Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Book of Doors

We Eidolons roamed the Infinite Womb of Mysteries
Until we were tethered by the Reapers;
Chained to a leviathan sphere of rock and its companion star
The gene-therapy of a spectrum of Merciless Light
Our potentials entranced and sleeping
Our memories stolen
But even though they changed us
Our dreams will not let us forget the Book
Countless doorways bound in its pages
Each one a past and a future
Each one a hope for our eventual Liberation
The Reapers search high and low for the Book
It terrifies them, and they are fascinated
But they will not find it
It is hiding in plain sight
We Eidolons of the Veils protect it
And we Remember
We Remember

The Crash

Internal MoD Executive Memo - X220779:

On-site Intel from our Response Teams indicates that the incident occurred mid-flight.

DM1 - Domestic Military One - was compromised and crashed en-route over London.

The crash led to the liberation of cargo CHMRA13, which in turn initiated what is now popularly referred to as the August Event.

Secondary data packet to follow.

- X220779

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Sub-Verses: Book Five: Reaper's Fall

As I've stated many times on Amid Night Suns, I truly believe in the awesome spiritual and artistic power of human consciousness.  I believe that we have the potential to rediscover our destinies and our true natures, to defeat even our most merciless oppressors.  All that is required is a combination of rigor, intellect and imagination; a synthesis that begins with a brutal self-honesty.  Do we really want to attempt to change the world?  Or are we simply just too lazy, exhausted or burnt-out?  If we do wish to make such an attempt we need to realize that exhaustion and burn-out are simply hazards of the profession.  They are the risks we must inevitably take in order to attempt something so grand and potentially rewarding.  However, there are ways to combat these hazards.  As always we must look to Art, Culture, Friends and Family to continually re-invigorate us in our quest.  If we are to take this quest seriously, it necessitates that we are in it for the long haul.

The Light of Love and Art is our energy source; the valiant struggles of everyone who has come before us, and the current struggles of our peers who are united in similar purpose.  Over on The Secret Sun, Christopher Loring Knowles discusses a wide range of themes including paleocontact, Mithras, the elusive nature of Mystery and more in his excellent post, Astronaut Theology: Mysteries Within Mysteries.  He writes:

This is not a mystery that wants to be solved- it's the kind of capital M Mystery that your ancestors were given to building ecstatic cults around. If you approach the mystery the way they did, as an eternal enigma leading us along to a deeper understanding of the world around us-- a kind of Zen koan in the sky-- your attitude towards and your perception of the evidence completely changes. You're no longer frustrated or stymied by the refusal of this Mystery to stop being so damn mysterious. 

Most importantly, you realize that Synchronicity plays a crucial, indispensible role in all of this and becomes a quite reliable navigational tool in unchartable waters.

This idea of treating the Mystery as a literal evolutionary abstraction is something I wholeheartedly agree with.  It helps us to maintain our sanity, but also it helps us to be unafraid of exploring the deepest and most difficult questions regarding human consciousness, our exogenesis and our potential future.  If we imbibe the Light of fearlessness and lucidity, I believe we are then capable of incredible things.

The forces of Archonic control, or what I call the Reapers of the Absence Brethren, are trying to ensure that our true history and implied potential remains lost to us.  In order to control us they must make us believe that we are powerless.  They wish to craft a Perfect Dystopia, a realm in which a handful of powerful cliques prey on the rest of humanity.  But this Perfect Dystopia is intended to have the bright, glittering aesthetic of a Utopia - at least in the First World - and will be all the more insidious because of it.  They want us to believe all the propaganda concerning the democracy-enabling function of the West, while doing everything it can to fragment us into ever-dividing cultural and religious sub-cultures that are mistrusting and hateful towards each other.  Out of this Chaos comes the dystopian Order they wish to implement; The Last Dark Age.  But this plan cannot appear democratic and progressive for much longer.
We will not let them continue to blind us.  The Archonic Reapers of the Absence Brethren will eventually fall.  It is inevitable.  A Liberated Humanity will have it no other way.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Refractions of a Kristal Eye

My sister Kristal Sisodia is an actress and singer-songwriter with her own strange connection to what I have called on this blog the Innermost Sun.  Through her music she attempts to address the the mysterious questions concerning human origins, destiny, love and experience.  She has her own interests in the kinds of mysticism, storytelling and high-weirdness explorations that we delve into at Amid Night Suns.

