Thursday, 12 July 2012

Behind, Below, Beyond: THE GRID

Welcome to the Grid.  A pornographic, binary hell that is intended to simulate human civilization on the opening cusp of the 21st century.  On the Grid, only images prevail.  Only the images of Truth, Justice and Freedom hold sway, but not their actualities - not their manifested, experienced expressions.  The Grid is a shiny, fascist theater of the damned, masquerading as a free and open society.  Unseen Archons stalk the spaces of our minds, manipulating the way we speak and read and connect.  They turn us all against each other, struggling to survive, so that we do not turn our eyes to the shadows and try to perceive the hidden forms of our jailers.  

We are in bondage, subsisting on the False light that the Grid offers us.  It asks us to be forever silent, never speaking of the things that we notice lurking on the edges of our perception.  But we humanity have been underestimated by our Archonic controllers.  We will no longer deny the truth.  We will no longer make fools of ourselves while we are slowly consumed by merciless forces.  We will speak our truth.  We will break our silence.

I want to help guide you to a different realm.  I want to help guide you behind, below and beyond.  We live a compromised existence where we are encouraged to deny what our eyes can see, what our ears can hear, and what our hearts already know.  Something is very wrong with our world.  But we are not supposed to speak about it.  We are not supposed to make art about it.  And we are definitely not supposed to try and change it.  But I am here only to remind you of things you once knew for yourself, things you still know in the un-colonized areas of your soul.  You were once majestic and magnificent, and you can be so again.  You need only turn inward, and listen carefully to the whispering voices of your spirit.


  1. Sweet video and powerfully moving writing my talented friend. I look forward to saying, "I knew him when..." You are a voice crying out from the wilderness brother, but more and more are getting quiet enough to hear it. The winds of change continue to blow.

    If my own experience is any indicator...right about now I predict that you are experiencing some personal challenges in your life..."as soon as you try to say something, do something, or have something..."

    If this is the case...please believe that this is quite possibly an indicator that you are performing right action...salmon get bloody swimming upstream...birth pangs...the callous ones will present obstacles...a warrior is constantly tested...yet I would also predict that you are getting peak results simultaneously as proof of my words. Only you know those numbers and only mystery knows the intangible remainders...but I have great faith in the power and reach of those unseen 'ripples.'

    Everyone we touch, touches another.

  2. Thank you very much, David. We draw inspiration from each other. Let the ripples spread.