Monday, 24 September 2012

Midnight Mystery Cult

At Amid Night Suns I try to convey to my readers that the concept of magic cannot simply be reduced to the status of mere fantasy, nor can it be explained away as the deluded belief-systems of primitive, 'uncivilized' cultures.  Rather, the idea of magic is something that throbs and pulses and breathes within our psychology and our art.  Magic exists everywhere, animating the dead letters of our poetry and prose into vehicles of communication and transformation.  It lives in our pop-culture and our emotional, qualitative states - sometimes it even creeps its way into our quantitative science.  This is because there is magic in storytelling, and it is through storytelling that ALL the aspects of our vast experience are negotiated. For the Lucid there is no denying the presence of magic and mystery in our world.


The Ragged Magi have always known of the reality of magic.  Many of us are from realms beyond this one. In ancient times, as now, the Magi worked tirelessly to liberate human consciousness from the dark forces that seek to ensure our perpetual enslavement.  It is a vast, complex undertaking - a spell-casting of immense proportions.  It requires discipline, patience and resilience.  This is the Gathering.  Bare witness to how the fire burns.


Art is a sigil and a crucible, a gateway into realms of unimaginable potential, realms that exist alongside our own, unseen by most human eyes.  In these unseen realms enemies and friends and guardians dwell.  Some of them wish to keep us in bondage, and some are already trying to set us free.  You can call on these beneficent forces to aid you in your art, in your magic-making.  We have gathered our materials.  We honor Love, Insight, Creativity and Passion.  We have seen how the fire burns.  We are Initiates, many.  This is the Invocation.  Bare witness to how the fire speaks.


To possess true power is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.  Power can be dangerous if it is not honored and channeled effectively.  Power can spill blood, topple empires and shatter entire worlds.  But power in the hands of an Initiate of the Innermost is used to defend, to protect, and to liberate.  To walk in unseen realms, and to understand them, requires a discipline and a respect that must be continually honed to a razor's edge.  If you are a Magi, a warrior, you fight only on Love's behalf.  You protect the children, the weak and wounded - and you never raise your swordhand unless absolutely necessary.  But when you do, you strike hard and fast.  This is the path of the Netherwalker.  Bare witness to how the fire walks.

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  1. This is really powerful inspiring stuff Raj! Let all with ears to hear and eyes to see watch and listen as the ranks of the Magi swell until the oppressors of humanity smell the stink of fear in their own sweat. "Bare witness to how the fire walks." Resistance is not futile!