As The White Stripes infamous 'Seven-Nation Army' tells us, "Everyone knows about it; from the Queen of England to the Hounds of Hell..."

Like myself, Kristal is very concerned about the disemboweling of art and culture that is taking place in our society at this time.  As she states in her song 'Praying Birds', "Yes it's easier to be a parody of everything you know, so you don't have to take responsibility - because life is a show.  This is your wake-up call.  GET UP.  Stop fighting yourself.  ENOUGH..."

Kristal is a very intelligent, passionate young woman, and I'm proud to be her brother.  She is a person savvy enough to understand that the truest way to fight the corporate plutocracy and the various dark forces that wish to mentally enslave us is to unite our rigor, intellect and imagination.  Never be afraid of exploring the darkest and brightest aspects of ourselves and the world we find ourselves in.

 Seeker, Know Thyself.  Kristal Sisodia is well aware that Evolution begins at the heart of each one of us.  We can be the positive difference that we hope to see in the world.  The Magic IS real, and there is a Prophecy with your name on it.

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Sub-Verses: Book Four: Straight Through the Sun

Things Begin to Ignite

I truly believe we are passing through a cusp in human evolution.  I feel as though the next ten years are going to be some of the most important in the history of the human race.  Humanity seems to be approaching a crossroads, a point of no return in which we are all forced to make individual and collective choices.

Corruption, lies and trickery run rampant; the rich and powerful elites of this Earth are attempting to find new, insidious ways to remove the last of our freedoms.  Something within the heart of human consciousness is attempting to change for the better.  The sleeper-initiates of the Ragged Magi are beginning to awaken.  Perhaps this is why the corporate plutocracy wishes to ensure its dominion and is now throwing everything it can at us, in a last-ditch attempt to suppress this rising human spirit.  But I'm pleased to say that I think it will ultimately be a futile effort.  The Innermost Sun will not be extinguished.

No Rest For The Wicked

However, the horrors and corruption will keep coming for a time.  Things will appear to get darker before they get brighter - which is why it is now more important than ever to commit ourselves to Creativity, Insight and a dexterity of Interpretation.  The world around us is genuinely changing in profound, mystical ways, but the lived truth of this phenomenon hasn't yet breached the conscious awareness of the Collective.  But the Intuitives and Sensitives among us have felt these strange, passionate frequencies building for a long while now.  

We know that the more individuals who add their lucidity to this stealthy liberation, the more powerful it will be when it finally breaks the surface.  And it will break the surface, make no mistake.  Perhaps in our lifetimes, perhaps not.  But our children and our children's children will not inherit a ruined Earth and a ruined Imagination.  There are warriors everywhere, holding the line.

Soldiers of the Solar Core

The Ragged Magi and spiritual emissaries from many realms - most of them unknown to us - are working to ensure that a Liberated Humanity soon becomes a Fait Accompli.  The Heart of a Sun roars with infinite gravity; a power so great that we can scarcely imagine it - and it is in this place that magic can happen.  

The Ragged Magi are attempting to conduct a Great Invocation at the Heart of the Innermost Sun; an alchemical working of unimaginable proportions.  This Working is your destiny; it is the freedom you have quested after for so long.  It is bending Time and is composed of dramatic cosmic forces and subtle individual choices, but every act of bravery and lucidity is feeding it.  Whether or not we live to see the final manifestation of this Innermost Working, we must do everything we can in the here and now to ensure that future generations do.  By doing so we are aligning ourselves with the Essence of Creation; alchemy at its most magnificent, turning the leaden chains of our enslavement into the golden Crowns of our Sovereignty. 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Artillery

In the War of Imagination our weapons are ideas, concepts, hidden connections - and various forms of lucid art.  To take up arms, in this sense, means to cast a vigil over this crucial time in human history; to inoculate ourselves against the corruption, rhetoric and hate that the elites wish us to imbibe.

First and foremost we must seek out cognizance and complexity; an ever-deepening comprehension of the various contexts we find ourselves interdependent with.  If we do not create and shape and make our own minds, the power-hungry elites will certainly step in like unseen wraiths and make our minds for us.

