Tuesday, 31 July 2012


The following quote is taken from The Secret Sun, my favorite 'alternative research' site on the internet.  Christopher Loring Knowles' discusses the fascinating notion of plasma intelligences in his post Wizards, Workings and Walk-Ins: The Ultimate Lifeform.  He writes:

Whatever the ultimate source of the phenomenon, there is one thing that many alt.UFOlogists and even more impartial observers agree on: this phenomenon not only has the ability to interface with human consciousness (reading Keel put my own catalog of weird experiences in a whole new light), it has the ability to disguise itself, to change its shape, to take on a number of forms and identities whether through the control of human perception or through an ability to shape-shift using means we can hardly even speculate upon. 

Knowles discusses Andrew Collins' new book Lightquest, and suggests that:

Collins argues that plasma is in fact an excellent medium for life and especially intelligence. If his theory is true, it gives new meaning to the Navajo term "Star People," in that these beings would be perceived as coming from the stars and be made of "star stuff" themselves!

Knowles then goes on to discuss Jack Kirby's fascination with the idea of sentient light beings, and the post in its entirety is well worth several reads.  I've been interested in similar ideas since my childhood, and find it to be a notion with almost infinite depths and resonances.  And it seems the more we understand about physics and the mercurial properties of Light, Electricity, Magnetism and Consciousness, the more possible such an idea seems to become.  So, although such concepts might indeed have their darker, more sinister aspects, I'd like to present a video that riffs on the hopefully more beneficent and inspiring potentials of the notion of plasma intelligences.


  1. I've got a new favorite video. This was an awesome post. I'm very excited about the future.

  2. I love this.........it really makes me dance and feel alive!
    Thanks Raj. (and anyone else involved in this creation)

  3. And a Storm of a video, very powerful! You and Christopher are Brilliant!!!!