Thursday, 7 June 2012


In ancient Egypt, Heliopolis was the City of the Sun, the Eye of the Sun, and the Place of Pillars.  The city's title comes from the mythological Greek name for the personification of the sun.  Originally it was a place for the veneration of Atum; the Complete One, and Finisher of the World.  Later in Egypt's history it became a site for the worship of many blended deities, including Atum-Ra.

The sun god Ra was believed to have called all forms of life into existence by speaking their secret names.  He traveled the day-heavens in the Mandjet - the Boat of Millions of Years, and used the Mesektet, or Night-boat, for his sojourns through the night-heavens.  Each night Ra would do battle with Apep, or Apophis; the huge serpent of chaos that would attempt to devour the sun, or stop it in its tracks with its powerful gaze.  But the Mesektet, or night-boat, would carry Ra eastward through the vast, dark underworld in preparation for his rebirth the next morning.

Heliopolis was a place of ancient, powerful magic.  Now, as then, the place is steeped in legend and mystery.  The City of the Sun was a place that held a multitude of incredible secrets, most of them lost to us now.  But it was more than a city.  It was an eye, an aperture, a gateway.

Here is a secret.  The legacies of Heliopolis are still felt in the unseen realms, in the hidden, imaginal worlds, as well as in the literal physical places that remain just beyond the veil of our perception.  Indeed, the City of the Sun was considered the Gateway of Veils to its highest initiates.  Although cosmologies, politics and alliances all changed as history took its toll, the true citizens of Helios tried to guard its secrets and protect its essential wisdom.  This wisdom is still alive today.  This wisdom concerns the spiritual and physical origins of humanity - where we came from, where we are going, and why we are here.  It concerns knowledge of our hidden friends, our hidden enemies, and the magnificent, almost unimaginable destiny that awaits each one of us.  This is a sacred secret, reserved not for a select priest-class or royal elite, but for every sentient human life who can comprehend its nuances.  This secret must be shared now...right now, as humanity draws inexorably closer to the Crossroads.  You are not merely a creature of flesh, you are a creature of Light.  You are a native, amnesiac denizen of the City of the Sun.  Do you realize what this implies?  The magic is not dead.   

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  1. The magic is not dead indeed. This is 'mag'nificant! Powerful words and a powerful video bang the war drums and combined to blow me away. The sleepers are awakening and the death knell has sounded for (as Dynamitrios Kaitanidis says)" archontic intrusion par excellence... fake "values", fake "economy" NOT based on needs, an imitation of life and social culture." Rock on Raj!