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The X Files, Gnosticism and Disclosure

In the spirit of the legendary The X Files television series, I’d like to pose a concept – What if we humans are the Colonists, re-colonising or reimagining the Gnostic prison, tentatively feeling for any spaces that might lie beyond it?  What if the black-oil of the X-mythology could be figured as INSIGHT, an insight suffused with knowledge of the underworld?  After all, the show is about many themes; including the connections between the Seen and Unseen worlds.

A Shadow, not a Demon
I’ve often thought that the collected investigations of these two renegade, maverick FBI Agents (brought into our realm as a mere work of televised fiction) is a body of information with untold resonances – for conspiracy research, metaphysics, art, communication, perception and disclosure.  Now, if I were a warm-and-fuzzy benevolent kind of alien, maybe I'd want a quiet and intimate kind of contact/disclosure beyond the full reach of the sociopathic elites.  On the other hand, if I were a malevolent/black-oil kind of alien intent on infecting and possessing the entire visible universe - then maybe I'd want a slow infiltration of the power structures (or an alliance with such like-minded sociopaths) followed by a massive show of force and spectacle to soothe my twisted ego.

Who knows?  I don't, but I think the truth is even stranger than the previously outlined dialectic suggests. Why can't an 'alien' race have shades of grey in its psychological makeup? There are so many competing factions, ideologies and agendas in the human race - why would it necessarily be any different for something far greater than us?

A truly alien intelligence that was interacting with humankind - it wouldn't immediately mean they had a unity of purpose, would it? I'm the kind of guy who likes the idea of 'unity' through multiplicity, not unity through conformity and hegemony.

We would do well to trust our intuitions and try to align them with real open-mindedness and genuine critical-thinking. I suspect the actuality of what is occurring on this planet and in this star-system is far beyond our current ability to conceptualise and comprehend.  I'd also wager that the Imagination/Creative Mind (whatever that incredible potency turns out to 'actually' be) is somehow intimately involved in all this, blurring the lines between the real and unreal, the seen and unseen. At least, such an idea simultaneously jazzes me and creeps me out, which is why I try to fully explore it.  I think Fox Mulder would explore such a possibility.

the possibilities...

And what about all the Project Blue-beam rumours?  Personally, I find it hard to conceive that a faked blue-beam alien invasion scenario could actually occur. Also, the aliens-as-demons meme also feels a little too much like elitist, imperialist propaganda.  I have no trouble entertaining the possibility that there are entities existing that might be termed 'demons' or daemons, but I think such entities would exist, like humans, in a many-shades-of-grey kind of spectrum - not evil beings sent by Satan to corrupt the creation of the Christian Authority. I also have no problem entertaining the notion that if extraterrestrial races are currently engaged with this world then some of them may have indeed been mistaken for demons in the past, or knowingly promoted themselves as such.

Without getting into the endless debate about the possible existence of Reptilian aliens and the like, I think anyone with an open mind must at least concede the possibility that if aliens DO exist then they may have had influence over the course of human history, most likely for both malign and benevolent reasons. If some faction of an off-world society IS manipulating human consciousness for nefarious ends, then to call such a being a demon holds a little more resonance - further still if that faction has the ability to manipulate space-time and has something inter-dimensional in its nature. In that case, I can see the temptation to figure such entities as demons in a kind of mytho-poetic way. But this is emotional and psychological shorthand and not the same thing as the dogmatic, literalist ideologies that the elites are CONSTANTLY pushing. If the ufo-as-demonic meme is gaining currency right now it is probably because the elites are using it somehow, through the feedback loop of human consciousness, for some unforeseen advantage. These things always have roots in the very real and tangible, not the absurdist garbage they use as psy-ops every day of our lives. I'd posit that there IS a war of the 'gods' occurring right now, but while we indulge in alien navel-gazing and nonsensical theories and infighting, the real advantages are constantly being cultivated and the rug of freedom is slowly being pulled from under our feet.

There is an entheogenic/consciousness/alien-identity theme that runs through so much of the X Files mythology, and it is particularly fascinating. I've always been well aware of it, but Chris Knowles’ work on the Secret Sun blog helped elucidate so much of my thinking regarding these themes.

To me it appears that entheogenic narratives usually involve liberation and transgression from imprisoning forms, but it seems that expansion of consciousness is always the primary function of these stories. Any theorising about spiritual prisons, archons and demiurges seems to come later, at least narratively speaking.

