Thursday, 26 April 2012

This Little Secret

I believe that the functions and processes of all true art are Alchemical and magical in nature.  The act of creating a piece of art is a form of spell-casting, as too is the act of appreciating it.  Over the past year I have dedicated a huge amount of time and effort towards creating Alchemical pieces of art in the vein I have just mentioned, inspired by Christopher Knowles' exemplary work over on his Secret Sun blog.

My little video tone-poems are only seen by a handful of his members, but I persist in my efforts - because I believe that I can entertain, help, inspire and engage those few individuals who do watch my videos.  I am attempting to be the line in the sand, a modest clarion call.  Even if my little efforts affect nothing in the grand scheme, I must continue to act as if they do.  Simply put, I believe everything is connected...and that we cannot fully comprehend the ripples and ramifications of our intentions.  If our intentions are positive, lucid and pure of heart, I believe we can subtly shift the interconnected system of experience in our favor.  This is one of the oldest techniques in magic: the magus is the burning star at the center of his own system, and by acting with unwavering belief and tenacity he can manipulate, heal and re-organize that system.

In my own work I am attempting to re-write my own imagination, through the act of creating lucid art, and hopefully re-writing the Collective Imagination by proxy - even if it is in tiny, subtle ways.  My dreams tell me that among the human race are an ancient order of book-keepers and initiates who serve the Secret Truths; forms of magic that are more powerful than anything we usually dare to dream.  I call this ancient order the Ragged Magi.  This order does not merely protect these ancient magics - they also hunt and stalk the monsters, demons and old ones that travel in Psyche's Shadow.

It is often a thankless task, and usually goes unseen.  But nonetheless, they are the protectors of the children, the lost, the weak or wounded, and sometimes they speak for those who have had their voices stolen from them by monsters and villains.  These dark, corrupting forces call themselves the Absence Brethren - they are part literal, part imaginal, and they are composed of psychic, social and economic elements, straddling many worlds.  But for every villain who thinks itself unseen there is a hero who sees it.  The Ragged Magi are such heroes...and signs and traces of them remain in our mythologies, fictions and fairytales.  They can resist the kiss of the Absence Brethren, and they can read their tormenting glyphs.

This ancient order is also sub-rosa, working beneath the layers of waking, rational consciousness.  There are those among the order who have yet to recognize their place in it; although they can sense a calling, a strangeness and power that lies at the heart of them.  When these sleeper-initiates are ready, they will awaken.  The Ragged Magi is also composed of former dark ones; monsters and entities who were pierced by the Knife of Love and utterly transformed...and now they fight on the side of Love, Truth, Compassion and Insight.  This is consciousness made lucid.

It is a very strange and complex realm you are living in.  Only you can interpret the Secret Truths, only you can make the choice to acknowledge the fact that if Judgment was a day like today you would stand and fight for Truth.  Why?  Because you are a hero, a Magi, and nobody can stop you now.



  1. Would it surprise you that a Christian finds your work inspiring, exciting, and resonant? I may not agree with everything you say, but the gist of it really, really speaks to me! This fits with a dream that I had last night, and fits with the way I write and the stories I post. There are many of us, in many different forms.


  2. Thank you very much, Dreamdeer.

    I have no problem with the more compassionate aspects of Christianity; in fact I find them to be truly inspirational. The teachings of Christ himself make a lot of sense to me. I don't mind that you don't agree with everything I say, but I am truly glad that you resonate with its general themes.

    Safe travels to you.

  3. Hi Raj,
    "If our intentions are positive, lucid and pure of heart, I believe we can subtly shift the interconnected system of experience in our favor- and hopefully re-write the Collective Imagination by proxy".
    Beautifully put, my friend, if a bit paraphrased.
    "We are terraforming Hell" rung a bell as well.
    Something as seemingly small as an inner belief may well make all the difference, as the bombs and bullshit fall away- the glowing coal of our true nature waiting to fire up!
    Best wishes to you and your girlfriend, Delorus

  4. Wow Raj,
    you have just stated what I feel and have been practicing for some time now,
    Bravo on being able to put it in such eloquent words my friend...
    Be well and keep creating beauty brother...!


  5. Delorus and Transcend Designs,

    Thank you very much for you kind words! Your support means the world to me. Best wishes!

  6. "pierced by the Knife of Love and utterly transformed...and now they fight on the side of Love, Truth, Compassion and Insight. This is consciousness made lucid.".... yes, yes, yes.