Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Awake while you Sleep

We all have bad dreams, fears and insecurities - and sometimes when we are depleted we feel as though these terrors might finally claim us; that we are just too weak to resist any longer.  But there is a font of endless strength within you, a limitless resource.  Even if you are aware that such an energy-source exists, there are times when you may feel too clouded or confused to access it effectively.  You might feel as though your conscious mind is just too far away from this powerful star that burns within you.

In times like these let art and song and mystery move you; let it resonate in the secret places of your mind and soul.  Art is the most expedient way to reconnect with this lost internal flame.  In truth it is not lost...it has been burning at the heart of you all along.  Indeed, it is the very thing around which your mind, body and soul is orbiting.  It is the central sun of your own private, infinite universe.  Do not think that this flame at your center is simply a metaphor.  It is so much more than that.  It is the Holy Star of the Magi.  It is the Innermost Sun.  It is the concentrated majesty of everything you have loved and will ever love.  It is your past, present and future.

But the Reapers of the Absence Brethren wish to dim your eyes to the presence of this flame.  They wish to blind the Ragged Magi to the very thing that gives them purpose and ensures their eventual victory.  Sometimes, in your dreams, you will come face to face with a Reaper; an Archon of seemingly-unimaginable power.  But remember this - the Reaper's dominance is based upon a lie.  The lie of the closed-system.  The lie of vampiric consciousness, a system so closed that it must sustain itself on the life-force of others.  There are no closed systems.  Only hearts and minds bound so tightly that they appear to be closed.  Like the hearts of the Reapers themselves.  Do not be fooled by appearances and the awful thunder of Outermost Power.  Innermost Power is that which sustains all realms and all entities, even the darkest of entities.  This is the truth that the Absence Brethren are trying to conceal from your eyes.  This Innermost Power is the flame - the Holy Star of the Magi.  And this flame is not simply within you, it IS YOU.  It is the dynamic totality of everything you are.

And every time you choose Fearlessness, every time you choose Love over Hate, Adventure over Cowardice - the Innermost Power is unleashed.  It burns in the smiling eyes of your children, it pounds in the sex of your beloved, it breaths within your intellect and insight.  It is awake even when you sleep.

And not even the darkest nightmare can extinguish it.    


  1. I can't stress how much it feels to me like you and I are in the same syncstream...not 10 minutes before reading your post, my wife and I were discussing my insomnia and I told her,"While everyone else sleeps, I fight demons in other dimensions." Then I clicked on your post. Fantastic work Raj...and each video is more professional and powerful than the last. Impressive!

  2. This is beautiful and spoke to me like a soul reading. In this modernday world where we deal with so many ways of being unwell and afraid, to remember the art of our own hearts is indeed a magical act of positive love.
    Best wishes, Delorus