Saturday, 22 December 2012

As We Live And Breathe

Seasons Greetings from Amid Night Suns.  Here we are on the cusp of 2013; the Winter Solstice of December 21st came and went and the world still stands, albeit in pretty bad shape.  Doomsday obviously did not come to pass, but why worry about the destruction of the material realm when the internal, psychic realm is already in ruins?  A certain kind of apocalypse has already occurred in the realm of Imagination, and it has left our internal worlds devastated for generations now.  Take a long, hard look at the world around you.  What do you see?  Even in the last few decades the human race seems to be galloping towards a determined forfeit of its own natural sovereignty.  There were those who believed that the end of 2012 would mark the end of civilization itself, and others who believed it would usher a new age of evolved, higher consciousness.  Neither of these things have come to pass.

While I accept the fact that the world is trembling on the brink of disaster, I do not perceive it as the kind of material disaster that the doom-mongers were pushing.  I foresee the culmination of a spiritual disaster that began some time ago and is gathering force with each passing day, and it has little to do with the sky falling or the seas rising.  Instead, this spiritual apocalypse has to do with the nullification of our insight, reason and acuity -- in short, the pathologizing of our consciousness.  Although our monuments and landmarks are still standing, our children might inherit a psychologically ruined world.  The elites intend us to become petty, hateful deviants fighting among each other for the scraps thrown out by the Masters -- and we are already halfway there, aren't we?  But I am here to tell you that I still believe in a beneficent and glorious future for humankind.  But this potential future is dependent on enough people taking it upon themselves to raise their own consciousness, and human consciousness in general.  We must become adept at discerning lies from truth, appreciating subtlety, nuance and context, and, most important of all, we must cultivate the fearlessness to speak our truth and not tow the line.  Such a line was placed there for the sole purpose of circumscribing our lucidity.  There are no easy fixes where lucidity is concerned.  It requires trial and error, comparative analysis and patience.  It is a process rather than an attainable goal, and therein lies its awesome power.


While our world still stands, our hearts and our dreamscapes are shattered.  We live in a world of unimaginable violence, each of us dealing with our own internal apocalypse.  Sometimes we harden our hearts because of the things and loves we have lost, and a certain amount of hardness is unfortunately necessary in this brutal world.  But we must never deny our vulnerability, or close ourselves off to spirit and magic and mystery.  Our loved ones, both past and present, don't want us to live a barren life rummaging through the rubble of a shattered passion.  Instead, they wish that we would rise and become all that we are intended to be -- a magical, passionate entity that honors the truth, protects the weak and wounded, and fights daily to transform grief and apathy into hope.  The fallen beloved are not lost.  They walk beside us, unseen and sometimes seen.  They pray for our spiritual emancipation, as we live and breathe.


Sometimes our world feels so dark that we seem to absorb the bitterness and anger through some kind of psychic osmosis.  When we are able to gather enough awareness to notice this is happening, our hearts feel heavy and we feel ashamed that we let the darkness in.  But we are only human, and we must realize that our Shadows are there for a reason -- to guard against deep darkness, rather than encouraging it.  Our Shadows act as a kind of spiritual-hygiene litmus test, urging us to delve into the underworld of psyche and seek further integration.  In those instances we must look at what we deny, suppress or secretly desire.  The Shadow seeks to make us more whole.  But the Shadow is not the same thing as the Hate that seems in ascendancy in our world right now.  Such hate is the province of mercenaries, killers and psychopaths, and has no redeeming or transformative capacity.  This is because Hate is the twisted evil twin of Love, not the absence of Love.  It is an imperious, dehumanizing energy.  In short, hate seeks to enslave our consciousness rather than set it free.  But there is a power that Love can give us that is capable of immolating Hate in a blaze of Innermost Light.  The Gnostics often implied that this Realm of Archons was indeed the realm that Hate made.  But there are other worlds and other possibilities just beyond the horizons of our imaginations, as we live and breathe.


So, what is the message that I want to leave with my readers in this particular post?  That Life is sacred, powerful and unimaginably magical -- and that such power trumps all the forms of hate, surrender and death-worship that we see everywhere in our world right now.  For me, life is synonymous with passion, creativity and joy.  We can imagine new ways of perceiving and experiencing this world, and in doing so we can rewrite the figurative music that provides atmosphere to our existences.   At Amid Night Suns I work very hard to practice what I preach in terms of creativity and the healing potentials of Art.  Thankfully, I'm not alone in this effort.  There are others out there who believe as I do, in the ferocity of the human spirit.  Some people call this power God, Genius, Love, Beauty, Insight...but for me they are all variations on the same basic principle -- the principle of Life. You are connected to the Innermost Light of this life principle, and if used effectively it can help you to cultivate lucidity and guide you towards a destiny that in your bravest moments you dared to hope for.  You are the embodiment of Life, as you live and breathe.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Crypto- or crypt-
Hidden; secret: cryptoclastic
[From Greek kruptoshidden, from krupteinto hide.]

1. gnostic Of, relating to, or possessing intellectual or spiritual knowledge.
2. Of or relating to Gnosticism.
A believer in Gnosticism.
[Late Latin Gnosticus, a Gnostic, from Late Greek Gnostikos, from Greek gnostikos, concerning knowledge, from gnosis, knowledge]

At Amid Night Suns I am always attempting to push boundaries and find new and engaging ways to stimulate the mind, heart and spirit.  I believe that the work I do here is important within my own little sphere of readership.  Whether you are a public member of this blog, or a private lurker, or someone who has been linked here though Christopher Loring Knowles' Secret Sun blog -- I hope that you find my work here empowering, intelligent and provocative.  I don't need anyone to agree with all of my views, beliefs and insights, and I present them here in a spirit of fun and artistic adventure.  What I do want, however, is for you to take any sense of purpose or motivation that Amid Night Suns might stir in you and somehow apply it to your own creative and intellectual pursuits.  I would hope that you are not simply a passive consumer of the video content I provide here, and that you can find ways to use it to enhance your own life.