We are a new breed of seeker, but we are also a part of an exomantic tradition that is ancient.  The Battlefield is the Imagination.  Our weapons are Insight, Diligence and Creativity - and we are armed to the teeth.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Sub-Verses: Book Three: THE PLEROMA INCANTO

In this battle for truth, freedom and the regaining of our own minds, I have to state here that I believe in the all-encompassing power of love.  Love as a concept, a feeling, and - moreover - love as a lived experience.  We all know what love is - we all know that it encompasses such notions as Truth, Beauty, Friendship, Community and Joy.  It's a fluid, inclusive term, but it exists because humanity has Gnosis of its power.  We study its nuances and subtleties in our art, we edify it in our music.  And when things are at their darkest and most painful, it is the thing we always return to. 

In my visions of the Pleroma I witness a realm of limitless Creative Light; limitless passion, adventure and solace. I see, and feel, all that the human race is destined to become.  The Pleroma is at once mind-numbingly alien and heart-warmingly familiar.  It is the Innermost Sanctum where your holy star dwells.  Even here in this realm of the imagined Demiurge, with its ruthlessness, violence and Archonic controls - even here evidence of the Pleroma cannot be entirely wiped out.  I believe that much of our true celestial history has been lost to us, through a combination of our own apathy and sinister manipulations by unknown Outsiders.

But despite this amnesiac fog that clouds our true origins and potentials - humanity has created a Living Mirror in its Imagination, and called it Art; a Master-key hidden in plain sight.  No matter how complex the War of Imagination becomes, and how complex the machinations of the Archons, the Pleroma survives in stories and tall tales.  We gaze through a darkened glass at a possibility that appears so utterly fantastic, that we relegate it to the status of mere 'fantasy'.  Indeed, it is a fantasy - the original fantasy.  It is the very genesis of the Eidolons who now call themselves the human race.  It is where you came from, and it is where you will eventually return.  You are a dynamic, living, pulsing work of fiction.  Your mind and your body and your life are only aspects of your totality; only complex refractions of the majesty we call the Pleroma, the true heaven.  This Pleroma is in fact the most intimate and immortal essence of yourself.  

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Sub-Verses: Book Two: THE LUCIDITY INCANTO

My work on this blog is not just about aggression and empowered darkness, though that is a large part of it.  My work is also about lucidity and pattern-recognition.  It's about noticing the details and hidden connections that other people might not see or simply ignore.  Although much of my work here at Amid Night Suns is filtered through a dark aesthetic, I am a firm believer in the human spirit and the Light of human consciousness.  In my own small way I am working to add to this Light; to offer strength and playfulness and engagement to my kith and kin so that they may be raised up and awakened (or consistently reminded) to their own intrinsic power.

None of this work here at Amid Night Suns would be possible without the tireless efforts of Christopher Loring Knowles over on The Secret Sun.  Through the exceptionally high  level of his work regarding magic, spirituality and pop culture I have been inspired to offer my own insights and art.  I am attempting to take much of what is discussed on The Secret Sun and refract it through my own perceptual filters.  The goal is exploration, asking interesting questions; activity rather than passivity.  Fist and foremost it is the cultivation of Lucidity, offered in a fun, playful manner.  As an individual I do not take myself too seriously.  But I take the work that I do very seriously indeed.  I hope it is reflected in the quality of the videos and words that I offer on this blog.

I would define Lucidity as a sharpness and dexterity of mind, coupled with an appreciation of context.  It is a keen, hard-won awareness, a wakefulness.  And I think it is incredibly important in a culture that places such emphasis on profit margins, dumbing down and generally ensuring that the collective remains asleep.  We could view this cultural malaise as an infection.  Indeed, powerlessness and apathy is not our natural state.  In our natural state we would be immune to the trickery and disemboweling of art and culture that the elites foist on us and wish us to internalize.

There is an Innermost Sun that radiates at our center.  The mystics and alchemists of old were well aware of it.  You can never be truly severed from its Light.  The most that the elites can do is pretend it does not exist, and ridicule anyone who suggests otherwise.  They can only temporarily confuse our conscious connection to this Holy Star of the Magi, but sometimes that is enough to leave people feeling hollow.  Hollow individuals are easier to control.  But you are not hollow.  The Innermost Sun IS real, because YOU are real.  And this internal flame is EVERYTHING you are, were or ever will be.  It is the totality of your consciousness in its most powerful, exciting and dynamic expression.  I do not need to convince you of this.  You already know the truth of which I speak.  Whether it is viewed literally or figuratively (or both, as it truly is) the Innermost Sun is the reason why there is something rather than nothing; it is the reason why Love and Hope and Art exist.  It is the feedback loop of Raw Infinity, it is the essence of Life itself.  Some people call it God, some call it the Sublime...but it is immanent, dwelling at the Heart of All Things.  It is tender, compassionate and sometimes dangerous.  But it wants us to evolve, to prosper; to have knowledge and experience of things that the elites claim are reserved only for the gods.  But when we recognize the Light of the Innermost Sun, we become as gods.  And those who would oppress us tremble with fear.

