Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Secret Sun: Doorway to Infinity

Finding the Light

Over the past several years Christopher Loring Knowles' incredible blog, The Secret Sun, has become an integral and illuminating part of my daily life.  I first found the blog fairly late into its history, in the winter of 2009, whilst searching YouTube for videos concerning the mythology of superheroes.  I found an interview that Chris had done discussing his seminal book Our Gods Wear Spandex.  Like a lightning bolt from the heavens, it was exactly what I was looking for.  I ate it up, fascinated by Knowles' insights into the interconnections between mythology, psychology and superheroes - and pop-culture in general.  I visited the blog occasionally, finding the posts to be particularly lucid and evocative.  But I had a lot going on at the time and didn't really delve deeply into everything the blog had to offer until early in 2010.  It was around that time that I realized that Chris Knowles was the author of The Complete X Files: Behind the Series, the Myths and the Movies, a book that I had recently purchased and treasured immediately.  As a die-hard X-Files fanatic, this seemed like a sign for me to wake up and start paying serious attention to this author's work.  So, having already bought and read Spandex I decided to delve head-first into all the content available on The Secret Sun.  And so began a course of events that has changed my life in profound ways over the course of the last three years.

Sigil and Speak

Since I was a child I've had a deep interest in all fringe subjects; an almost all-consuming interest, you might say.  I was fascinated by ufology, conspiracies, the occult, psychology, metaphysics and mysticism, as well as being a huge Sci-Fi and Horror fan.  I suppose from a young age I was drawn to dark or mysterious subject matter, having a certain darkness and mystery occurring in my own private life.  Ultimately, I was trying to understand myself and my own strange experiences.  But despite having a somewhat Gothic artistic sensibility I was always conscious of never taking that side of myself too seriously.  I tried to hold on to the fun and wonder and  occasional silliness that I was also capable of.  I realized that trying to balance the Light and Dark within my own personality was something that would be difficult but ultimately rewarding.  I realized that Chris Knowles' blog was able to help me do this in a very immediate and satisfying way.  Here was a writer who had very similar perspectives and viewpoints to myself, saying and writing things that spoke to me on a very deep level.  Later I realized that Chris and I both had experience of a powerful dream-image of a Sun in the night sky - some strange portent of hidden meaning.  I suddenly recalled that imagery concerning a strange sun and its secrets had been following me around my whole life, or conversely, I had been drawn to it my whole life.

A Star at Midnight

I remembered that I had written a short-story for my English class back in high school, entitled The Midnight Sun...the plot of which involved mysterious and sinister men in long dark coats who arrived when the sun appeared at night.  These entities were able to stop time, and skulk about the city of London while this eerie Midnight Sun shone overhead.  It was only due to Chris Knowles' work at The Secret Sun that I realized my short-story was a strange foreshadowing of the movie Dark City.  I was amazed to realize that, despite loving that movie, I had never recognized the connection between my childhood story and the later film.  Chris' work had jogged something lose in my mind and I was stunned by the connections I began to see.  What was I to make of all this?  I realized that I needed to boil it all down to its most fundamental essence.  For some reason I was resonating on strange levels with this blog, a body of work that I considered to be on the cutting-edge of the alternative research field.  The brave and warrior-like thing to do would be to try supporting this blog in any way I could.  I felt like Christopher Knowles and I had both experienced the liminal light of an impossible night-time sun, and the secrets it implied.  We were both  almost literally amid night suns.  And so, my own blog was born out of a respect and admiration for the work that Chris has done.

The Warrior's Way

I consider Amid Night Suns to be a brother to The Secret Sun.  While my own blog and video content has a somewhat darker aesthetic, I have tried to refract the light of the Secret Sun through my own intellectual and spiritual prism.  This is the best kind of support I can hope to give, not to simply re-frame somebody else's hard work, but to filter those thoughts, ideas and atmospheres through my own striving towards lucidity and insight.  I hope I am at least occasionally successful in my attempts, because The Secret Sun has set the bar incredibly high in terms of exploring pop-culture and mythology for the pearls of Gnosis hidden within.  And now that Christopher Loring Knowles is closing an important chapter in the history of The Secret Sun, I hope I can continue to tend and stoke the alchemical fires that he began.  Ultimately my philosophy is very grounded and do-it-yourself, a philosophy that I believe Christopher Knowles shares: if you seek change, become the change.  Don't expect others to leave a better world in your wake if you stand by and do nothing.  If you meet friends who are fighting for values you believe in, then stand beside them and support them to the very end.  I never imagined that a blog could have such a profound effect on my life, but The Secret Sun has evolved and empowered me as an individual and an artist, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