I see mysteries and puzzles and patterns everywhere I look, and I also see that much of what we understand to be reality are expressions of divinity that have been cryptologically encoded in plain sight.  Similarly, I sense the presence of vast libraries of secret knowledge dwelling unrecognized within the data and information that we think we understand.  Mostly the secrets have not been simply concealed from us, rather they have been placed in front of us in forms and contexts we do not understand, and therefore are unable to actually see.  As far as Gnosticism is concerned, and the cultivation of spiritual knowledge, I believe that all human beings are capable of wisdom and profound creativity through acquiring such knowledge.  There are many paths to this knowledge, both external and internal.  Generally speaking, the Gnostics believed that the physical realm was a prison-like illusion that has ensnared and entrapped consciousness/spirit within matter, and that sinister forces wish us to remain ignorant of our situation and our true identities as magickal, divine entities.  If there is some metaphoric or literal truth to this notion -- then the plights and dark histories of the human race seem to make infinitely more sense.  We can see that there is some truth to this at least on a societal level.  Corporate, criminal elites are constantly attempting to curb our freedoms and move us around like pawns on a chess board, and they have quite successfully stoked our appetites for glamour, surfaces and rigid dogmas.  Along with those things comes the greed, violence and hate to which humans too often succumb.  But of course, if there is any truth to Gnostic concepts, we can see that these dark appetites are by design.  But there are other appetites that can also be cultivated in the human individual.  We can become ravenous for insight, tolerance, compassion and justice.  We can discipline ourselves to hunger for truth, and actively proceed with our lives based on these other notions.  Any truth or change we want to see manifested in the external world has to begin right at home, within the internal realm of our imaginations.  Storytellers and artists understand this intuitively, which is why we bother to tell stories.  We are aware of the power of art to potentially liberate an enslaved consciousness.


We build monuments to dark priesthoods and cruel gods, who have told us that we are unclean and unworthy without their 'light' to guide us.  This is a very ancient tactic of control.  To successfully enslave an individual's physicality, their mind must first be dominated and their spirit essentially broken.  I believe this is a fairly accurate representation of what we as the human race are currently enduring.  We create hostile cities on behalf of mocking Archons, the Absence Brethren, who seek absolute power over all forms of imagining sentience.  We build fallow temples that birth rivalries and bitterness, fragmenting us into smaller and smaller mutually-hateful cliques.  We believe that it is our lot in life to suffer and haul the leviathan chains of this machine on our breaking backs.  But there are other options.  We can become more than we are.  We can find our way back to sanity, back to magick.


As children we believed in magic, in its fullest, most romantic sense.  We believed in other worlds and hidden possibilities; our internal worlds of play were filled with such magic and awe.  Furthermore, we believed in heroes, entities who could use such magic to battle the terrible villains that we sensed pre-cognitively were out there trying to make the world a darker place.  We believed completely in those heroes.  As adults we still want to believe, but we have transferred that belief into the realm of art.  It seems a less foolish belief to our 'mature' reasoning, that we must put away childish things and find solace only in the safer realms of fiction.  But what if we are wrong?  What if our childhood 'fantasies' of magical heroes are actually much closer to the truth of what is actually occurring in our world?  There are those, like the Ragged Magi, who walk the unseen realms and do battle with monsters daily.  Does your adult mind dare to believe this?  If I told you that the realms of magic and fiction were closely intertwined, would it then be easier to consider the possibility that magical, spiritual battles are going on all around you?  One tool to begin recognizing the potential truth of this notion is the phenomenon of synchronicity.  Another is a highly developed and nuanced pattern-recognition.  These two perceptual tools go hand and hand.  Properly utilized they can help you to recognize the difference between a seemingly normal experience and something magical, and that such magic is ultimately indwelling.  It is the difference between freedom and control, the difference between a lyric and a lie.


In magic, the ultimate goal is to turn chaos into order, nonsense into sense, ignorance into knowledge.  This Gnosis at the heart of all true magic is simultaneously experiential, perceptual, intellectual and emotional.  It unites all levels and layers of the practitioner's psyche.  The soul and imagination of the magician is akin to the Prima Materia discussed by the Alchemists.  Real Magic can sometimes be quite spectacular and breathtaking, but more often it is a kind of quiet, steadfast strength and wisdom.  It will not often choose to be spectacular unless it feels something valuable will be gained from such a display.  It will not openly reveal itself unless you honestly and deeply choose to to see evidence of its presence.  But once you decide this, to allow magic into your life in some meaningful way, it will begin communicating with you in a searingly intimate language -- your private, secret language.  It will show you things about yourself, the world and consciousness in general that you had barely dared to dream.  It will show you the stone of philosophers, and a hidden river of alchemical gold running through the very fabric of your soul.        

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Cities On The Sun

As anyone who visits Amid Night Suns regularly will be well aware, the video content that I create for this blog is very time-intensive and complicated.  I spend hours sourcing, editing, and re-editing material, as well as the time taken to write the posts themselves and the prose delivered within the videos.  I've made over 170 of them in the last two and a half years - all directly inspired by Christopher Loring Knowles' exemplary work over on his cultural blog The Secret Sun, and more recently The Solar Satellite.  Why am I still doing this two and a half years later when only a handful of people subscribe to this blog or bother to leave comments?  I'm still doing this because I'm following Chris Knowles' example, and I am trying to set an example myself.  There are too many people in this world who are happy to sit back and not raise their voices when they see injustice all around them.  I am not one of those people.  I have always tried to speak the truth as best as I understand it...I've always tried to speak up on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, or those whose voices are deliberately ignored.

For me, the past two and a half years have been a very rapid learning process and evolution as a writer and artist, and also as a human being.  I found Christopher Knowles' blog The Secret Sun at a crucial period in my life, and it was directly responsible for steering my life onto a more satisfying path.  I hope I can continue to pay it forward by replicating a similar honesty and bravery in my own work.  Empowerment is the core manifesto of the work I do here at Amid Night Suns.  I hope that you, dear reader, feel the truth of this.  I hope that you are engaged, excited, provoked and empowered by the content I provide here.  If not, then I have failed.  But I will keep going in the hope that something in my writing or videos strikes a chord and helps you to feel more connected, awake and dynamic than you did previously.

