Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Republic

I sincerely hope that this post rouses you to your potentials as lucid, discerning human beings living in this bizarre maelstrom. The overarching corporate depravity that we see all around us, the disemboweling of art and culture - we must resist it and fight it with every ounce of strength we have. Forces are gathering on all sides, and now is the time to remain steadfast, resolute and fearless. We are Citizen X

The collective is made up of individual citizens, and if enough of these citizens can resist, buck the trend, be subversive with intellect and imagination...then we might stand a chance to sway things in our favor, before shit gets even realer.  But it is not the job of the shaman or artist to make predictions about the coming storm; only to arm his tribe with the weapons of insight, self-knowledge and spiritual acuity.   

I believe that we as discerning, lucid citizens must recognize the fact that our republic is in ruins, and is no longer controlled by the people - if indeed it ever was.  Merciless, enslaving forces stalk the lands, seeking to dominate all sentient life in their pernicious quest for external power.  We as Citizens of the Crossroads must rebuild our republic one stone at a time.  We must be studious, adventurous and open-minded if we are to have any hope of resting back control of our shattered republic from the various Archonic forces who dwell here.  They would have us believe that we are their property. But the light of the Midnight Suns burns within each of us, and thus we are not so easily fooled.  

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  1. One stone at a time and one person at a time, discovering the truth in ourselves. What is true and beautiful to ME, to express my truth is my art. I need to be able to be open to the true beauty of other's art as well, to recognize in spite of all that is fed to us, to make us sneer and fear, the honest offering when I see it. Then I will know my tribe, even when it is spread around the world.