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Pulsed Frequencies, Physics and DNA - The Elusive Signal

Chris Knowles’ recent speculations about what he terms the ‘Elusive Companion Hypothesis’, and its possible connections to a mysterious evolutionary ‘Signal’, has really got me thinking.  Knowles’ idea that the Ancient Astronaut/Alien question might in fact be more Ultraterrestrial – intimately linked with our own world somehow – makes a lot of sense.  It touches on and contextualises far more of the data-points within the broad alien/occult/intervention research than a simple ‘extra-solar visitors’ interpretation.

For example, the recurrence of DNA themes and psychic phenomena consistently associated with UFO and abduction reports – as well as the odd blurring of dreams, fantasy and reality that often accompanies such accounts; all of this suggests a much stranger and more intimate connection between us and what we have come to define as ‘Them’.  Jacques Vallee, John Keel, Andrew Collins, Nick Redfern and various other researchers have all commented in one way or another on the oddly fluid, esoteric aspects of the UFO/Alien phenomenon.  This is not to dismiss the literal nuts-and-bolts aspects to these things, only that we should perhaps broaden our horizons to include the possibility that mythology, imagination and consciousness is also playing an integral role in how the many aspects of this phenomenon are configured.

So, how does a mysterious seemingly-evolutionary ‘Signal’ fit into this complex situation?  It might help to define what an ordinary signal is.  A signal is a modulated or pulsed frequency.  The manner in which it is pulsed or modulated is what defines that specific frequency as a signal; as in being under intelligent control – and this is what separates a ‘signal’ from the naturally occurring frequencies that fill the cosmos.

Now, if physical matter is a wave/particle situation as quantum physics suggests, and if all matter needs to oscillate and vibrate in order to maintain structural coherence – then this suggests that the entire physical universe is a realm of overlapping, interconnected pulsing frequencies, or signals.  This makes sense in that we live within an ocean of electromagnetic energies.

Here we touch upon a familiar debate in quantum physics, which is essentially “What causes a wave-function collapse?  What causes a non-local, energetic probability-wave to collapse into a discreet particle?”  Much of quantum theory is based round the EPR Correlation and Bell’s Theorem; the mathematical suggestion of an unavoidable synthesis that exists at the subatomic level of matter, a mysterious interconnection in which everything is linked to everything else in a way that negates space and time.  This is sometimes referred to as ‘non-locality’, or the ‘wave/particle duality’. At a subatomic level the particles that compose physical matter also possess a wave function – these supposedly fixed, discreet units can also smear themselves across the entire continuum of space and time as a wave of non-physical energy. How and why this non-locality occurs at the subatomic level is a subject of furious critical debate. 

Personally, to begin exploring the hard-science of these ideas I would suggest reading Werner Heisenberg’s seminal works The Physical Principles of the Quantum Theory (New York: Dover, 1930)  and Physics and Philosophy (New York: Harper Torchbooks, 1958), together with Niels Bohr’s Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge (New York: Wiley, 1963).

The Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum physics is concerned with the idea that measurement itself causes a collapse of the wave-function, though what is defined as ontologically real in this probabilistic situation is often debated.  But the Copenhagen Interpretation is often taken by many as suggesting that it is the Observer which causes wave-function collapse – that perception itself causes the experience of a discreet particle-reality.  This take on the Copenhagen Interpretation seems to make many physicists uncomfortable, appearing too relativistic and having far too many spiritual and mystical connotations.  Then we have the Penrose Objective-Collapse Interpretation which suggests that an Observer, or something as ill-defined and ambiguous as ‘consciousness’, while important, need not play any role at all in the experience of particle-reality – rather it is the curvature of space-time itself that causes the collapse.  The variations on these basic themes are many, and a number of ‘serious’ scientists object to quantum physics being used to promote or window-dress a number of New-Age, mystical pseudo-philosophies.

Such objections are understandable in a way, in that a very complex mathematics-based physics is used to preach “Love and Light” by people with very little understanding of the subject’s subtleties.  But these ‘serious’ orthodox physicists are also implying that science and spirituality are two separate things without any overlapping or permeable thresholds.  This is demonstrably untrue, as any close readings of the contextual histories of science and religion will attest to.  Science and Religion had numerous points of contact, especially in Science’s formative years when the influence of the Church was still incredibly powerful to even the most ‘rational’ minds of the time.

But returning to contemporary quantum physics, there are many ‘bona fide’ scientists who admit or allow for the possibility that wave/particle duality within matter, and non-local connectivity, might indeed broach a realm of mystical and spiritual connotations.  David Bohm, Itzak Bentov, Fred Alan Wolf and even Werner Heisenberg have suggested or implied that the universe is perhaps far more interconnected and mysterious than is often comfortable to admit.

So, if there is indeed some fluid, energetic seamlessness beneath the visible realm of discreet particles – a pulsing connectivity of frequencies from which material-reality somehow arises – then Chris Knowles’ speculations about an unseen watcher race of Elusive Companions does not seem as implausible as it might first appear.  Nor does a mysterious evolutionary ‘Signal’ seem too illogical in a realm filled with oscillating frequencies.

Cutting-edge research in the fields of biochemistry provides enough circumstantial evidence to at least suggest that DNA itself makes use of pulsed frequencies in order to wind, unwind or recombine.  This would make a certain kind of sense considering the wave/particle duality at the heart of all forms of matter.  Other research suggests that genes and individual cells use protein-sleeves and membranes to sense incredibly subtle vibrations in order to transmit and receive chemicals.

Is DNA itself a ‘Signal’, a modulated pulsed frequency that collapses into a particle-reality of nucleic acid sequences?  If so, is it consciousness that essentially governs this manifestation?  We might balk at the idea that ‘consciousness’ is the thing responsible for our literal material existence, but perhaps this is because the idea of an objective reality in which we are discreet ‘things’ is very hard to see through.  After all, we are taught to believe that the human brain and spinal trunk creates the chemical quirks that collectively result in the illusion of self-awareness.  But if the very particles that make up the brain and our entire biology are also pulsing energetic waves of frequency then it suggests that what we imagine as local, individual consciousness is also somehow smeared across the entire continuum of space-time, regardless of whether the Observer collapses the wave-function into material-reality or not.              

I would humbly suggest that the answers to these questions do not exist in a binary yes/no continuum – especially if we truly begin to grasp the implications of the wave-particle duality.  Perhaps these implications are things that our Elusive Companions have long since mastered, or at the very least have a workable knowledge of.  In conclusion I would add that I myself perceive the world through both artistic and scientific filters, because I feel that science and spirituality are potently conjoined - and I firmly believe that understanding this fundamental kinship is integral to the survival and psychological health of the entire human race.  If a mysterious ‘Signal’ is calling us to evolve and to perceive ever-growing subtleties to the universe we inhabit, perhaps it is like calling to like – and perhaps we should listen, scanning the noise and static for its presence.

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