Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Sub-Verses: Book Nine: The Escape Hatch

It seems to me that this corporate, fascist freakshow that passes for modern society is very wary of any information or experiences that might lead people to a new, higher plateau.  I mean to say that the plutocracy that controls our society have initiated a crackdown on alternative medicines and therapies, psychedelics, spirituality, mystery and open-source human communication, for the simple fact that it might lead individuals to a more spiritually-uplifting or cognizant plateau.  We might call it evolution, transcendence, the cultivation of wisdom -- but these terms all suggest the leaving behind of old destructive paradigms and modes of perception, and a new access to a healthier, more rewarding human expression.  But the moneyed interests behind these old paradigms are not about to let them die without a fight, unfortunately.

From a personal Gnostic perspective, it seems to me that while the controllers of our world might be fighting among themselves like an extended mafia family, they are all united in their mutual terror of the possibility of human Escape from this psychological prison.  After all, we are a lot of things to the controllers: we are abuse-ready playthings, objects of derision and ridicule, cannon fodder, and walking cash-cows to be milked until death (at which point we are immediately replaced with younger, more naive models).  Because, at the end of the day, the true conspiracy guiding human affairs on this planet is not some 'Illuminati' occult conspiracy -- though I concede that some truly sick shit goes on  behind closed doors wherever the rich and powerful are concerned -- rather the true conspiracy, at least at a human level, is simply "More for us and less for everybody else", as the writer-comedian George Carlin once said.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain", our Controllers tell us, "Just hold on to your little clutch of prejudices, apathy and abandoned dreams, and console yourself with the knowledge that such a bleak reality  is the plateau that hateful, spiteful humanity was always destined for."

Fuck that, and everything that looks like that.

The plutocracy doesn't want humanity to evolve, transcend or cultivate wisdom.  This would seriously interfere with their goal of manipulating humanity into being the sentient bricks and mortar of their own psychological prison.  They don't want human individuals to radically overhaul their notions of personal identity and mutually-beneficial community; as this would lead to a renaissance of soul, spirit and hope for the future.

And isn't that what this is really all about?  Escape, evolution, transcendence  -- the notion that there might really be a brighter, more rewarding future somewhere on the horizon, if humanity is somehow able to step up to the plate?  The controllers don't want this.  They don't want us to go questing through our Internal Dreamscape in search of an Escape Hatch.  No, they want us to be fearful, hateful and snide; believing despairingly that the only future heading our way is an extrapolation of all the current militant and corporate agendas -- that we will forever be caught in the grey toxicity and injustice of the perpetual Now.

I don't buy that for a second.  We are living within an infinite system of magic, mystery and untapped potential.  But in order to feel the truth of this, we're going to need to start breaking some rules, and realizing that it is NOT better the devil you know.  Change can be scary, and evolution can be painful.  But the rewards can be magnificent, and potentially greater than our wildest dreams. 


  1. WOW!! I couldn't of said it better myself. I plan on dying childless so my sperm cells don't become mindless taxpaying zombies for these wicked children of the Demiurge.

  2. YEAH!!! Keep pounding that drum brother! The people need heroes like you Raj, heroes who continue to champion and empower them. Birth pangs are always painful...but the baby is worth it! Power to the Ragged Magi!

  3. I was just thinking along these same lines myself today- basically that if the system to control us has to be this repressing to experience, we must be powerful as all get out.

    You expressed my intuition clearly and rang it like a bell.

    Lets be brave together!