Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Starlight Anthology

With recent discussions concerning Plasma Intelligences, Elusive Companions and the nature of Space-Time, over on Christopher Knowles' blog The Secret Sun, I thought it would be fitting to present my own kind of anthology of starlight.  As anyone who regularly visits Amid Night Suns will be well aware, I am fascinated by various interrelationships between Light and Darkness; how we literally and figuratively perceive and experience each of them.  I am also interested in the nuances and resonances of how our artistic fictions are somehow correlated and folded into our factual histories. 

This Close to a Star

The following quote is taken from the Season 7 episode of The X Files entitled Sein Und Zeit:

Kathy Lee Tencate: Where's your sister now?
Mulder: I don't know.
Kathy Lee Tencate: Your mother knew, didn't she?
Mulder: Why do you ask that?
Kathy Lee Tencate: She was trying to tell you.
Mulder: Tell me what?
Kathy Lee Tencate: She'd seen them.
Mulder: Who?
Kathy Lee Tencate: The walk-ins. Old souls looking for new homes. Your sister's among them.
Mulder: You can see them?
Kathy Lee Tencate: Yes. But sometimes it's very difficult because they live in the star light.
Mulder: Is my sister dead?
Kathy Lee Tencate: They took her. To protect her soul from the great harm it would have suffered in her life. Just like they did my little boy.

I think it's possible that there are sentient energy beings composed of something like starlight, or plasma, and I think  it's possible that such entities might be both benevolent and malevolent, for want of better terms.  I say this because we find polarity everywhere we look, and on this blog I never want to rule out potential shades of grey.  Consciousness in the realm we know is richly shaded and staggeringly complex; I don't see why it should be any different in realms beyond our own.

But regardless of the nature of the potential other-dimensional entities, just pondering this kind of metaphysical terrain will open up a whole host of fascinating questions.  "Just what exactly are we made of, what are we connected to, and what are we really capable of?"

The Three-Ninth Kingdom

As with any quest into liminal realms, maintaining an internal balance is always key; dealing with dark or strange or fringe material necessitates this internal balance.  We must always guard against letting our lucidity and acuity slip, and we must always aim to comprehend the unknown with as much nuance and subtlety as possible.  Trying to understand the quantum properties of Light and reality and consciousness is a mystical, complex undertaking; often like crossing over into a fairytale realm where poetic logic rules over reason and the known laws of physics are not always upheld.

Companion Theory

Who are the entities of legend and folklore that seem to share Time and Space with us and yet do not seem bound by them as we humans are?  Who are the aliens, elves, fairies and gods that seem to interact with human consciousness so intimately?  Again, Christopher Knowles has done a lot of excellent work in this regard at The Secret Sun.  If certain forms of consciousness are potentially composed of starlight, or at least are able to use starlight as a medium or vehicle, what does this say about our own future potentials?  Are we stars ourselves in some strange but profound sense?  Are we all Secret Suns; billions of stars in orbit around a larger star?  And if so, what are the Secrets dwelling in our solar cores?  


  1. A visual and mental feast. An absolute've hit a whole new level with this post Raj! Absolutely amazing, thought-provoking, entertaining, excellent work. I'm sharing it with everyone I know.

  2. Very beautiful and uplifting Raj. My DNA starlight transponders buzzed with recognition. Another good reason why the sun feels like an old friend, and delight twinkles in the night skies.

    We ARE stardust after all. What life is here, lives on and in stardust and starshine and aren't we the lucky stars?

    I honor the sacred starshine in you.

    Thanks, Delorus