Thursday, 23 August 2012

We Scare the Dark

What frightens a monster?  What terrifies the things that live in the darkness?  I'll tell you.  The people and entities and creatures that enjoy sadism and control are terrified of the idea of wisdom in their prey.  They fear our pattern-recognition, our acuity, lucidity and fearlessness - and our willingness to break the cycle of abuse and call them by their true names.  Make no mistake, the things that drive a human sociopath are the very same things that drive a monster from liminal realms.  I have first-hand experience of this.  Human beings prey on others because they can, because often there is no-one to stop them or recognise their actions for what they are.  Monsters do the same thing.  The true face of an individuated consciousness is like an energetic fingerprint; unique and unavoidable.  This is why sociopaths and monsters of all varieties wear masks, figurative or otherwise.

Remember, monsters do not have to be completely literal to gain a purchase in this world.  All is storytelling.  All is perception, awareness and creativity.  Suppressing these things is akin to dimming the light on a battlefield, and thus allowing shadow-things to walk more confidently in our world.  This is something that killers and warlords have always known.  When good people acquiesce and do nothing the light is further dimmed, and the boundary between reality and our nightmares becomes ever more permeable.  But just as humans can behave as demons when the light is dim, so too can they act as angels when the light is brighter.  The human race has largely forgotten that it shares this shifting, experiential landscape with nightmares and dreams, and all the things that inhabit those polarities.  My work here at Amid Night Suns is about restoring such knowledge.

As I have said before on this blog, for every villain or monster that thinks itself unseen there is a hero who sees it.  The Ragged Magi are such heroes.  And although we are warriors, and can move in the shadows as the monsters do, we are working towards brightening the light of the battlefield - so that human consciousness can begin to see things for who and what they really are.  Without Love and Courage and Lucidity there is no knowledge.  Without our hearts and minds and hands united in positive concert there is no Gnosis.  My sincere wish is that any artists, psychics or intuitives who read this are reminded of truths that they have always known at the very core of themselves, and are re-inspired to add their light to the light of the battlefield with even greater conviction.      

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  1. YES.
    This is gospel truth.
    I often think about the sad concept that so many believe in 'original sin', even when they are nonspiritual, or atheist. There's a sad tendency to believe, whether you are a Richard Dawkins fan or a William Branham adherent, that the human race is evil and can never escape that wickedness.
    Too few people understand or believe in 'original glory'. Sure, there are hints, within mythology and history, science and archaeology, of civilisations living in a loving, compassionate, hardworking, altruistic civilisation that was only destroyed by the growth of selfishness and fear and greed, but for the most part people pooh-pooh those who cling to hope for such a society to emerge once more. How will you do it? Nobody is that nice! Everybody is out only for themselves!
    Then look at little the way they view the world when their hearts and minds are untouched by adult agendas and manipulations...selfless love, kindness, acceptance. They only learn to do evil when it is taught to them, whether directly or indirectly. And we wonder why there is so much abuse and exploitation of children!!!
    We are the gods and the angels and the heroes we seek, just as much as we are the demons and monsters we fear.