunbeams, flowers, the sight of snow-covered mountains has been overwhelming as well. I feel strongly that this is the time for us ALL to wake up and act in community. . . that the collective is more necessary than ever -- and getting stronger. . . that we are in the midst of the grand awakening that so many traditions have been predicting whose ending/beginning is really a great mystery.

    Thank you for your post!! I am sharing it on Facebook!


  4. I Raj, The march/protest in London today went quite peacefully by the sounds of it. What a turn out, it just goes to show how capable we are at uniting.

    I really don't think anyone was prepared for what happened in Japan, which might account for some of the lack of clarity. I'm really amazed by the strength of character people have shown in Japan, especially when trying to fix the problems at the power station. How brave are they. The attempts to get it under control have been so desperate there obviously are not any back up plans for this kind of devastation. You know the feeling when you really want to help but there is nothing you can do, I'm sure it's become the norm lately for a lot of people mainly because what we are hearing and seeing is often so moving or tragic.

    There's got to be something in the air when it comes to all the uprisings, either that or people have been pushed to their limits. I get a tingle down my spine when I think about how many people there are calling for/fighting for some justice right now. It's a shame there is so much violence when what people are really looking for is peace.

    You have made some interesting observations, it's great work. I had a feeling that 1973 (the year I was born) was going to be significant, I've been looking at what happened in 1973. Then when I saw the UN had Gaddafi on a clause linked with 1973, and called the mission Odyssey, which I had also had a premonition about around the same time, it fell into place. I'm thinking maybe time does actually go backwards which is why I get premonitions like that. Although I think it's something else.

    Anyway take care.