Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Ragged Rebellion

We are living in a world that claims to be just, fair and democratic - and yet our world is full of injustice, intolerance and barely-veiled fascism.  The corporate elites lie and cheat and defraud the entire globe, and are caught doing so, but are allowed to escape punishment behind a smokescreen of laws and regulations.  Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see that we are not living in a fair or just society.  The oligarchy squeeze every last penny and dime out of those who need it most, because it suits their purposes to do so.  They are continuously widening the gulf between the Haves and Have-Nots; cultivating a shiny global serfdom for the 21st century.  We are intended to be the serfs, begging for scraps at the Master's feet.  And while we are down on our knees before them, they intend for us to do other things too.

But what we are witnessing right now goes beyond a perverse widening of the gulf between the rich and poor.  We are seeing the methodical slaughter of rigor, insight and discernment right before our eyes.  And still, many of us pretend that we are blind to it...that we cannot see it.  This is a dangerous game to play, an apathy that could have terrible consequences for our children and our children's children.  Do we really want to go down this path?  Are we going to let the oligarchs wage a War of Imagination against us and not fight back?  Where is our resistance?  Of course, I know that there are pockets of resistance all across the world - people who are fighting tooth and nail to resist the zombification of our consciousness.  

But many more need to join these ranks of dissent if we are to have a real shot at defeating all this corruption and mindlessness.  Those of us who are aware and discerning need to do everything we can to ensure others are given a chance to also awaken from their slumber.   Each new member of this rebellion can then feed their intellectual and spiritual fires into the collective resistance.  I'm only thirty-three years old, but I'm clear-sighted enough to realize that a single individual CAN make a difference.  I've seen how when a mainstream person is finally awoken to the travesties all around them, an explosion of unexpected insight and creativity can often come pouring from the very heart of them.  I've seen the presence and effect of personal empowerment.  A Multitude is simply many individuals standing together.

And we the Ragged Magi stand with you.  We are often hidden in the shadows of your dreams, tempting the predators away from you and guiding you towards integration.  We fight the monsters and demons and Old Ones that hunt in Psyche's Shadow.  We protect you any way that we can - through whispered words in your ear, through unexpected surges of strength and clarity, through movies and music, through blog posts and videos like the ones found here at Amid Night Suns.  Mostly it's a thankless task, as circumstances dictate that we must often move unseen, unacknowledged.  And yet I feel as though the presence of the Ragged Magi and other benevolent entities are felt more keenly than ever in this realm.  Yes, we are living through incredibly dark times, but there are countless fragments of light glittering in that darkness like stars in the night.  And each one of those stars glows with the Innermost Light.  I hope you are one of these stars, one of these embers from the heart of the Midnight Sun.  Love and Beauty and Passion are all worth fighting for.  In times such as these we must love fiercely, we must perceive more keenly, and we must resist this War being waged on our minds.  Bombs and guns can maim and kill, but the elites real weapons in this war are figurative.  The control of association and context, sleight-of-hand, linguistic evasiveness, and a belief that we the people will sit by and do nothing - that we will pretend we do not see what is happening all around us.

But I for one DO see, as I'm sure you do too.  And I am not a mindless drone, I am not a zombie, I am not a hateful, selfish creature.  I am Magi, Ragged.  Is there a Warrior sleeping in you?  Or is that Warrior already wide awake?  Never lose faith in the majesty and ferocity of the human spirit.  It is God, Love, is the very essence of all of us.  This is my declaration.

This is the Rebellion.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Night Watchman

At Amid Night Suns one of my main goals is to illuminate dark or challenging subject matter, illuminating it with a certain kind of intellectual and artistic insight.  Whether I succeed more often than I fail is up to you to decide.  I'm well aware that my work is not for everyone, but it is sincere and heartfelt.  I feel that we're at a strange time in our society, a confusing period of transition.  I'm not certain what we as a collective are transitioning into, or what fruits and labors await us there.  All I know is that each of us needs to give the best of what we can accomplish.  There is still a war happening all around us, a war for our minds and hearts.  A War of Imagination can be very time-intensive and emotionally draining, but we must continue to fight.  And when I say fight I mean we must continue to counter lies with truth, deception with insight, and stagnation with creativity.

In short, we must evolve.  Evolution in ink and deed.  We all have a part to play.  As a writer it's my job to delve into the deepest parts of the psyche and return with Gnosis and storytelling.  And as one of the Ragged Magi it is my duty to share holy secrets that others have been blinded to.  One of these secrets is the fact that the figurative realms also have their own spheres of autonomy.  Dreams imagine us as much as we imagine dreams.  It is my duty to remind people that everything is connected.  There are secrets hiding in words and images and perceptions.  Hopefully I can help people to harness these secrets and use them to empower themselves and others.

I believe that while the world seems to be getting ever darker, there is also a counter-current of political, artistic and spiritual resistance that is growing in this world.  I am trying to use my own methods to help add to this counter-current in incremental ways.  I believe this Resistance is slowly becoming able to perceive the non-local aspects of this reality - the pulsed frequencies, unseen dimensions and various intelligences that dwell therein.  We are living through a time that asks that we find ways to sustain our creativity, find ways to continually look with fresh perspectives.  Perhaps then we can see what is right before our eyes, and realize that our world is far more exotic, dangerous and magical than we were previously willing to believe.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Broadcast

[Begin Transmission...]

Through endless frequencies
Through a sea of oscillating dreams
The understanding that nothing is what it seems
They took our rapture and sold it back
They turned up the dissonance so we could not hear
A signal resounding loud and clear
Of secrets buried
Of realms unknown
Of power hidden beneath the stone
They took it all away
It came to that and it comes to this
A rebellion rising with a stolen kiss
We take it back
We stand here now
We shall not break or bend or bow
And all this too shall come to pass
A freedom glimpsed through midnight glass
The quake and quicken
Of a rising cry
We will not kneel and we will not die

[End Transmission...]