Monday, 18 June 2012

Goliath is Bleeding

We are the true Regency of the Pleroma...


  1. Thanks so much Raj! I'm honored and the video is absolutely fantastic. You are a warrior poet my friend!

    Goliath is bleeding and destined to fall. The inner sun has begun to flare.

    "We fight flesh and blood and powers and principalities and Archons and wickedness in high places...for they have colluded to bring about a second Dark Age."

  2. Blue Mystic,

    Indeed, love is not a victory march. But empowerment and the courage to face your fears can be figured as a victory march - and that's what I'm attempting to convey here. If you read some of my other posts I hope you'll be able to see that. I'm not promoting violence, or domination - the opposite in fact.