Thursday, 26 July 2012

Behind, Below, Beyond: SPEAK

At Amid Night Suns I do my best to craft videos and write posts that explore difficult questions, hidden connections or overlooked insights.  I present these explorations as forms of art, because I am well aware that the truth is subjective.  I hope that you resonate, at least in part, with the work that I do here.  My ultimate goal is to empower those who come here, and to remind them that lucidity is not ignoring the darkness, or the Shadow, rather lucidity is balance - an honoring of our Light, but also a remembering of our darkness.  We mustn't sweep difficult questions under the rug and hope the problems will go away.  Instead we need to face those problems head on, and if needed we must offer healthier, more rewarding alternatives.  That's what I'm trying to do here on this blog.  If you find the aesthetic of my work at Amid Night Suns too dark for your particular palette, that's fine.  But please be aware that the goal with all of my work is a process of illumination, healing and integration - a contribution to the general spiritual uplift of humanity.

We will no longer deny the multiplicities of truth.  We will no longer make fools of ourselves while we are slowly consumed by merciless corporate and militant forces.  We will speak our myriad truth.  We will break our silence.  Our psyches, societies and futures depend on it.


  1. No holding back...our silence is broken. Prepare yourself demon...the Ragged Magi have awoken.

    No longer under your thumb, we remember how... you knew this day would come, don't get scared now.

    You are not alone Raj, and there is mighty power in the ripples of your words! Keep bending it brother, let's see what will break!

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