Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Kiss Between Heaven and Earth

At Amid Night Suns I work very hard to write posts and create videos that are provocative, intelligent and empowering.  But we all have our off days, days when we feel tired, uninspired or shaken by some new horror that presents itself.  During times like these I remind myself that, despite my variety of personal struggles, I still have passion and love in my life.  I know what it means to be a hungry, yearning, dreaming individual.  I know what it means to have red hot blood flowing through my veins - I understand the power and also the responsibility that comes with that.  And I realize that anywhere worth going will take hard work, patience and persistence.  A reality can only come after a fantasy.  An accomplishment can only come after a powerful dream.  

As an artist and writer by desire and not by success, I know that creation is one of the most holy acts that a sentient being can perform, whether it is the miracle of a painting, or novel, or the very act of childbirth itself. Creation is sacred, and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is either a liar or a fool.  Creation is not simply about the establishment of an artifact, or making the figurative literal - it is so much more than that.  It is the meeting place between Heaven and Earth.  We live in a world in which unseen realms impinge on our reality.  We live within an infinitely complex consciousness; multiplicities of time and space, sharing this mysterious eternal moment with countless unknown intelligences.  This might seem heretical or blasphemous to some, but the place where Heaven and Earth kiss is immanent, all-pervasive - even in a world such as ours that seems to be controlled by merciless Archonic forces.

When we can truly understand this exquisite kiss between the Seen and Unseen, then our eyes become as God's eyes, our hands become as God's hands, and our love becomes as God's love.  Because the Creator, who goes by many names and shows itself to us in many forms, IS this exquisite kiss.  And as every single one of us knows in our heart of hearts, God really does love us - and that is why we were gifted with Free Will.  But this most awesome of superpowers is not simply the ability to move through the visible world, but the invisible world also.  Moreover, Free Will is the ability to dream - to survive through fantasy as well as fact - and the ability to achieve the impossible.  Dear reader, never lose faith in the essential majesty of your consciousness - and know that if you are diligent you can feel passion even in your exhaustion, you can see even when you are in darkness, and you can hear the whispers of friends fortifying you even in the deepest silence.

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