For me, the image of the sun is a multi-faceted symbol shaded with nuance and various subtle meanings.  It is not simply a vast sphere of burning gas at the centre of our system.  It is also indicative of an ancient lost secret that teases and hints to us through various forms of sub-communication.  In my art I often conflate the actual sun with a poetic Midnight Sun - an internal, imaginary sun that exists at the heart of our own personal dreamscapes.  This internal sun is what I sometimes refer to as the Innermost Light; the source of truth, mystery, perception and experience.  Others have referred to it as God, but I usually try to avoid this religious terminology to guard against a short-sighted or selective perspective; the whole "My God is bigger than your God" nonsense that humans seem so fond of.  I would much rather explore the connections and resonances of the divine in a visionary, artistic context.


It is my suspicion that the symbol of the X is at least as old as human culture itself, and perhaps even older in our perception if time.  I believe the X is a very loaded and powerful symbol, many of the resonances of which are now lost to us.  I think the X denotes the sun (both external and internal), as well as being evocative of the physical/spiritual continuum through which we experience our own self-awareness.  I believe that the X connotes the mysterious process of cognition itself - the incalculable realms beneath everything we see and know, that yet give rise to our individuality.  For me, the X is symbolic of the Forge of Alchemy in this War of Imagination.


I think one of the most sacred goals of any alchemical or magickal practice is the transmuting of Self into Spirit, or, perhaps more accurately, the transmuting of Ignorance into Gnosis.  Whether your worldview is more Gnostic or Hermetic in nature, or a blending of both, it would be very difficult to slight a perspective that has self-actualization, emancipation and compassion as its main goals.  That is what I'm attempting here in my own little way.  I want to make the heart more bold, more intelligent, and more wise.  Without this heart I believe that all intellectual endeavours are doomed to failure.  But if you really put your heart into your work and your seeking of truth then you can have a thousand flaws and make a thousand mistakes, because your intent is true and just - and by simple virtue of that fact you are aligning yourself more closely with what you seek.  There are times when I am able to catch glimpses of things before they happen, a strange kind of atmospheric pre-cognition.  This information usually comes to me indirectly, through odd insights, feelings and moods.  You can believe or disbelieve this if you want, but because of this ability I feel a certain responsibility to do what I can to protect our future - to protect the best of what human consciousness has to offer.  I feel it is a warrior's duty.  


We are truly living in a War of Imagination, where Archonic forces, neo-fascist elites and petty oppressors are continually attempting to subvert and remove our natural power.  They attempt to steal pieces of our minds, hearts and souls - and what they cannot steal they pervert, or attempt to nullify.  We must resist this occupation of our consciousness.  Our consciousness is the sum totality of our imaginations; the parts that speak, think, feel, dream and fantasize, as well as the silent and unseen parts of ourselves that conduct strange work beneath our ability to recognize them.

Imaginale is one of the many names for the First and Oldest City - a vast internal city of Light, and sometimes Darkness.  There are those among the human race who fight to defend it from occupiers and colonists.  Although my language to describe this realm may be somewhat poetic and ethereal, the threats that it faces are very real, grounded and ever-present.  There are forces out there that seek to enslave, dehumanize and spiritually rape us - and I for one will not stand back and let this happen.  Not without a fight - the fight of my life.  Dear reader, you have a great power dwelling in you.  This power can help you create art and influences and changes in this world that are akin to miracles.  It is still possible to discover just who and what you really are - Freedom and Magick Incarnate.  Let it be known, here and now, that there are cities on the sun.  Cities of mystery and potential, composed of divine fire.  If you stand and fight for Truth, Love and Honor these cities will embrace you - and transform you.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Ragged Rebellion

We are living in a world that claims to be just, fair and democratic - and yet our world is full of injustice, intolerance and barely-veiled fascism.  The corporate elites lie and cheat and defraud the entire globe, and are caught doing so, but are allowed to escape punishment behind a smokescreen of laws and regulations.  Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see that we are not living in a fair or just society.  The oligarchy squeeze every last penny and dime out of those who need it most, because it suits their purposes to do so.  They are continuously widening the gulf between the Haves and Have-Nots; cultivating a shiny global serfdom for the 21st century.  We are intended to be the serfs, begging for scraps at the Master's feet.  And while we are down on our knees before them, they intend for us to do other things too.

But what we are witnessing right now goes beyond a perverse widening of the gulf between the rich and poor.  We are seeing the methodical slaughter of rigor, insight and discernment right before our eyes.  And still, many of us pretend that we are blind to it...that we cannot see it.  This is a dangerous game to play, an apathy that could have terrible consequences for our children and our children's children.  Do we really want to go down this path?  Are we going to let the oligarchs wage a War of Imagination against us and not fight back?  Where is our resistance?  Of course, I know that there are pockets of resistance all across the world - people who are fighting tooth and nail to resist the zombification of our consciousness.  

But many more need to join these ranks of dissent if we are to have a real shot at defeating all this corruption and mindlessness.  Those of us who are aware and discerning need to do everything we can to ensure others are given a chance to also awaken from their slumber.   Each new member of this rebellion can then feed their intellectual and spiritual fires into the collective resistance.  I'm only thirty-three years old, but I'm clear-sighted enough to realize that a single individual CAN make a difference.  I've seen how when a mainstream person is finally awoken to the travesties all around them, an explosion of unexpected insight and creativity can often come pouring from the very heart of them.  I've seen the presence and effect of personal empowerment.  A Multitude is simply many individuals standing together.

And we the Ragged Magi stand with you.  We are often hidden in the shadows of your dreams, tempting the predators away from you and guiding you towards integration.  We fight the monsters and demons and Old Ones that hunt in Psyche's Shadow.  We protect you any way that we can - through whispered words in your ear, through unexpected surges of strength and clarity, through movies and music, through blog posts and videos like the ones found here at Amid Night Suns.  Mostly it's a thankless task, as circumstances dictate that we must often move unseen, unacknowledged.  And yet I feel as though the presence of the Ragged Magi and other benevolent entities are felt more keenly than ever in this realm.  Yes, we are living through incredibly dark times, but there are countless fragments of light glittering in that darkness like stars in the night.  And each one of those stars glows with the Innermost Light.  I hope you are one of these stars, one of these embers from the heart of the Midnight Sun.  Love and Beauty and Passion are all worth fighting for.  In times such as these we must love fiercely, we must perceive more keenly, and we must resist this War being waged on our minds.  Bombs and guns can maim and kill, but the elites real weapons in this war are figurative.  The control of association and context, sleight-of-hand, linguistic evasiveness, and a belief that we the people will sit by and do nothing - that we will pretend we do not see what is happening all around us.

