Sunday, 2 September 2012

Merging of the Magi: Warriors of Imaginale

At Amid Night Suns I work very hard to present videos and posts that are provocative, intelligent and empowering.  I believe in the sacredness and magic of the human psyche, and that we all contain an ancient prophecy within us.  Your particular prophecy will be different to mine, unique, and spoken  with the intimacy of a personal language that only you could understand.  If you ever felt like you were different and destined for something much greater - you were right.  Your prophecy is encoded in your DNA, your Soul and Spirit; it even teases and beckons you while you dream.  This is because you, as a unique human consciousness, are fundamentally connected to the Secret Truths - ancient forms of magic more powerful than our oppressors could imagine.  Never forget this.  Hidden somewhere within you is a poet and a warrior who rages at Injustice and glorifies Love and Fearlessness.  It is the most dynamic, creative, perceptive and sexiest version of yourself.  This warrior of Imagination within you demands to be unleashed.

We are the true citizens of Imaginale; the First and Oldest City.  Archons of the Absence Brethren, take heed.  The Magi are Coming...

"When the enemy is relaxed, make them toil.  When full, starve them.  When settled, make them move."
- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

In the War of Imagination the Ragged Magi seek to protect these Secret Truths I discussed earlier.  They are part of an ancient order, and although they are deemed to be a fairytale by most, they are real.  They exist.  The Ragged Magi are not merely warriors, they are alchemists, poets and shamans; believing with unwavering ferocity in the prophecy contained within every single human soul, and other souls besides.  The Magi also have amid their ranks monsters and demons that have disavowed the horror of dominion and now fight to honor and protect human consciousness.  Have you ever felt like a kindly but mighty angel whispered a word of wisdom in your ear when you needed it most?  Perhaps the Ragged Magi were near.  Have you ever walked away from a potential catastrophe virtually unscathed?  Perhaps the Magi were quietly holding your hand.  Have you ever felt a calling for justice burning so deep within your heart that you would dedicate your life to it?  Perhaps you are a Sleeper Magi from the ranks of the Ragged, and perhaps you are beginning to awaken.

The Ragged Magi, like all true heroes, will do everything in their power to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.  Their weapons are Insight, Creativity and Fearlessness. They are armed to the teeth, and on your behalf they fight.  They stand on the Front Lines.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie
I've seen nightmare-things on the battlefield
Things that have scarred me for life

Can't you see that we are running out of time?
I am dying
But I will not die...

Lightning from other worlds cracks the midnight sky
Things are briefly illuminated
Angels and demons moving through the ruins of the old city
Dear God, I never imaged such a thing

Ok, I need to accept that I'm seriously injured
In body and in mind
How can I find the time to heal
When I am still forced to fight?

Fires from other universes are burning on the bluff
Strange heat scorches my dreamflesh
Things I barely understand are happening all around me
Impossible, hideous things

An angel finds my broken form lying in a deeper recess
And stems my blood, healing my mortal wounds with a single touch
She has the face of everyone I've ever known
And speaks to me in my secret language
Things are briefly illuminated
Dear God, I never imagined such such a thing

Ok, I begin to realize that I chose to fight this war
In the ruins of Imaginale, the First and Oldest City
How can I give up now
When I still believe in Love?

Can't you see that we are shifting space and time?
I am dying
But I will not die...

There is room in this world for revelation, transformation and Gnosis.  There is room for Mystery, Spirituality and open-source communication.  There is plenty of room for Love.  The ruins of Imaginale are slowly being rebuilt by the engineers and artisans among the Ragged Magi and other groups of benevolent entities.  A glorious Sun used to shine down upon the First and Oldest City; bathing the citizens of Imaginale in the otherworldly power of the Innermost Light.  It will do so again.  But first the city must be rebuilt -- dream by dream, story by story.  You are a fragment of the Innermost Sun, a glowing ember that has forgotten where it came from.  Or maybe you have not forgotten, and my words make you smile because you remember.  We are all Embers of the Innermost, struggling to recall, grasp and channel our Light.  The Ragged Magi remember this.  We were all fearless once, reveling in the passion of Never-Hide; the oath we swore to uphold.  We took this oath at the Gates of our City.  We still believe in its truth.  Humanity can prosper.  Love and Friendship and Storytelling are the oldest forms of magic.  We are the Warriors of Imaginale...and we will fight until our City has arisen once more.


  1. Absolutely shell-shocked over here! I, as well as others, are really starting to notice how much you're growing as a blogger. The videos this time blew me away, and the post was written excellently. :) can't wait to hear more from you and thanks for showing the world that the Ragged Magi are coming.. and we WILL fight for Love.

  2. You have really outdone yourself here my friend! We are applauding and smiling and fired up!!!! Haha! We are absolutely shell-shocked! Wonderful, Raj, really wonderful...we loved you guys being in the vids!!! Tell your lady she was awesome for us!

    I hope you really feel some accomplishment here, because this had to be a lot of work...speechless and gushing at the same time. Way to raise the bar man!!!! It's exciting and empowering indeed to watch and enjoy the evolution of your work and your growth and development as a creative force!

    Proud to know you! Power to the Ragged Magi! Strength and Victory to the Warriors of Imaginale!