Monday, 9 April 2012

Red Rain

This is an excerpt from my post entitled Pathology of the Soul - A Realm of Imaginary Light:

Not wanting to be a cheerleader for victimhood, I appreciate that certain Gnostic concepts can seem simply too awful to contemplate with any seriousness or sobriety.  It’s a tough thing to seriously speculate that we might be trapped in a prison of near-unfathomable design.  The idea that what many think of as God is in fact a trickster demiurge (a sinister force, for want of a better term) that is utterly ruthless in its desire for full-spectrum domination – this idea is practically unpalatable due to the various horrors it implies.   I can understand the urge to balk at such an idea, and even to vilify its messengers – even if such an idea is presented as pure speculation, as it is here.
The idea of an Archon, or sinister gatekeeper to our apparent reality, is both frightening and alluring – in the sense that through such an image we can investigate our own darkest associations, with the potential to emerge as more compassionate, perceptive individuals.  But such shadow-projections do not necessarily invalidate the literal possibility of the Archon image. The rational mind might dismiss the Archon image as the symbolic embodiment of various fears and natural forces.  But, as in the microcosm world of insects and micro-organisms – our human intervention, manipulation and control would appear to them as the chaos of natural forces.  This is an important correlation to consider, I feel.

Hopefully the following video speaks to these themes and questions.  Enjoy:

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