[EMT] Experimental Midnight Technology


The Spirit Interface: A uniquely designed, state-of-the-art conduit system that opens an electromagnetic gateway into trans-dimensional space, or what Magi-Class users often refer to colloquially as 'dreamtime' or the 'Imaginale Continuum'.  The user is then able move within that space in a fully lucid state of consciousness.

The Imaginale Continuum entry-portal


The Pulse Mainframe: A holographic Intelligence Network existing in trans-dimensional space.  Akin to a non-physical supercomputer of infinite storage-capacity, the mainframe houses the collective a-temporal experiences and dreams of every possible sentient being in existence.  Magi-Class users often refer to it colloquially as the 'Akasha'.

An electromagnetic representation of the Pulse Mainframe


The Insurrection Prototype: A Lucidity Acceleration system designed and coded specifically for human use, the first of its kind. Malevolent non-human entities are unable to activate and utilize this particular system.  Users have reported feeling spiritually empowered and inspired after activating the prototype.  Magi-Class users have begun referring to it colloquially as the 'Sigil'.    

The Insurrection Prototype's acceleration avatar


Monday, 22 October 2012

The Fall And Rise Of Human


It is my belief that the depths human potential are not very well understood in this modern age.  These days we seem only to believe what our physical senses can tell us.  Unless we can touch, taste, smell, hear and see it we assume that it does not exist.  We think we are realists because of this conviction, not so easily fooled by flights of fancy - and yet many of us are also monumental narcissists.  We seem to believe only in the material whilst simultaneously assuming that our selves (i.e. our egos) are the most amazing things to grace the Earth.  I think this belies a fundamental schism in the human psyche.  It is my belief that we have never really lost this suspicion that we are powerful, dynamic and magical creatures, yet we are also the victims of some mysterious ancient trauma that still leave us with psychological scars even today.  In our anger and fear at being brutalized since birth by the savageries of survival, we make a fetish of our loss of innocence.  We will not be made fools of, we tell ourselves.  We will no longer believe in silly fairytales.  And yet we do still believe.  Even if our science and skepticism and atheism holds sway in our public lives, in our private spaces we indulge our suspicions of magick and mystery.  I think that this situation is indicative of a Fall.  I think we all suspect, somewhere in the back of our minds, that we were once Great; that we were indeed magical creatures capable of impossible things.  But something happened to us, something disturbing enough to cause such a rift in our understanding of ourselves.  Somehow we fell from grace.

But we are not simply fallen, sinful and corrupt creatures forever divorced from the light of God.  No, we are spiritual entities composed of magick and mystery and surprise.  It is my belief that the human race is now standing at the center of a Crossroads, that we are passing through a Cusp Event that will delineate what our consciousness will become in our futures.  I believe this is a pivotal moment in human history.  Of course, all men believe they are living through a pivotal moment in human history, that their time was somehow different and full of portent - and perhaps they are all correct.  We can only perceive from our individuated perspectives, and at this level of reality life is a constantly shifting maelstrom of burning importance.  These are our lives, after all.  Perhaps every moment in space-time is a crossroads, a Cusp Event.  Perhaps that is how the Infinite organizes itself - a dangerous quest full of multiplicity and subjectivity, wrapped around a divine choice.  Supposing these words have some truth to them, what then?  What do we choose?  Do we choose to live in the schism as broken, contradictory and pathological creatures, or do we face our darkness and recognize the Fall?  Because if we did indeed fall from some magical, more complete state of being, it must also be possible to Rise.  This is what art and story and mythology can do for us - help us to recognize that the uplift of the human spirit truly is possible.  And we do not need to deny our darkness to achieve this Rise.  No, we need only embrace the best of our darkness and cast the rest aside.  We can keep what makes us tempered, strong and hungry for change.  

