Monday, 7 May 2012


I'm a big believer in tenderness, gentleness and sensitivity, but I'm also a believer in aggression and empowered darkness - if it is recognized and channeled effectively.  This kind of empowered darkness; listening closely to what the Shadow can teach us, is a big part of the overall manifesto of Amid Night Suns.  This exploration of darkness and the ways we can draw strength from it is never intended to be glib or merely sensational.  However, it is intended to be rousing, invigorating and provocative.

As a lover of cinema and the visual arts in general, I believe in the Alchemical power of combining audio-visual elements to speak not only to the rational layers of the human mind, but also to the subconscious layers of psyche - where dream-logic and raw emotion reign supreme.  My efforts are intended to be restorative as well as liberating.  I am trying to splice power and fearlessness back into the dis-empowering stories that the elites serve to us, which we then internalize in our personal narratives of victimhood.  If I can achieve anything with this modest blog, I hope that it is the ability to awaken the ready to their own creative fury.
I see it as a form of Exomancy - a powerful kind of magic beyond what most people consider as possible or effective.  I hope that the readers of my blog and the watchers of my videos can sense pieces of themselves in the work I do.  I hope that  when engaging with my work they are led to consider, "Ah, yes...I remember the power and glory of a lucid, passionate life."

What I'm attempting to do here is nothing new or original.  It is the essential manifesto of much genuine art - to remind people of the preciousness of joy, excitement and adventure.  Especially when people think they need no reminding of such things.  I am committed to this work.  I will continue to give it everything I've got, and hopefully these modest efforts will create positive, liberating ripples of psychological energy that I am unable to measure.

It's a frightening thing to try and create when you know that very few are watching or listening.  It's frightening to wear your heart on your sleeve and attempt to do something positive for all to see, lest your enemies try to ridicule or poke holes through your efforts, or tear you down completely.  It can feel like trying to scream into the howling, merciless wind - or stepping into a void with no clear path beneath your feet.  When we feel depleted or saddened at the injustices that still swirl all around us, we might wonder why we are even attempting something so seemingly-futile.  But be that as it may, dear reader, you know the truth as well as I do: Not everyone is willing to sit back and accept this desolate realm.  There are those of us who are willing to stand and fight. 



  1. Honestly Raj,
    the words you just spoke, feel like they came right out of me,
    except that I'm not able to express myself verbally half as eloquently as yourself, but what you've described, is exactly what I feel with my art...
    even though we are just tiny voices in this immense existence, we must know that what we do has effect 'out there' somehow as little as it may seem...

    I choose to fight the desolation with beauty...!

    be well my friend and keep up the great creations...!

    : )

  2. You may not feel the ripples or see them..but they travel the world at the speed of light my friend! Mental neurons firing as the sleepers begin to awake. I am personally proud to know you, and plan to continue to help carry this fight to victory.
    Power and strength to the Ragged Maji!

  3. Thank you, David and Transcend Designs! It is so satisfying when people respond positively to the work I do. It feels great to know that I'm helping and inspiring people in small, subtle ways.