Saturday, 29 September 2012

Letters to the Demiurge

Since I was a child I have always been fascinated by religion, mythology, spirituality and apocrypha.  Yet from a young age I had a problem with what I perceived as traditional religious teachings.  I saw that there was an overemphasis on fear and subjugation.  It didn't make sense to me that God, the true creative force, would be such an authoritarian and dictatorial presence.  It seemed to me that if there was a creative sentience behind the visible universe it would wish to empower us rather than enslave us.  Of course, as a young child I couldn't put these thoughts into cogent words - but I sensed these things intuitively.  Perhaps I was an Outsider even then.

As I entered my teens and was better able to articulate my intuitions I began to pay closer attention to the literature and themes of Gnosticism and the mystery cults.  Broadly speaking, the Gnostics believed that the realization of Gnosis (esoteric, intuitive and spiritual knowledge) was the true path to salvation from the brutality of the material world.  They saw the material world as a creation of an intermediary entity -- the Demiurge -- rather than the work of the true Creator. In some Gnostic systems the Demiurge is seen as deeply flawed, in others as the expression of Evil.  Such ideas seemed incendiary to me, and I began to read voraciously on anything that touched on similar themes.  I cross-contextualized between fiction and non-fiction, looking for clues and insight.  I began to realize that human beings did not need an intermediary between themselves and the divine.  Indeed, the direct personal experience of the divine is what seemed to be fueling any serious explorations of the unseen realms.


At Amid Night Suns this is what I'm attempting to do - to present my own personal experiences and art concerning the unseen realms as a serious exploration of what we call the divine.  Much of my art has a dark aesthetic, seeing as how since I was young I've had a somewhat Gothic sensibility.  But I try to create art that illuminates darkness, and leaves the recipient feeling more empowered or aware than they did previously.  Empowerment is the driving force behind everything I do here at Amid Night Suns.  I believe in storytelling, magic, dreams, beauty and love.  I believe these things have the power to set us free from the various forms of bondage we experience in this world.  I believe they can upset the balance and threaten the structural integrity of a corrupt, fallen system.



I believe that the human race is far more powerful than our authoritarian religions are willing to admit.  I think the corporate and military-intelligence elites of this world have always attempted to suppress the better angels of our nature - because they know something of the power that dwells there.  I call this internal power the Innermost Light - the liminal radiance that animates all things.  Others might call this power the true God, or the Spirit, or Love.  Regardless of what names we give it, it is a presence more awesome and intelligent than our oppressors wish to admit.

The elite power-brokers of this planet know on some level that a liberated human consciousness has the power to blast apart all forms of slavery.  As professional slave-masters this terrifies them.  And so the better angels of our nature are kept in exile, as we are force-fed horror and desecration.  But there are Magi among the human race, individuated expressions of the Innermost.  We are not perfect, but we are warriors - and we have love in our hearts.  And we are doing everything we can to bring an end to this exile.

The Ragged Magi are everywhere
Just beyond the boundaries of perception
We have assembled
Imaginale is no longer your City
We are taking it back
Are you listening, Unholy Father?

 We are Everywhere...

 And we Stand, we Love, we Protect


At Amid Night Suns I try to show those who come here that I truly believe in the empowering, transformative power of art and storytelling.  I try to put my money where my mouth is by consistently creating videos and writing posts that are exciting, intelligent, provocative and inspiring.  It is my goal to remind people of the shape of freedom and joy and passion.  I often use a dark or rebellious aesthetic to convey my message, as these are the true flavours of my soul.  I live for art and insight.  I live to gain knowledge.  Although I try to present these explorations in a fun manner, make no mistake; I take the work that I do here very seriously.  Dear Reader, never lose faith in the power and majesty of the human spirit.  Together we have the power to overthrow our oppressors, to remind them we are not slaves, not playthings.  We are Ragged Magi.  And with one another's help we can become the shape of infinite things.

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  1. Absolutely blown away by this. "There is a new regency coming..." No more fear and subjugation. There's a plan I can get behind!

    The vids gave me goosebumps bro!

    "With one another's help, we CAN become the shape of infinite things." There's those goosebumps again. I share your work with everyone I can Raj. If it empowers them as much as it does me...well,it is at these moments when I feel the strongest hope for humanity and for my own humanity. I feel the way I wish everyone felt. Thank you for what you do...for having the heart and the guts. The ranks of the Ragged continue to swell!