At Amid Night Suns I try to show my readers that these are not merely empty words I write.  I live by them, and I try to embody them in my experiences and in the art that I share with you.  I make many, many mistakes...I can be harsh and intense and sometimes destructive, but I try to never be cruel, or heartless.  I try to embrace my vulnerabilities in the same way I embrace my strengths, because I believe that this kind of self-honesty and synthesis on a personal level is an expedient way to get closer to The Rise of Human.  And this is what I want for my fellow kith and kin...for us to throw off our shackles and realize that there is art and knowledge and friendship out there, things that pulse with divine light.  I want people to remember that they were indeed once Great, and that they can be Great once more.  It all starts with a choice.  And remember, there are entities out there trying to enable and empower you personally - entities you don't even know exist.  You are not and have never been alone.  You have hidden friends everywhere, urging you to Rise.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Night in the Life

Amid Night Suns has come to mean more to me than I ever could have imagined.  Not because I believe this blog is capable of changing things in major, dramatic ways - but because I've seen how my work has touched or affected people in small, subtle ways.  That is enough for me.  Furthermore, this blog is a place where I can at least TRY to make a small difference.  And that's integral; the trying, the attempt.  Choosing to ignore our cynicism and attempting to do good - to spread insight, creativity and inspiration - is an act of bravery as far as I'm concerned.  By putting our work and thoughts out there leaves us vulnerable to attack, but it simultaneously makes us stronger.  Because we are choosing to believe, choosing to put our money where are mouths are and walking the walk.  The life of a warrior is never easy, on the literal or imaginative battlefield, but we fight because at the end of the day we believe our values are worth fighting for.

At Night the Magi come alive...and we breathe divine fire.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Friday, 5 October 2012

Midnight Mystery Cult: Shadow and Light

I've always been fascinated by psychology, especially Jungian and depth psychology.  I think one of the main reasons for my fascination is that Jungian interpretations of the Psyche especially tend to view the realm of consciousness as an almost self-sustaining, constantly shifting artistic expression.  I'm a big believer in the idea that our search for meaning in our experiences governs many of our choices, both good and bad.  Because we are subjective creatures, forever contained  within our own self-awareness, I think we attempt to make sense of our experiences in much the same way as we try to make sense of Art.  I think this isn't simply because it's the only strategy we have available to us.  Rather, I suspect it is because on some deep level we recognize that the universe itself is built on artistic principles.  Despite our modern faith in Science, I think most humans recognize that there is a fundamental, primal aspect of human experience that can only be explained adequately through an artistic medium.  I think we find evidence of this in the odd feelings, synchronicity and bizarre brushes with the 'unseen' that each human being has at least some experience of.

My whole life I've been fascinated by the darker aspects of life, and what the psychologist Carl Jung called the Shadow, because I sensed intuitively that there was great meaning and opportunities for wisdom there. Here are two quotes from Jung that express my general view of our connections to our Shadows.

"The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge."

   - Aion (1951). 

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. If an inferiority is conscious, one always has a chance to correct it. Furthermore, it is constantly in contact with other interests, so that it is continually subjected to modifications. But if it is repressed and isolated from consciousness, it never gets corrected. 

   - Psychology and Religion (1938).

I believe that becoming cognizant of the Shadow aspect of our own consciousness is vital, on an individual and collective level.  But also we need to recognize that true Shadow Work is dangerous and not to be taken lightly.  To negotiate with such primal energies requires a measure of discipline and insight before ever entering into such terrain.  With this in mind, I present to you a map that will hopefully be of use to you in such an Underworld voyage.

Once you have returned from the depths of the Shadow - with the gifts of insight, self-knowledge and renewed vigor - it is important to remind yourself of the intricacies and subtleties of Light.  After such a deep, dark excursion it is important to bathe yourself in artistic, psychological and social Light.  It is a much-needed cleansing, that will allow you to more fully utilize and apply the sacred knowledge that the Shadow bequeathed to you.  This is Magick.  This is the Midnight Mystery Cult.