Sunday, 8 May 2011

Regain your Light - Blinding Light Remix

The following videos were crafted with great care and a genuine intention to help liberate consciousness.  They are intended to be entertaining creative pieces, but also to be magical sigils to help the evolution of a self-determined initiate. There are no authentic middle-men between you and an authentic experience of the divine, or meaning, or creativity - three concepts that are practically interchangeable.  'Practically' in the sense that it is only through a lived experience of meaning, truth and a larger reality that we can honestly come to know ourselves.  One can become wise through a diligent, open-minded exploration of any kind of art.

I hope you find these videos useful in the cultivation and exploration of your own personal Gnosis.

Blinding Light Remix:

The following video was crafted with the help of Footsteps, a former member of the Absence Brethren. I thank him for his courage and assistance.