But I for one DO see, as I'm sure you do too.  And I am not a mindless drone, I am not a zombie, I am not a hateful, selfish creature.  I am Magi, Ragged.  Is there a Warrior sleeping in you?  Or is that Warrior already wide awake?  Never lose faith in the majesty and ferocity of the human spirit.  It is God, Love, is the very essence of all of us.  This is my declaration.

This is the Rebellion.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Night Watchman

At Amid Night Suns one of my main goals is to illuminate dark or challenging subject matter, illuminating it with a certain kind of intellectual and artistic insight.  Whether I succeed more often than I fail is up to you to decide.  I'm well aware that my work is not for everyone, but it is sincere and heartfelt.  I feel that we're at a strange time in our society, a confusing period of transition.  I'm not certain what we as a collective are transitioning into, or what fruits and labors await us there.  All I know is that each of us needs to give the best of what we can accomplish.  There is still a war happening all around us, a war for our minds and hearts.  A War of Imagination can be very time-intensive and emotionally draining, but we must continue to fight.  And when I say fight I mean we must continue to counter lies with truth, deception with insight, and stagnation with creativity.

In short, we must evolve.  Evolution in ink and deed.  We all have a part to play.  As a writer it's my job to delve into the deepest parts of the psyche and return with Gnosis and storytelling.  And as one of the Ragged Magi it is my duty to share holy secrets that others have been blinded to.  One of these secrets is the fact that the figurative realms also have their own spheres of autonomy.  Dreams imagine us as much as we imagine dreams.  It is my duty to remind people that everything is connected.  There are secrets hiding in words and images and perceptions.  Hopefully I can help people to harness these secrets and use them to empower themselves and others.

I believe that while the world seems to be getting ever darker, there is also a counter-current of political, artistic and spiritual resistance that is growing in this world.  I am trying to use my own methods to help add to this counter-current in incremental ways.  I believe this Resistance is slowly becoming able to perceive the non-local aspects of this reality - the pulsed frequencies, unseen dimensions and various intelligences that dwell therein.  We are living through a time that asks that we find ways to sustain our creativity, find ways to continually look with fresh perspectives.  Perhaps then we can see what is right before our eyes, and realize that our world is far more exotic, dangerous and magical than we were previously willing to believe.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Broadcast

[Begin Transmission...]

Through endless frequencies
Through a sea of oscillating dreams
The understanding that nothing is what it seems
They took our rapture and sold it back
They turned up the dissonance so we could not hear
A signal resounding loud and clear
Of secrets buried
Of realms unknown
Of power hidden beneath the stone
They took it all away
It came to that and it comes to this
A rebellion rising with a stolen kiss
We take it back
We stand here now
We shall not break or bend or bow
And all this too shall come to pass
A freedom glimpsed through midnight glass
The quake and quicken
Of a rising cry
We will not kneel and we will not die

[End Transmission...]


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Secret Sun: Doorway to Infinity

Finding the Light

Over the past several years Christopher Loring Knowles' incredible blog, The Secret Sun, has become an integral and illuminating part of my daily life.  I first found the blog fairly late into its history, in the winter of 2009, whilst searching YouTube for videos concerning the mythology of superheroes.  I found an interview that Chris had done discussing his seminal book Our Gods Wear Spandex.  Like a lightning bolt from the heavens, it was exactly what I was looking for.  I ate it up, fascinated by Knowles' insights into the interconnections between mythology, psychology and superheroes - and pop-culture in general.  I visited the blog occasionally, finding the posts to be particularly lucid and evocative.  But I had a lot going on at the time and didn't really delve deeply into everything the blog had to offer until early in 2010.  It was around that time that I realized that Chris Knowles was the author of The Complete X Files: Behind the Series, the Myths and the Movies, a book that I had recently purchased and treasured immediately.  As a die-hard X-Files fanatic, this seemed like a sign for me to wake up and start paying serious attention to this author's work.  So, having already bought and read Spandex I decided to delve head-first into all the content available on The Secret Sun.  And so began a course of events that has changed my life in profound ways over the course of the last three years.

Sigil and Speak

Since I was a child I've had a deep interest in all fringe subjects; an almost all-consuming interest, you might say.  I was fascinated by ufology, conspiracies, the occult, psychology, metaphysics and mysticism, as well as being a huge Sci-Fi and Horror fan.  I suppose from a young age I was drawn to dark or mysterious subject matter, having a certain darkness and mystery occurring in my own private life.  Ultimately, I was trying to understand myself and my own strange experiences.  But despite having a somewhat Gothic artistic sensibility I was always conscious of never taking that side of myself too seriously.  I tried to hold on to the fun and wonder and  occasional silliness that I was also capable of.  I realized that trying to balance the Light and Dark within my own personality was something that would be difficult but ultimately rewarding.  I realized that Chris Knowles' blog was able to help me do this in a very immediate and satisfying way.  Here was a writer who had very similar perspectives and viewpoints to myself, saying and writing things that spoke to me on a very deep level.  Later I realized that Chris and I both had experience of a powerful dream-image of a Sun in the night sky - some strange portent of hidden meaning.  I suddenly recalled that imagery concerning a strange sun and its secrets had been following me around my whole life, or conversely, I had been drawn to it my whole life.

