Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Artillery

In the War of Imagination our weapons are ideas, concepts, hidden connections - and various forms of lucid art.  To take up arms, in this sense, means to cast a vigil over this crucial time in human history; to inoculate ourselves against the corruption, rhetoric and hate that the elites wish us to imbibe.

First and foremost we must seek out cognizance and complexity; an ever-deepening comprehension of the various contexts we find ourselves interdependent with.  If we do not create and shape and make our own minds, the power-hungry elites will certainly step in like unseen wraiths and make our minds for us.

We are a new breed of seeker, but we are also a part of an exomantic tradition that is ancient.  The Battlefield is the Imagination.  Our weapons are Insight, Diligence and Creativity - and we are armed to the teeth.

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  1. Locked and Loaded!!!! Don't stop Raj!!! This is awesome work!