Wednesday, 14 March 2012


This video explores the notion a secret attraction to enslaving, Archonic forces; a dark secret romance between US and Them that is fascinating but ultimately destructive. Many of us are drawn to darker themes for various reasons, but this video posits that there is a different kind of darkness - a liberating darkness that can help us individuate and evolve. We are both Self and Other, but we mustn't let that pseudo-awareness make us identify too intimately with our captors.  Rather we must ponder our own ferocity, and learn how to turn such raw power to our advantage.  For fans of the Alien movies, this video features Sigourney Weaver as the immortal Ellen Ripley.  I hope it engages and empowers you.

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  1. Hey Raj....I like the idea of a "liberating darkness" bothers me a bit that the simplistic concept of light=good / dark=bad is so readily accepted by so many. In my opinion it is a starkly misogynistic concept. Let's examine the concept of "enlightenment" that is held as ideal by world religion. Its a celebration of a fundamental imbalance, mind over body, god over goddess. If you want proof, simply look at the priesthoods that celebrate this "virtue." From an evolutionary perspective, the idea that dark=bad is a result of scary things in the night does not hold up. Among the various predators that would have terrified mankind in its infancy, only a tiny percentage are nocturnal. A friend of mine who is a kindergarten teacher gives her students a "star" when they are "good" and a "black hole" when they are "bad". It is so deeply ingrained! Dont be afraid of the dark, vampires move in broad day.

    peace bro