A Star at Midnight

I remembered that I had written a short-story for my English class back in high school, entitled The Midnight Sun...the plot of which involved mysterious and sinister men in long dark coats who arrived when the sun appeared at night.  These entities were able to stop time, and skulk about the city of London while this eerie Midnight Sun shone overhead.  It was only due to Chris Knowles' work at The Secret Sun that I realized my short-story was a strange foreshadowing of the movie Dark City.  I was amazed to realize that, despite loving that movie, I had never recognized the connection between my childhood story and the later film.  Chris' work had jogged something lose in my mind and I was stunned by the connections I began to see.  What was I to make of all this?  I realized that I needed to boil it all down to its most fundamental essence.  For some reason I was resonating on strange levels with this blog, a body of work that I considered to be on the cutting-edge of the alternative research field.  The brave and warrior-like thing to do would be to try supporting this blog in any way I could.  I felt like Christopher Knowles and I had both experienced the liminal light of an impossible night-time sun, and the secrets it implied.  We were both  almost literally amid night suns.  And so, my own blog was born out of a respect and admiration for the work that Chris has done.

The Warrior's Way

I consider Amid Night Suns to be a brother to The Secret Sun.  While my own blog and video content has a somewhat darker aesthetic, I have tried to refract the light of the Secret Sun through my own intellectual and spiritual prism.  This is the best kind of support I can hope to give, not to simply re-frame somebody else's hard work, but to filter those thoughts, ideas and atmospheres through my own striving towards lucidity and insight.  I hope I am at least occasionally successful in my attempts, because The Secret Sun has set the bar incredibly high in terms of exploring pop-culture and mythology for the pearls of Gnosis hidden within.  And now that Christopher Loring Knowles is closing an important chapter in the history of The Secret Sun, I hope I can continue to tend and stoke the alchemical fires that he began.  Ultimately my philosophy is very grounded and do-it-yourself, a philosophy that I believe Christopher Knowles shares: if you seek change, become the change.  Don't expect others to leave a better world in your wake if you stand by and do nothing.  If you meet friends who are fighting for values you believe in, then stand beside them and support them to the very end.  I never imagined that a blog could have such a profound effect on my life, but The Secret Sun has evolved and empowered me as an individual and an artist, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

[EMT] Experimental Midnight Technology


The Spirit Interface: A uniquely designed, state-of-the-art conduit system that opens an electromagnetic gateway into trans-dimensional space, or what Magi-Class users often refer to colloquially as 'dreamtime' or the 'Imaginale Continuum'.  The user is then able move within that space in a fully lucid state of consciousness.

The Imaginale Continuum entry-portal


The Pulse Mainframe: A holographic Intelligence Network existing in trans-dimensional space.  Akin to a non-physical supercomputer of infinite storage-capacity, the mainframe houses the collective a-temporal experiences and dreams of every possible sentient being in existence.  Magi-Class users often refer to it colloquially as the 'Akasha'.

An electromagnetic representation of the Pulse Mainframe


The Insurrection Prototype: A Lucidity Acceleration system designed and coded specifically for human use, the first of its kind. Malevolent non-human entities are unable to activate and utilize this particular system.  Users have reported feeling spiritually empowered and inspired after activating the prototype.  Magi-Class users have begun referring to it colloquially as the 'Sigil'.    

The Insurrection Prototype's acceleration avatar


Monday, 22 October 2012

The Fall And Rise Of Human


It is my belief that the depths human potential are not very well understood in this modern age.  These days we seem only to believe what our physical senses can tell us.  Unless we can touch, taste, smell, hear and see it we assume that it does not exist.  We think we are realists because of this conviction, not so easily fooled by flights of fancy - and yet many of us are also monumental narcissists.  We seem to believe only in the material whilst simultaneously assuming that our selves (i.e. our egos) are the most amazing things to grace the Earth.  I think this belies a fundamental schism in the human psyche.  It is my belief that we have never really lost this suspicion that we are powerful, dynamic and magical creatures, yet we are also the victims of some mysterious ancient trauma that still leave us with psychological scars even today.  In our anger and fear at being brutalized since birth by the savageries of survival, we make a fetish of our loss of innocence.  We will not be made fools of, we tell ourselves.  We will no longer believe in silly fairytales.  And yet we do still believe.  Even if our science and skepticism and atheism holds sway in our public lives, in our private spaces we indulge our suspicions of magick and mystery.  I think that this situation is indicative of a Fall.  I think we all suspect, somewhere in the back of our minds, that we were once Great; that we were indeed magical creatures capable of impossible things.  But something happened to us, something disturbing enough to cause such a rift in our understanding of ourselves.  Somehow we fell from grace.

But we are not simply fallen, sinful and corrupt creatures forever divorced from the light of God.  No, we are spiritual entities composed of magick and mystery and surprise.  It is my belief that the human race is now standing at the center of a Crossroads, that we are passing through a Cusp Event that will delineate what our consciousness will become in our futures.  I believe this is a pivotal moment in human history.  Of course, all men believe they are living through a pivotal moment in human history, that their time was somehow different and full of portent - and perhaps they are all correct.  We can only perceive from our individuated perspectives, and at this level of reality life is a constantly shifting maelstrom of burning importance.  These are our lives, after all.  Perhaps every moment in space-time is a crossroads, a Cusp Event.  Perhaps that is how the Infinite organizes itself - a dangerous quest full of multiplicity and subjectivity, wrapped around a divine choice.  Supposing these words have some truth to them, what then?  What do we choose?  Do we choose to live in the schism as broken, contradictory and pathological creatures, or do we face our darkness and recognize the Fall?  Because if we did indeed fall from some magical, more complete state of being, it must also be possible to Rise.  This is what art and story and mythology can do for us - help us to recognize that the uplift of the human spirit truly is possible.  And we do not need to deny our darkness to achieve this Rise.  No, we need only embrace the best of our darkness and cast the rest aside.  We can keep what makes us tempered, strong and hungry for change.  