I often toy with the idea that it is the destiny of each individual consciousness to eventually BECOME the stories that they love. This was definitely true for Fox Mulder. He started off as an intuitive obsessed with aliens and magic, he then morphed into a powerful psychic (or a magician who's prime skill was mytho-poetic association) with incredibly accurate hunches, eventually becoming an alien god.

I used to think of Cancer Man as analogous to Milton's Satan in Paradise Lost, somehow standing against the demiurge's tyrannical kingdom. This was perhaps admittedly a lenient view of Cigarette Smoking Man, but by the end of the series it's made clear that CSM is what he appeared to be all along - a creepy, cowardly old fossil - and it's Mulder who more resonates with Milton's Satan. Mulder is now Lucifer, the lightbearer - the alien god with the Truth literally INSIDE him. 

The Truth Inside

I hope Christians don't misinterpret my meaning there; I'm just speaking figuratively. To me it's interesting that little William was conceived around the time of Mulder's godhood.  I was always amused by how David Duchovny played Mulder in the later years. Mulder seemed to have a more impish yet bemused conviviality in the latter seasons, almost as if he was fully aware that he was the lead (Osiris resonant) character in an epic mystical narrative called The X Files.  We could argue that the actor was bored with the character, which might be true, but I suspect that Duchovny was still trying to portray a convincing rendition of an alien-man-god with a quirky sense of humour.

If the almost reptilian Greys of the X-myth, with their black-oil consciousness, are analogous to the Archons and the Demiurge of Gnostic literature – then Cassandra Spender's comment about them taking over the universe (taken over?) through Purity has far more resonance. Purity. Purity Control. It sounds like something is trying to contain consciousness and knowledge/freedom at its most fundamental genetic-meme level. To me at least, that's about as Astro-Gnostic as you can get.

Is there an extraterrestrial disclosure event looming on the global horizon?  All I can do to answer this is to suggest that I think disclosure has been happening for a while now. The X Files WAS disclosure; it was (and still is) part of the irresistible, magical force that is at the heart of all perception. We humans (and our various forms of art) ARE disclosure because, I suspect, we have all the secrets locked within our DNA and our psyche's. A few years here or there, or 2012, or even 50 years from now - those predictions are totally beside the point. To me disclosure isn't really about an announcement from global authority figures, though that surely might be part of it; it's about a changing reality/consciousness that will become harder and harder to deny. If we really have such an irresistible force flowing through our veins, hearts and minds, then eventually disclosure WILL happen. Do I think it'll happen before the mythical 2012? I don't know. Do I think it'll even happen in our lifetimes? You know, based on my own intuitions, I wouldn't discount it as a real possibility. 

Though as a caveat I would suggest musing on the idea that a truly intelligent/spiritual race would be hesitant to contact us. At the risk of sounding insanely paranoid, I believe we are living in exceptionally dark times.

We are a broken, fractured race full of bloodlust and inequity - the how and the why is up for debate - but if we can't sort out our own shit then looking to the skies will do us little good. I don't believe in an instant alien solution to a thousands-of-years-history of perpetual genocide and wilful sublimation of freedom. I think the truth (or evolution) is hard work and starts or ends right inside our minds.
Ultimately I think 'Disclosure' is like a gold coin in the clenched, greedy hammer-fist of a sociopath. He isn’t giving it up easily, and if you underestimate him, you'll see how freakin’ fast he'll lash out at you for daring to pry his hand open.

I'd even go so far as to say disclosure is also a piece of the philosopher's stone in the clenched, greedy hammer-fist of a very twisted alchemist. He's gonna dig your eyes out of your face and attempt to curse you, misdirect you, maim you or kill you - before he EVER lets go of his prize. That guy is way more dysfunctional, and therefore fallible, than we usually recognise.

Let’s stop imagining this nutcase as supremely scary and omnipotent, or that he would EVER decide to tell us the unvarnished truth. He won't. We are not alone, but we're all alone together in this.  The truth will out, in the end.  The Irresistible Force is too powerful.  But there could be a lot of suffering in the interim.

So, we need to gather our remaining resources, trust out intuitions and our ability to think critically.  We can then come back to tell this dude that we've got our own stone, and that he's been outsourced, rendered fucking obsolete.

“The Truth will come to you, as it’s come to me – faster than the speed of light.”
-      Fox Mulder

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