Monday, 22 October 2012

The Fall And Rise Of Human


It is my belief that the depths human potential are not very well understood in this modern age.  These days we seem only to believe what our physical senses can tell us.  Unless we can touch, taste, smell, hear and see it we assume that it does not exist.  We think we are realists because of this conviction, not so easily fooled by flights of fancy - and yet many of us are also monumental narcissists.  We seem to believe only in the material whilst simultaneously assuming that our selves (i.e. our egos) are the most amazing things to grace the Earth.  I think this belies a fundamental schism in the human psyche.  It is my belief that we have never really lost this suspicion that we are powerful, dynamic and magical creatures, yet we are also the victims of some mysterious ancient trauma that still leave us with psychological scars even today.  In our anger and fear at being brutalized since birth by the savageries of survival, we make a fetish of our loss of innocence.  We will not be made fools of, we tell ourselves.  We will no longer believe in silly fairytales.  And yet we do still believe.  Even if our science and skepticism and atheism holds sway in our public lives, in our private spaces we indulge our suspicions of magick and mystery.  I think that this situation is indicative of a Fall.  I think we all suspect, somewhere in the back of our minds, that we were once Great; that we were indeed magical creatures capable of impossible things.  But something happened to us, something disturbing enough to cause such a rift in our understanding of ourselves.  Somehow we fell from grace.

But we are not simply fallen, sinful and corrupt creatures forever divorced from the light of God.  No, we are spiritual entities composed of magick and mystery and surprise.  It is my belief that the human race is now standing at the center of a Crossroads, that we are passing through a Cusp Event that will delineate what our consciousness will become in our futures.  I believe this is a pivotal moment in human history.  Of course, all men believe they are living through a pivotal moment in human history, that their time was somehow different and full of portent - and perhaps they are all correct.  We can only perceive from our individuated perspectives, and at this level of reality life is a constantly shifting maelstrom of burning importance.  These are our lives, after all.  Perhaps every moment in space-time is a crossroads, a Cusp Event.  Perhaps that is how the Infinite organizes itself - a dangerous quest full of multiplicity and subjectivity, wrapped around a divine choice.  Supposing these words have some truth to them, what then?  What do we choose?  Do we choose to live in the schism as broken, contradictory and pathological creatures, or do we face our darkness and recognize the Fall?  Because if we did indeed fall from some magical, more complete state of being, it must also be possible to Rise.  This is what art and story and mythology can do for us - help us to recognize that the uplift of the human spirit truly is possible.  And we do not need to deny our darkness to achieve this Rise.  No, we need only embrace the best of our darkness and cast the rest aside.  We can keep what makes us tempered, strong and hungry for change.  

At Amid Night Suns I try to show my readers that these are not merely empty words I write.  I live by them, and I try to embody them in my experiences and in the art that I share with you.  I make many, many mistakes...I can be harsh and intense and sometimes destructive, but I try to never be cruel, or heartless.  I try to embrace my vulnerabilities in the same way I embrace my strengths, because I believe that this kind of self-honesty and synthesis on a personal level is an expedient way to get closer to The Rise of Human.  And this is what I want for my fellow kith and kin...for us to throw off our shackles and realize that there is art and knowledge and friendship out there, things that pulse with divine light.  I want people to remember that they were indeed once Great, and that they can be Great once more.  It all starts with a choice.  And remember, there are entities out there trying to enable and empower you personally - entities you don't even know exist.  You are not and have never been alone.  You have hidden friends everywhere, urging you to Rise.


  1. Just words....yet such bravery. I know exactly what you mean...since boyhood I sensed this "greatness," but I couldn't see it. In my academic circles, to speak of a Golden Age, or catastrophic events preceding a species wide amnesia and trauma is heretical at best. They will deny the existence of the archetypes, yet still pose explanations for them which support their fallacies of false consequence. When the answers don't satisfy the questions...the questions persist, if only privately as you say.

    I have conversed with many lately that deny the existence of the shadow, and deny the lessons it has to teach along with it's ability to guide, because they read in a 'holy' book that says it isn't so. While they were nestled up with their electric blankets, I was living and experiencing first hand what they were 'reading' didn't exist. I'm not sure what fascinates me most...the ones who have become so deluded as to believe books trump genuine experience, or the ones who pick the book because they believe me a liar. No matter, this is my truth, and I'll not be fooled.

    Keep rolling it around my friend, keep creating, keep inspiring, continue to hope, because sooner or later, the whole story will have changed. If we all read the same books, think the same thoughts, make the same observations continually, how then are we to make new discoveries, or rediscover what has been lost?

    Your work is a visual feast and fertilizer for the mind!

    Rock on! ~ Dave

  2. Yes you're right Raj human beings are not what they may appear to be. The atheists have got it exactly back to front. Mind is pre-eminent not matter. Matter is a phenomenon within mind. If matter were pre-eminent then the laws of physics would be encapsulated in every physical object making each object a self contained universe. But nothing can be seperate from reality. The laws of physics belong to reality not matter. I believe certain secret societies call this "the construct".

    A human being should try to perceive the world as themselves, in an intuitive way, as a form of information. As zen teacher Richard Rose once said "Does a man think or does he conjure".

  3. Again your words amaze and offer redefine the understanding of humility. The last answer brings back to mind questions on matter, but does it matter? The essance of an individual, alone and worried arms themselves with anything that they might identify as a strength; to support the their cause. Unfortunatly we do not have evidence that we were once part of somthing Great, and faith must concor the fear. I have always questioned faith, how does one dedicate their understanding of what matters, take the leap of faith and truley belive. I maintained to understand the message by isolating it to myslef, but I understand that I must communicate it. Those who can do those who cant teach, I see how manipulative an individuals thoughts can derail efforts to allign and piece together this puzzle.