Monday, 21 May 2012

The Sub-Verses: Book Four: Straight Through the Sun

Things Begin to Ignite

I truly believe we are passing through a cusp in human evolution.  I feel as though the next ten years are going to be some of the most important in the history of the human race.  Humanity seems to be approaching a crossroads, a point of no return in which we are all forced to make individual and collective choices.

Corruption, lies and trickery run rampant; the rich and powerful elites of this Earth are attempting to find new, insidious ways to remove the last of our freedoms.  Something within the heart of human consciousness is attempting to change for the better.  The sleeper-initiates of the Ragged Magi are beginning to awaken.  Perhaps this is why the corporate plutocracy wishes to ensure its dominion and is now throwing everything it can at us, in a last-ditch attempt to suppress this rising human spirit.  But I'm pleased to say that I think it will ultimately be a futile effort.  The Innermost Sun will not be extinguished.

No Rest For The Wicked

However, the horrors and corruption will keep coming for a time.  Things will appear to get darker before they get brighter - which is why it is now more important than ever to commit ourselves to Creativity, Insight and a dexterity of Interpretation.  The world around us is genuinely changing in profound, mystical ways, but the lived truth of this phenomenon hasn't yet breached the conscious awareness of the Collective.  But the Intuitives and Sensitives among us have felt these strange, passionate frequencies building for a long while now.  

We know that the more individuals who add their lucidity to this stealthy liberation, the more powerful it will be when it finally breaks the surface.  And it will break the surface, make no mistake.  Perhaps in our lifetimes, perhaps not.  But our children and our children's children will not inherit a ruined Earth and a ruined Imagination.  There are warriors everywhere, holding the line.

Soldiers of the Solar Core

The Ragged Magi and spiritual emissaries from many realms - most of them unknown to us - are working to ensure that a Liberated Humanity soon becomes a Fait Accompli.  The Heart of a Sun roars with infinite gravity; a power so great that we can scarcely imagine it - and it is in this place that magic can happen.  

The Ragged Magi are attempting to conduct a Great Invocation at the Heart of the Innermost Sun; an alchemical working of unimaginable proportions.  This Working is your destiny; it is the freedom you have quested after for so long.  It is bending Time and is composed of dramatic cosmic forces and subtle individual choices, but every act of bravery and lucidity is feeding it.  Whether or not we live to see the final manifestation of this Innermost Working, we must do everything we can in the here and now to ensure that future generations do.  By doing so we are aligning ourselves with the Essence of Creation; alchemy at its most magnificent, turning the leaden chains of our enslavement into the golden Crowns of our Sovereignty. 


  1. I think this is your finest work Raj!!!!

  2. This is both beautiful and hopeful. To read it was to feel a stirring and a quickening. This feels true and I thank you for writing it.

  3. Thanks for your continued cry to action, Raj! I believe that cry is for each and every seeker to delve deeper in to their own thoughts and feelings, to accept responsibility for their continued actions, and to build a better view of reality so that we may, as humble servants to the planet that birthed us, collectively be vessels for the universe.

    The Great Work will remain unfinished, but hope is always called for, with continued inspiration to delve ever deeper and to uncover ancient truths about ourselves as a species and as a community. Things are getting ugly, but it's about time we see ourselves as the Universe sees us; and once we accept it, we'll be ready to move forward again. I have so much hope today, and I hope others will see in themselves a true tradition that is old as the unknowable reaches of the infinite. Work is always to be done!

  4. Golden crowns of what? Is that what excites the nous,sovereignty? Me thinks more on greener pastures. Raj you have evolved much in mine eyes, my hope for my self is to examine mine existance and to embrace compassion as the motivation for every thing. Shine forth Raj. Dennis