Monday, 28 May 2012

Refractions of a Kristal Eye

My sister Kristal Sisodia is an actress and singer-songwriter with her own strange connection to what I have called on this blog the Innermost Sun.  Through her music she attempts to address the the mysterious questions concerning human origins, destiny, love and experience.  She has her own interests in the kinds of mysticism, storytelling and high-weirdness explorations that we delve into at Amid Night Suns.

As The White Stripes infamous 'Seven-Nation Army' tells us, "Everyone knows about it; from the Queen of England to the Hounds of Hell..."

Like myself, Kristal is very concerned about the disemboweling of art and culture that is taking place in our society at this time.  As she states in her song 'Praying Birds', "Yes it's easier to be a parody of everything you know, so you don't have to take responsibility - because life is a show.  This is your wake-up call.  GET UP.  Stop fighting yourself.  ENOUGH..."

Kristal is a very intelligent, passionate young woman, and I'm proud to be her brother.  She is a person savvy enough to understand that the truest way to fight the corporate plutocracy and the various dark forces that wish to mentally enslave us is to unite our rigor, intellect and imagination.  Never be afraid of exploring the darkest and brightest aspects of ourselves and the world we find ourselves in.

 Seeker, Know Thyself.  Kristal Sisodia is well aware that Evolution begins at the heart of each one of us.  We can be the positive difference that we hope to see in the world.  The Magic IS real, and there is a Prophecy with your name on it.

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  1. Your sister is an amazing artist! Absolutely loved this. Sharing, sharing, sharing.