At Amid Night Suns I try to show my readers that these are not merely empty words I write.  I live by them, and I try to embody them in my experiences and in the art that I share with you.  I make many, many mistakes...I can be harsh and intense and sometimes destructive, but I try to never be cruel, or heartless.  I try to embrace my vulnerabilities in the same way I embrace my strengths, because I believe that this kind of self-honesty and synthesis on a personal level is an expedient way to get closer to The Rise of Human.  And this is what I want for my fellow kith and kin...for us to throw off our shackles and realize that there is art and knowledge and friendship out there, things that pulse with divine light.  I want people to remember that they were indeed once Great, and that they can be Great once more.  It all starts with a choice.  And remember, there are entities out there trying to enable and empower you personally - entities you don't even know exist.  You are not and have never been alone.  You have hidden friends everywhere, urging you to Rise.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Night in the Life

Amid Night Suns has come to mean more to me than I ever could have imagined.  Not because I believe this blog is capable of changing things in major, dramatic ways - but because I've seen how my work has touched or affected people in small, subtle ways.  That is enough for me.  Furthermore, this blog is a place where I can at least TRY to make a small difference.  And that's integral; the trying, the attempt.  Choosing to ignore our cynicism and attempting to do good - to spread insight, creativity and inspiration - is an act of bravery as far as I'm concerned.  By putting our work and thoughts out there leaves us vulnerable to attack, but it simultaneously makes us stronger.  Because we are choosing to believe, choosing to put our money where are mouths are and walking the walk.  The life of a warrior is never easy, on the literal or imaginative battlefield, but we fight because at the end of the day we believe our values are worth fighting for.

At Night the Magi come alive...and we breathe divine fire.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Friday, 5 October 2012

Midnight Mystery Cult: Shadow and Light

I've always been fascinated by psychology, especially Jungian and depth psychology.  I think one of the main reasons for my fascination is that Jungian interpretations of the Psyche especially tend to view the realm of consciousness as an almost self-sustaining, constantly shifting artistic expression.  I'm a big believer in the idea that our search for meaning in our experiences governs many of our choices, both good and bad.  Because we are subjective creatures, forever contained  within our own self-awareness, I think we attempt to make sense of our experiences in much the same way as we try to make sense of Art.  I think this isn't simply because it's the only strategy we have available to us.  Rather, I suspect it is because on some deep level we recognize that the universe itself is built on artistic principles.  Despite our modern faith in Science, I think most humans recognize that there is a fundamental, primal aspect of human experience that can only be explained adequately through an artistic medium.  I think we find evidence of this in the odd feelings, synchronicity and bizarre brushes with the 'unseen' that each human being has at least some experience of.

My whole life I've been fascinated by the darker aspects of life, and what the psychologist Carl Jung called the Shadow, because I sensed intuitively that there was great meaning and opportunities for wisdom there. Here are two quotes from Jung that express my general view of our connections to our Shadows.

"The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge."

   - Aion (1951). 

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. If an inferiority is conscious, one always has a chance to correct it. Furthermore, it is constantly in contact with other interests, so that it is continually subjected to modifications. But if it is repressed and isolated from consciousness, it never gets corrected. 

   - Psychology and Religion (1938).

I believe that becoming cognizant of the Shadow aspect of our own consciousness is vital, on an individual and collective level.  But also we need to recognize that true Shadow Work is dangerous and not to be taken lightly.  To negotiate with such primal energies requires a measure of discipline and insight before ever entering into such terrain.  With this in mind, I present to you a map that will hopefully be of use to you in such an Underworld voyage.

Once you have returned from the depths of the Shadow - with the gifts of insight, self-knowledge and renewed vigor - it is important to remind yourself of the intricacies and subtleties of Light.  After such a deep, dark excursion it is important to bathe yourself in artistic, psychological and social Light.  It is a much-needed cleansing, that will allow you to more fully utilize and apply the sacred knowledge that the Shadow bequeathed to you.  This is Magick.  This is the Midnight Mystery Cult.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Letters to the Demiurge

Since I was a child I have always been fascinated by religion, mythology, spirituality and apocrypha.  Yet from a young age I had a problem with what I perceived as traditional religious teachings.  I saw that there was an overemphasis on fear and subjugation.  It didn't make sense to me that God, the true creative force, would be such an authoritarian and dictatorial presence.  It seemed to me that if there was a creative sentience behind the visible universe it would wish to empower us rather than enslave us.  Of course, as a young child I couldn't put these thoughts into cogent words - but I sensed these things intuitively.  Perhaps I was an Outsider even then.

As I entered my teens and was better able to articulate my intuitions I began to pay closer attention to the literature and themes of Gnosticism and the mystery cults.  Broadly speaking, the Gnostics believed that the realization of Gnosis (esoteric, intuitive and spiritual knowledge) was the true path to salvation from the brutality of the material world.  They saw the material world as a creation of an intermediary entity -- the Demiurge -- rather than the work of the true Creator. In some Gnostic systems the Demiurge is seen as deeply flawed, in others as the expression of Evil.  Such ideas seemed incendiary to me, and I began to read voraciously on anything that touched on similar themes.  I cross-contextualized between fiction and non-fiction, looking for clues and insight.  I began to realize that human beings did not need an intermediary between themselves and the divine.  Indeed, the direct personal experience of the divine is what seemed to be fueling any serious explorations of the unseen realms.


At Amid Night Suns this is what I'm attempting to do - to present my own personal experiences and art concerning the unseen realms as a serious exploration of what we call the divine.  Much of my art has a dark aesthetic, seeing as how since I was young I've had a somewhat Gothic sensibility.  But I try to create art that illuminates darkness, and leaves the recipient feeling more empowered or aware than they did previously.  Empowerment is the driving force behind everything I do here at Amid Night Suns.  I believe in storytelling, magic, dreams, beauty and love.  I believe these things have the power to set us free from the various forms of bondage we experience in this world.  I believe they can upset the balance and threaten the structural integrity of a corrupt, fallen system.



I believe that the human race is far more powerful than our authoritarian religions are willing to admit.  I think the corporate and military-intelligence elites of this world have always attempted to suppress the better angels of our nature - because they know something of the power that dwells there.  I call this internal power the Innermost Light - the liminal radiance that animates all things.  Others might call this power the true God, or the Spirit, or Love.  Regardless of what names we give it, it is a presence more awesome and intelligent than our oppressors wish to admit.

The elite power-brokers of this planet know on some level that a liberated human consciousness has the power to blast apart all forms of slavery.  As professional slave-masters this terrifies them.  And so the better angels of our nature are kept in exile, as we are force-fed horror and desecration.  But there are Magi among the human race, individuated expressions of the Innermost.  We are not perfect, but we are warriors - and we have love in our hearts.  And we are doing everything we can to bring an end to this exile.

The Ragged Magi are everywhere
Just beyond the boundaries of perception
We have assembled
Imaginale is no longer your City
We are taking it back
Are you listening, Unholy Father?

