Sunday, 13 May 2012


I have no interest in literal, physical violence.  Unless we are directly trying to protect the ones we love from harm or abuse, violence is usually always stupid, ugly and cruel.  However, I do have an interest in what might be called 'artistic violence' - an aggressive, empowered form of artistic expression that does not sacrifice its intelligence and nuances.  I'm talking about a directed, carefully controlled kind of intensity.

As I suggested recently on David Raymond Davis' excellent blog, The Deconstruction Zone:

I think at this time there are so few role models of genuine empowerment. So many of the images that are served to us as supposedly empowering seem bleached of all their edginess and subversive qualities.

Marketing departments try to sell us subversive imagery, but usually they are just hyper-sexualized or hyper-violent - but sold to us as savvy, edgy forms of self-empowerment. Now, I don't actually have a problem with sex or violence in fiction, mythology and long as the requisite intelligence and dynamism is ALSO present. And that's what seems to be lacking in all this garbage that the elites are trying to peddle. 

I think genuine empowerment should feel comforting, liberating, but also leave you with a heady, slightly DANGEROUS feeling. Not because you wish anyone harm, but because now you're better equipped to deal with transgressing your previous limitations. I mean, shouldn't evolution feel exciting? 

Our spiritual evolution/liberation is essentially the ultimate, most epic Fight Of Our Lives. And all the danger, love and tribulations we associate with such epic battles are present in each of our personal struggles. We are a race of amnesiac gods, after all; at least metaphorically-speaking. And, I suspect, quite literally too.

This being the case, I believe that a warrior-spirit is absolutely vital in our relationship to our art-forms and ourselves.  We must find ways to infuse our intellect and imagination with a steadfast, unshakable intensity.  Even if the art in question is intended to be soft, warm and gentle - this intensity must manifest in its resonances and melodies; it must connect with us in an intimate, playful but utterly dedicated way.  I call this invocation of the warrior through art The Poetic Truth of Forms; it is the embodiment of sacred intention, whether conceived through a dark aesthetic filter or a lighter one.  This Poetic Truth of Forms is the pulse and blood and magic that throbs within the text, within the image or melody.  If its intention is embodied as completely as the artist-receiver is capable, then the art/individual in question becomes truly powerful, truly heartfelt.  

This is the Magic of the Below - The Magic of The Sub-Verses.  


  1. Absolutely amazing and seething with energy. Power to the Ragged Magi...transforming the shallow creation and rediscovering and recreating ancient and modern mythology. The light will shine in every dark corner before it's over! I'm taking the gloves off from here on out. Thanks for the plug and for your continual encouragement and support ~ Dave

  2. Die just die? Whatabout live and let live. What would Budda do? Dennis

  3. It's somewhat tongue in cheek, Dennis.

  4. I don't actually wanna kill anyone, by the way. In case you were wonderin'...