Sunday, 13 May 2012


I have no interest in literal, physical violence.  Unless we are directly trying to protect the ones we love from harm or abuse, violence is usually always stupid, ugly and cruel.  However, I do have an interest in what might be called 'artistic violence' - an aggressive, empowered form of artistic expression that does not sacrifice its intelligence and nuances.  I'm talking about a directed, carefully controlled kind of intensity.

As I suggested recently on David Raymond Davis' excellent blog, The Deconstruction Zone:

I think at this time there are so few role models of genuine empowerment. So many of the images that are served to us as supposedly empowering seem bleached of all their edginess and subversive qualities.

Marketing departments try to sell us subversive imagery, but usually they are just hyper-sexualized or hyper-violent - but sold to us as savvy, edgy forms of self-empowerment. Now, I don't actually have a problem with sex or violence in fiction, mythology and long as the requisite intelligence and dynamism is ALSO present. And that's what seems to be lacking in all this garbage that the elites are trying to peddle. 

I think genuine empowerment should feel comforting, liberating, but also leave you with a heady, slightly DANGEROUS feeling. Not because you wish anyone harm, but because now you're better equipped to deal with transgressing your previous limitations. I mean, shouldn't evolution feel exciting? 

Our spiritual evolution/liberation is essentially the ultimate, most epic Fight Of Our Lives. And all the danger, love and tribulations we associate with such epic battles are present in each of our personal struggles. We are a race of amnesiac gods, after all; at least metaphorically-speaking. And, I suspect, quite literally too.

This being the case, I believe that a warrior-spirit is absolutely vital in our relationship to our art-forms and ourselves.  We must find ways to infuse our intellect and imagination with a steadfast, unshakable intensity.  Even if the art in question is intended to be soft, warm and gentle - this intensity must manifest in its resonances and melodies; it must connect with us in an intimate, playful but utterly dedicated way.  I call this invocation of the warrior through art The Poetic Truth of Forms; it is the embodiment of sacred intention, whether conceived through a dark aesthetic filter or a lighter one.  This Poetic Truth of Forms is the pulse and blood and magic that throbs within the text, within the image or melody.  If its intention is embodied as completely as the artist-receiver is capable, then the art/individual in question becomes truly powerful, truly heartfelt.  

This is the Magic of the Below - The Magic of The Sub-Verses.  

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Awake while you Sleep

We all have bad dreams, fears and insecurities - and sometimes when we are depleted we feel as though these terrors might finally claim us; that we are just too weak to resist any longer.  But there is a font of endless strength within you, a limitless resource.  Even if you are aware that such an energy-source exists, there are times when you may feel too clouded or confused to access it effectively.  You might feel as though your conscious mind is just too far away from this powerful star that burns within you.

In times like these let art and song and mystery move you; let it resonate in the secret places of your mind and soul.  Art is the most expedient way to reconnect with this lost internal flame.  In truth it is not has been burning at the heart of you all along.  Indeed, it is the very thing around which your mind, body and soul is orbiting.  It is the central sun of your own private, infinite universe.  Do not think that this flame at your center is simply a metaphor.  It is so much more than that.  It is the Holy Star of the Magi.  It is the Innermost Sun.  It is the concentrated majesty of everything you have loved and will ever love.  It is your past, present and future.