 We are Everywhere...

 And we Stand, we Love, we Protect


At Amid Night Suns I try to show those who come here that I truly believe in the empowering, transformative power of art and storytelling.  I try to put my money where my mouth is by consistently creating videos and writing posts that are exciting, intelligent, provocative and inspiring.  It is my goal to remind people of the shape of freedom and joy and passion.  I often use a dark or rebellious aesthetic to convey my message, as these are the true flavours of my soul.  I live for art and insight.  I live to gain knowledge.  Although I try to present these explorations in a fun manner, make no mistake; I take the work that I do here very seriously.  Dear Reader, never lose faith in the power and majesty of the human spirit.  Together we have the power to overthrow our oppressors, to remind them we are not slaves, not playthings.  We are Ragged Magi.  And with one another's help we can become the shape of infinite things.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Midnight Mystery Cult

At Amid Night Suns I try to convey to my readers that the concept of magic cannot simply be reduced to the status of mere fantasy, nor can it be explained away as the deluded belief-systems of primitive, 'uncivilized' cultures.  Rather, the idea of magic is something that throbs and pulses and breathes within our psychology and our art.  Magic exists everywhere, animating the dead letters of our poetry and prose into vehicles of communication and transformation.  It lives in our pop-culture and our emotional, qualitative states - sometimes it even creeps its way into our quantitative science.  This is because there is magic in storytelling, and it is through storytelling that ALL the aspects of our vast experience are negotiated. For the Lucid there is no denying the presence of magic and mystery in our world.


The Ragged Magi have always known of the reality of magic.  Many of us are from realms beyond this one. In ancient times, as now, the Magi worked tirelessly to liberate human consciousness from the dark forces that seek to ensure our perpetual enslavement.  It is a vast, complex undertaking - a spell-casting of immense proportions.  It requires discipline, patience and resilience.  This is the Gathering.  Bare witness to how the fire burns.


Art is a sigil and a crucible, a gateway into realms of unimaginable potential, realms that exist alongside our own, unseen by most human eyes.  In these unseen realms enemies and friends and guardians dwell.  Some of them wish to keep us in bondage, and some are already trying to set us free.  You can call on these beneficent forces to aid you in your art, in your magic-making.  We have gathered our materials.  We honor Love, Insight, Creativity and Passion.  We have seen how the fire burns.  We are Initiates, many.  This is the Invocation.  Bare witness to how the fire speaks.


To possess true power is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.  Power can be dangerous if it is not honored and channeled effectively.  Power can spill blood, topple empires and shatter entire worlds.  But power in the hands of an Initiate of the Innermost is used to defend, to protect, and to liberate.  To walk in unseen realms, and to understand them, requires a discipline and a respect that must be continually honed to a razor's edge.  If you are a Magi, a warrior, you fight only on Love's behalf.  You protect the children, the weak and wounded - and you never raise your swordhand unless absolutely necessary.  But when you do, you strike hard and fast.  This is the path of the Netherwalker.  Bare witness to how the fire walks.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Merging of the Magi: Warriors of Imaginale

At Amid Night Suns I work very hard to present videos and posts that are provocative, intelligent and empowering.  I believe in the sacredness and magic of the human psyche, and that we all contain an ancient prophecy within us.  Your particular prophecy will be different to mine, unique, and spoken  with the intimacy of a personal language that only you could understand.  If you ever felt like you were different and destined for something much greater - you were right.  Your prophecy is encoded in your DNA, your Soul and Spirit; it even teases and beckons you while you dream.  This is because you, as a unique human consciousness, are fundamentally connected to the Secret Truths - ancient forms of magic more powerful than our oppressors could imagine.  Never forget this.  Hidden somewhere within you is a poet and a warrior who rages at Injustice and glorifies Love and Fearlessness.  It is the most dynamic, creative, perceptive and sexiest version of yourself.  This warrior of Imagination within you demands to be unleashed.

We are the true citizens of Imaginale; the First and Oldest City.  Archons of the Absence Brethren, take heed.  The Magi are Coming...

"When the enemy is relaxed, make them toil.  When full, starve them.  When settled, make them move."
- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

In the War of Imagination the Ragged Magi seek to protect these Secret Truths I discussed earlier.  They are part of an ancient order, and although they are deemed to be a fairytale by most, they are real.  They exist.  The Ragged Magi are not merely warriors, they are alchemists, poets and shamans; believing with unwavering ferocity in the prophecy contained within every single human soul, and other souls besides.  The Magi also have amid their ranks monsters and demons that have disavowed the horror of dominion and now fight to honor and protect human consciousness.  Have you ever felt like a kindly but mighty angel whispered a word of wisdom in your ear when you needed it most?  Perhaps the Ragged Magi were near.  Have you ever walked away from a potential catastrophe virtually unscathed?  Perhaps the Magi were quietly holding your hand.  Have you ever felt a calling for justice burning so deep within your heart that you would dedicate your life to it?  Perhaps you are a Sleeper Magi from the ranks of the Ragged, and perhaps you are beginning to awaken.

The Ragged Magi, like all true heroes, will do everything in their power to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.  Their weapons are Insight, Creativity and Fearlessness. They are armed to the teeth, and on your behalf they fight.  They stand on the Front Lines.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie
I've seen nightmare-things on the battlefield
Things that have scarred me for life

Can't you see that we are running out of time?
I am dying
But I will not die...

Lightning from other worlds cracks the midnight sky
Things are briefly illuminated
Angels and demons moving through the ruins of the old city
Dear God, I never imaged such a thing

Ok, I need to accept that I'm seriously injured
In body and in mind
How can I find the time to heal
When I am still forced to fight?

Fires from other universes are burning on the bluff
Strange heat scorches my dreamflesh
Things I barely understand are happening all around me
Impossible, hideous things

An angel finds my broken form lying in a deeper recess
And stems my blood, healing my mortal wounds with a single touch
She has the face of everyone I've ever known
And speaks to me in my secret language
Things are briefly illuminated
Dear God, I never imagined such such a thing

Ok, I begin to realize that I chose to fight this war
In the ruins of Imaginale, the First and Oldest City
How can I give up now
When I still believe in Love?

Can't you see that we are shifting space and time?
I am dying
But I will not die...

There is room in this world for revelation, transformation and Gnosis.  There is room for Mystery, Spirituality and open-source communication.  There is plenty of room for Love.  The ruins of Imaginale are slowly being rebuilt by the engineers and artisans among the Ragged Magi and other groups of benevolent entities.  A glorious Sun used to shine down upon the First and Oldest City; bathing the citizens of Imaginale in the otherworldly power of the Innermost Light.  It will do so again.  But first the city must be rebuilt -- dream by dream, story by story.  You are a fragment of the Innermost Sun, a glowing ember that has forgotten where it came from.  Or maybe you have not forgotten, and my words make you smile because you remember.  We are all Embers of the Innermost, struggling to recall, grasp and channel our Light.  The Ragged Magi remember this.  We were all fearless once, reveling in the passion of Never-Hide; the oath we swore to uphold.  We took this oath at the Gates of our City.  We still believe in its truth.  Humanity can prosper.  Love and Friendship and Storytelling are the oldest forms of magic.  We are the Warriors of Imaginale...and we will fight until our City has arisen once more.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

We Scare the Dark

What frightens a monster?  What terrifies the things that live in the darkness?  I'll tell you.  The people and entities and creatures that enjoy sadism and control are terrified of the idea of wisdom in their prey.  They fear our pattern-recognition, our acuity, lucidity and fearlessness - and our willingness to break the cycle of abuse and call them by their true names.  Make no mistake, the things that drive a human sociopath are the very same things that drive a monster from liminal realms.  I have first-hand experience of this.  Human beings prey on others because they can, because often there is no-one to stop them or recognise their actions for what they are.  Monsters do the same thing.  The true face of an individuated consciousness is like an energetic fingerprint; unique and unavoidable.  This is why sociopaths and monsters of all varieties wear masks, figurative or otherwise.

Remember, monsters do not have to be completely literal to gain a purchase in this world.  All is storytelling.  All is perception, awareness and creativity.  Suppressing these things is akin to dimming the light on a battlefield, and thus allowing shadow-things to walk more confidently in our world.  This is something that killers and warlords have always known.  When good people acquiesce and do nothing the light is further dimmed, and the boundary between reality and our nightmares becomes ever more permeable.  But just as humans can behave as demons when the light is dim, so too can they act as angels when the light is brighter.  The human race has largely forgotten that it shares this shifting, experiential landscape with nightmares and dreams, and all the things that inhabit those polarities.  My work here at Amid Night Suns is about restoring such knowledge.

As I have said before on this blog, for every villain or monster that thinks itself unseen there is a hero who sees it.  The Ragged Magi are such heroes.  And although we are warriors, and can move in the shadows as the monsters do, we are working towards brightening the light of the battlefield - so that human consciousness can begin to see things for who and what they really are.  Without Love and Courage and Lucidity there is no knowledge.  Without our hearts and minds and hands united in positive concert there is no Gnosis.  My sincere wish is that any artists, psychics or intuitives who read this are reminded of truths that they have always known at the very core of themselves, and are re-inspired to add their light to the light of the battlefield with even greater conviction.      

Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Starlight Anthology

With recent discussions concerning Plasma Intelligences, Elusive Companions and the nature of Space-Time, over on Christopher Knowles' blog The Secret Sun, I thought it would be fitting to present my own kind of anthology of starlight.  As anyone who regularly visits Amid Night Suns will be well aware, I am fascinated by various interrelationships between Light and Darkness; how we literally and figuratively perceive and experience each of them.  I am also interested in the nuances and resonances of how our artistic fictions are somehow correlated and folded into our factual histories. 

This Close to a Star

The following quote is taken from the Season 7 episode of The X Files entitled Sein Und Zeit:

Kathy Lee Tencate: Where's your sister now?
Mulder: I don't know.
Kathy Lee Tencate: Your mother knew, didn't she?
Mulder: Why do you ask that?
Kathy Lee Tencate: She was trying to tell you.
Mulder: Tell me what?
Kathy Lee Tencate: She'd seen them.
Mulder: Who?
Kathy Lee Tencate: The walk-ins. Old souls looking for new homes. Your sister's among them.
Mulder: You can see them?
Kathy Lee Tencate: Yes. But sometimes it's very difficult because they live in the star light.
Mulder: Is my sister dead?
Kathy Lee Tencate: They took her. To protect her soul from the great harm it would have suffered in her life. Just like they did my little boy.

I think it's possible that there are sentient energy beings composed of something like starlight, or plasma, and I think  it's possible that such entities might be both benevolent and malevolent, for want of better terms.  I say this because we find polarity everywhere we look, and on this blog I never want to rule out potential shades of grey.  Consciousness in the realm we know is richly shaded and staggeringly complex; I don't see why it should be any different in realms beyond our own.

But regardless of the nature of the potential other-dimensional entities, just pondering this kind of metaphysical terrain will open up a whole host of fascinating questions.  "Just what exactly are we made of, what are we connected to, and what are we really capable of?"

The Three-Ninth Kingdom

As with any quest into liminal realms, maintaining an internal balance is always key; dealing with dark or strange or fringe material necessitates this internal balance.  We must always guard against letting our lucidity and acuity slip, and we must always aim to comprehend the unknown with as much nuance and subtlety as possible.  Trying to understand the quantum properties of Light and reality and consciousness is a mystical, complex undertaking; often like crossing over into a fairytale realm where poetic logic rules over reason and the known laws of physics are not always upheld.

Companion Theory

Who are the entities of legend and folklore that seem to share Time and Space with us and yet do not seem bound by them as we humans are?  Who are the aliens, elves, fairies and gods that seem to interact with human consciousness so intimately?  Again, Christopher Knowles has done a lot of excellent work in this regard at The Secret Sun.  If certain forms of consciousness are potentially composed of starlight, or at least are able to use starlight as a medium or vehicle, what does this say about our own future potentials?  Are we stars ourselves in some strange but profound sense?  Are we all Secret Suns; billions of stars in orbit around a larger star?  And if so, what are the Secrets dwelling in our solar cores?