Monday, 30 April 2012

The Blackest Light

I recently reacquainted myself with Christopher Knowles' excellent book on superheroes, mythology and mystery-cults - Our Gods Wear Spandex. It got me thinking again about superheroes, and some of my favorites.  I generally resonate with darker heroes, but am very fond of the genre in general.  For me, superheroes are where I go to seek empowerment, or counsel with the more mysterious aspects of my personality.

I have spent a lot of my life trying to channel my immense anger at the injustices of the world into various forms of art.  I am still trying to use this fury to aid me in my own spiritual quests.  I believe that anger can be used as a powerful tool of transformation, if it is harnessed and guided effectively.  As I've said elsewhere on this blog, I believe that the Shadow aspect of the human/divine psyche has lots to teach us about personal responsibility, creative power and liberation.  I believe that once these forces are effectively harnessed collectively, the human race will become unstoppable in the best spiritual sense.

I believe in finding insight and empowerment from levels above and beyond those that engineer our enslavement, but I also sometimes believe in fighting fire with fire.  I mean to say, with love in our hearts and determination in our minds we can be infinitely more powerful that the forces that wish to control us - especially when communing with our shadows in deep, illuminating ways.  I call this wisdom the Blackest Light.  It is a light that is tender, compassionate and lucid, but a light that is also dark and furious enough to stand up and stare down those who would oppress us.  These are the ways of the Ragged Magi - forces powerful enough to send a chill through the blackened heart of any dominating, colonizing force.

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