Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Sub-Verses: Book Three: THE PLEROMA INCANTO

In this battle for truth, freedom and the regaining of our own minds, I have to state here that I believe in the all-encompassing power of love.  Love as a concept, a feeling, and - moreover - love as a lived experience.  We all know what love is - we all know that it encompasses such notions as Truth, Beauty, Friendship, Community and Joy.  It's a fluid, inclusive term, but it exists because humanity has Gnosis of its power.  We study its nuances and subtleties in our art, we edify it in our music.  And when things are at their darkest and most painful, it is the thing we always return to. 

In my visions of the Pleroma I witness a realm of limitless Creative Light; limitless passion, adventure and solace. I see, and feel, all that the human race is destined to become.  The Pleroma is at once mind-numbingly alien and heart-warmingly familiar.  It is the Innermost Sanctum where your holy star dwells.  Even here in this realm of the imagined Demiurge, with its ruthlessness, violence and Archonic controls - even here evidence of the Pleroma cannot be entirely wiped out.  I believe that much of our true celestial history has been lost to us, through a combination of our own apathy and sinister manipulations by unknown Outsiders.

But despite this amnesiac fog that clouds our true origins and potentials - humanity has created a Living Mirror in its Imagination, and called it Art; a Master-key hidden in plain sight.  No matter how complex the War of Imagination becomes, and how complex the machinations of the Archons, the Pleroma survives in stories and tall tales.  We gaze through a darkened glass at a possibility that appears so utterly fantastic, that we relegate it to the status of mere 'fantasy'.  Indeed, it is a fantasy - the original fantasy.  It is the very genesis of the Eidolons who now call themselves the human race.  It is where you came from, and it is where you will eventually return.  You are a dynamic, living, pulsing work of fiction.  Your mind and your body and your life are only aspects of your totality; only complex refractions of the majesty we call the Pleroma, the true heaven.  This Pleroma is in fact the most intimate and immortal essence of yourself.  


  1. Amazing work Raj. You are an inspiration...truly.

  2. Thank you very much, David. As are you, my friend.

  3. Very creative pastiche of music and video. Love the Bauhaus track. I've been interested in Gnosticism for years, but have always been a little intimidated with where to start. Could you perhaps recommend a list of texts as an entry point?