Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Darkness Maintained - Axiomatic Illusion and the Control of Context

We live in a culture of death, deceit and evisceration. By ‘evisceration’ I mean to say that our internal realms of art, culture and psyche are being taken away from us. What was once inside us and sacrosanct is now being taken outside of us and being made ready for commodity-conversion.  This culture of death, deceit and evisceration has only one true goal – to control the axioms and context of the human imagination, in every sphere of perception and experience. Whether they know it or not, this is the desire of elitists, sociopaths and degenerates everywhere.  Why?  Because to control the axioms and context of the human imagination is the most expedient way to create avenues of thought that necessitate a belief in the inevitability of corruption, greed and inequality. 
the calibrated eye...

Make no mistake; our world is run, maintained and calibrated by the most ruthless kinds of predators.  And corruption, greed and inequality are their sustaining foods. They cannot maintain such an unnatural, authoritarian and spectacularly imbalanced society without fostering the axiomatic illusion that imbalances in wealth, power and resources are either a) natural, or b) an unfortunate inevitability of modern human civilization.  This is utter nonsense.  However, it is a nonsense so ancient and so prevalent as to be indistinguishable from self-evident truth.  Are we simply savage animals filled with a preponderance of hate and lust? Or are we victims of a consistently maintained situation in which certain baser characteristics are encouraged to thrive exponentially? I’d suggest that the latter contains more truth.   Groups of warlords and elitists cannot lead an entire race into a suicide-run spanning several thousand years without first fragmenting the psyche of the race, or at the very least encouraging and teasing open its hairline fractures.  To do otherwise would seriously limit avenues of profitability and power consolidation. 

This is an ancient art of war.  This culture of death, deceit and evisceration is not simply about spilling blood for the glorification of inequality and imbalance.  It is also about removing the last glimmers of light in the human shadow.  It is about removing all honour, propriety and fairness from the battlefield and, indeed, from all walks of life.  This is partially what I mean when I say that this culture’s only true goal is to control the axioms and context of the human imagination. Avenues of thought that necessitate a belief in the inevitability of corruption, greed and inequality leads consciousness into a very mercenary mindset, where anything can be bought and sold, human life means almost nothing, and so anything is permissible.  This is the exact stance of a professional mercenary. 

the maintained theatre
It is a stance that is being encouraged to thrive by the consistent nurturing of the sociopaths, elitists and degenerates that constitute the collective power-broking facility of this world.  It is not a stance that is guided by a single shadowy organization; rather it is the will of the machine itself.  It is a stance so self-evident to the various groups who broker real power in this world, that to assume otherwise would appear churlish and bad for business.  And it is a stance that is shared by various infighting and competing factions.  As I said before, this is an ancient art of war.  “Anything can be bought and sold, human life is merely a means to an end; therefore anything is permissible.”  If every warlord and elitist subscribes to this – then everyone is fully aware of the dangerous theatre in which all true ‘business’ is conducted.  In this sense, complicity is simply the process of playing your part to make the world a darker place.  To do so is to foster the concept of the inevitability of ‘evil’, by any other name.  And only in this way can the axiomatic illusions of the human race be effectively managed – and future profitability and power-consolidation assured.  Without that consistently maintained theatre of the oldest war, the degeneracy and violence and corruption could not sustain itself so spectacularly.  As all true ‘professionals’ understand, degeneracy and violence is great for business.   

Of course, the concept of money is an excellent tool to foster this false understanding of the human spirit.  Money is a metaphor, nothing more.  It is an agreed upon emblem of human exchange – whether that exchange is energy, labour, emotion or intellect.  It is the ‘currency’ of the human race.  This being the case, it is not too far an imaginative leap to suggest that money is also emblematic of the human soul.  The more romantic amongst us may recoil at this idea, citing art and culture as the true emblem of the soul – and I would agree.  But for pure functionality, what other metaphor are we so dependant upon for our very survival? What other fictional construct governs the possibilities of human experience so completely?  Again, this is what I mean when I suggest that we live in a culture of death, deceit and evisceration.  What was once internal has been gutted and made external.  In a very powerful sense we have taken our souls and externalized them as fictional emblems of human exchange.  
the dominant exchange

If you think I am stretching this idea to breaking point, I will go further.  We have torn our beating hearts from our chests and now wear them on our sleeves and in our wallets – as the dominant mode of human value-awareness.  And because our guiding principles have been torn from our centre and offered up as a legitimate way to conduct human energy and labour exchange, corruption and greed becomes infinitely more possible.  Money is not the ultimate goal for the elites and degenerates that run our world, nor is power itself.  While money and power are fruitful and fun for the professionals of the world, they are simply desirable side-effects to the true goal - which is the consistent maintenance of a situation that makes such pursuits possible.  Organized crime syndicates understand this, hardcore pornographers understand this, and governments understand this; ensure the continuation of a situation in which their appetites can be indulged, and if at all possible, made profitable.   

So, when I say we live in a culture of death, deceit and evisceration – I hope you realize the subtleties and perception-management involved in such a carefully tended situation.  You do not have to agree with every word written here.  You may find these words far too cynical, and wish to elucidate a different point of view, and I encourage that.  Regardless of what you feel about the words written here, I thank you for your time and engagement, and I hope you can feel that these words are intended to empower you, not to leave you feeling hopeless.  After all, controlling the human imagination would not be of primary importance to the power-brokers if the human imagination was not exceptionally powerful. And they would not need to work so tirelessly on turning us all into mercenaries, fostering a sense of the inevitability of darkness, if darkness is all we are.   

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  1. Ah yes, it is a case of perception management isn't it. I love how you guide the reader through the darkness, and still remind us of forgotten light.

    "After all, controlling the human imagination would not be of primary importance to the power-brokers if the human imagination was not exceptionally powerful. "

    I started doing some research today on Gnostic beliefs and this quote from resonated with me and seems connected with what you are saying?

    "Gnostics taught that the main danger we face with the Archons is less in what they can actually do than in what we falsely believe they can do. Their trump card is deceit, especially deceit about nature and the extent of their powers."

    Archons rely on humans remaining ignorant -- so keep on sharing your thoughts and wisdom! Thank you.

  2. Thank you, stargurl. It's good to know that my thoughts are helping people somehow. Best wishes.

  3. For a take on the limitations and deceit of the Archons, I would refer people to this little video I made: