Monday, 20 February 2012

Midnight Manifesto of the Last Dark Age

Sometimes I walk in liminal realms.  Sometimes I see things that others don't see, or know things that others don't know.  This doesn't make me special.  Different, perhaps, but the vast hordes of Human Kith possess these innate qualities too.  They lie latent, waiting for song, mystery or discernment to awaken them.  If doubt or panic or hopelessness threatens to claim you, and you feel its teeth in the darkness - know that there are others striving on your behalf.  Not to save you, necessarily, but to reawaken your power.

Never run from your darkness.  The Shadow is your hooded guide through the psychic realms of Kith - a guide that can help you to acknowledge the buried or the denied.  Resolute, steadfast, adaptable.  Place your hand on your heart and know that the Earth is rising to meet you.  Even as the Last Dark Age approaches, there is a Manifesto of those working to relight the holy places within you.

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