But the Reapers of the Absence Brethren wish to dim your eyes to the presence of this flame.  They wish to blind the Ragged Magi to the very thing that gives them purpose and ensures their eventual victory.  Sometimes, in your dreams, you will come face to face with a Reaper; an Archon of seemingly-unimaginable power.  But remember this - the Reaper's dominance is based upon a lie.  The lie of the closed-system.  The lie of vampiric consciousness, a system so closed that it must sustain itself on the life-force of others.  There are no closed systems.  Only hearts and minds bound so tightly that they appear to be closed.  Like the hearts of the Reapers themselves.  Do not be fooled by appearances and the awful thunder of Outermost Power.  Innermost Power is that which sustains all realms and all entities, even the darkest of entities.  This is the truth that the Absence Brethren are trying to conceal from your eyes.  This Innermost Power is the flame - the Holy Star of the Magi.  And this flame is not simply within you, it IS YOU.  It is the dynamic totality of everything you are.

And every time you choose Fearlessness, every time you choose Love over Hate, Adventure over Cowardice - the Innermost Power is unleashed.  It burns in the smiling eyes of your children, it pounds in the sex of your beloved, it breaths within your intellect and insight.  It is awake even when you sleep.

And not even the darkest nightmare can extinguish it.    

Monday, 7 May 2012


I'm a big believer in tenderness, gentleness and sensitivity, but I'm also a believer in aggression and empowered darkness - if it is recognized and channeled effectively.  This kind of empowered darkness; listening closely to what the Shadow can teach us, is a big part of the overall manifesto of Amid Night Suns.  This exploration of darkness and the ways we can draw strength from it is never intended to be glib or merely sensational.  However, it is intended to be rousing, invigorating and provocative.

As a lover of cinema and the visual arts in general, I believe in the Alchemical power of combining audio-visual elements to speak not only to the rational layers of the human mind, but also to the subconscious layers of psyche - where dream-logic and raw emotion reign supreme.  My efforts are intended to be restorative as well as liberating.  I am trying to splice power and fearlessness back into the dis-empowering stories that the elites serve to us, which we then internalize in our personal narratives of victimhood.  If I can achieve anything with this modest blog, I hope that it is the ability to awaken the ready to their own creative fury.
I see it as a form of Exomancy - a powerful kind of magic beyond what most people consider as possible or effective.  I hope that the readers of my blog and the watchers of my videos can sense pieces of themselves in the work I do.  I hope that  when engaging with my work they are led to consider, "Ah, yes...I remember the power and glory of a lucid, passionate life."

What I'm attempting to do here is nothing new or original.  It is the essential manifesto of much genuine art - to remind people of the preciousness of joy, excitement and adventure.  Especially when people think they need no reminding of such things.  I am committed to this work.  I will continue to give it everything I've got, and hopefully these modest efforts will create positive, liberating ripples of psychological energy that I am unable to measure.

It's a frightening thing to try and create when you know that very few are watching or listening.  It's frightening to wear your heart on your sleeve and attempt to do something positive for all to see, lest your enemies try to ridicule or poke holes through your efforts, or tear you down completely.  It can feel like trying to scream into the howling, merciless wind - or stepping into a void with no clear path beneath your feet.  When we feel depleted or saddened at the injustices that still swirl all around us, we might wonder why we are even attempting something so seemingly-futile.  But be that as it may, dear reader, you know the truth as well as I do: Not everyone is willing to sit back and accept this desolate realm.  There are those of us who are willing to stand and fight. 


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Republic

I sincerely hope that this post rouses you to your potentials as lucid, discerning human beings living in this bizarre maelstrom. The overarching corporate depravity that we see all around us, the disemboweling of art and culture - we must resist it and fight it with every ounce of strength we have. Forces are gathering on all sides, and now is the time to remain steadfast, resolute and fearless. We are Citizen X

The collective is made up of individual citizens, and if enough of these citizens can resist, buck the trend, be subversive with intellect and imagination...then we might stand a chance to sway things in our favor, before shit gets even realer.  But it is not the job of the shaman or artist to make predictions about the coming storm; only to arm his tribe with the weapons of insight, self-knowledge and spiritual acuity.   

I believe that we as discerning, lucid citizens must recognize the fact that our republic is in ruins, and is no longer controlled by the people - if indeed it ever was.  Merciless, enslaving forces stalk the lands, seeking to dominate all sentient life in their pernicious quest for external power.  We as Citizens of the Crossroads must rebuild our republic one stone at a time.  We must be studious, adventurous and open-minded if we are to have any hope of resting back control of our shattered republic from the various Archonic forces who dwell here.  They would have us believe that we are their property. But the light of the Midnight Suns burns within each of us, and thus we are not so easily fooled.