Saturday, 22 December 2012

As We Live And Breathe

Seasons Greetings from Amid Night Suns.  Here we are on the cusp of 2013; the Winter Solstice of December 21st came and went and the world still stands, albeit in pretty bad shape.  Doomsday obviously did not come to pass, but why worry about the destruction of the material realm when the internal, psychic realm is already in ruins?  A certain kind of apocalypse has already occurred in the realm of Imagination, and it has left our internal worlds devastated for generations now.  Take a long, hard look at the world around you.  What do you see?  Even in the last few decades the human race seems to be galloping towards a determined forfeit of its own natural sovereignty.  There were those who believed that the end of 2012 would mark the end of civilization itself, and others who believed it would usher a new age of evolved, higher consciousness.  Neither of these things have come to pass.

While I accept the fact that the world is trembling on the brink of disaster, I do not perceive it as the kind of material disaster that the doom-mongers were pushing.  I foresee the culmination of a spiritual disaster that began some time ago and is gathering force with each passing day, and it has little to do with the sky falling or the seas rising.  Instead, this spiritual apocalypse has to do with the nullification of our insight, reason and acuity -- in short, the pathologizing of our consciousness.  Although our monuments and landmarks are still standing, our children might inherit a psychologically ruined world.  The elites intend us to become petty, hateful deviants fighting among each other for the scraps thrown out by the Masters -- and we are already halfway there, aren't we?  But I am here to tell you that I still believe in a beneficent and glorious future for humankind.  But this potential future is dependent on enough people taking it upon themselves to raise their own consciousness, and human consciousness in general.  We must become adept at discerning lies from truth, appreciating subtlety, nuance and context, and, most important of all, we must cultivate the fearlessness to speak our truth and not tow the line.  Such a line was placed there for the sole purpose of circumscribing our lucidity.  There are no easy fixes where lucidity is concerned.  It requires trial and error, comparative analysis and patience.  It is a process rather than an attainable goal, and therein lies its awesome power.


While our world still stands, our hearts and our dreamscapes are shattered.  We live in a world of unimaginable violence, each of us dealing with our own internal apocalypse.  Sometimes we harden our hearts because of the things and loves we have lost, and a certain amount of hardness is unfortunately necessary in this brutal world.  But we must never deny our vulnerability, or close ourselves off to spirit and magic and mystery.  Our loved ones, both past and present, don't want us to live a barren life rummaging through the rubble of a shattered passion.  Instead, they wish that we would rise and become all that we are intended to be -- a magical, passionate entity that honors the truth, protects the weak and wounded, and fights daily to transform grief and apathy into hope.  The fallen beloved are not lost.  They walk beside us, unseen and sometimes seen.  They pray for our spiritual emancipation, as we live and breathe.


Sometimes our world feels so dark that we seem to absorb the bitterness and anger through some kind of psychic osmosis.  When we are able to gather enough awareness to notice this is happening, our hearts feel heavy and we feel ashamed that we let the darkness in.  But we are only human, and we must realize that our Shadows are there for a reason -- to guard against deep darkness, rather than encouraging it.  Our Shadows act as a kind of spiritual-hygiene litmus test, urging us to delve into the underworld of psyche and seek further integration.  In those instances we must look at what we deny, suppress or secretly desire.  The Shadow seeks to make us more whole.  But the Shadow is not the same thing as the Hate that seems in ascendancy in our world right now.  Such hate is the province of mercenaries, killers and psychopaths, and has no redeeming or transformative capacity.  This is because Hate is the twisted evil twin of Love, not the absence of Love.  It is an imperious, dehumanizing energy.  In short, hate seeks to enslave our consciousness rather than set it free.  But there is a power that Love can give us that is capable of immolating Hate in a blaze of Innermost Light.  The Gnostics often implied that this Realm of Archons was indeed the realm that Hate made.  But there are other worlds and other possibilities just beyond the horizons of our imaginations, as we live and breathe.


So, what is the message that I want to leave with my readers in this particular post?  That Life is sacred, powerful and unimaginably magical -- and that such power trumps all the forms of hate, surrender and death-worship that we see everywhere in our world right now.  For me, life is synonymous with passion, creativity and joy.  We can imagine new ways of perceiving and experiencing this world, and in doing so we can rewrite the figurative music that provides atmosphere to our existences.   At Amid Night Suns I work very hard to practice what I preach in terms of creativity and the healing potentials of Art.  Thankfully, I'm not alone in this effort.  There are others out there who believe as I do, in the ferocity of the human spirit.  Some people call this power God, Genius, Love, Beauty, Insight...but for me they are all variations on the same basic principle -- the principle of Life. You are connected to the Innermost Light of this life principle, and if used effectively it can help you to cultivate lucidity and guide you towards a destiny that in your bravest moments you dared to hope for.  You are the embodiment of Life, as you live and breathe.


  1. Seasons Greetings Raj! This is such a powerful post! Words of wisdom for the end of the year, and words of life for the beginning of the new year. Once again, your unique style has combined to propel your work to a whole different level. This post resonates right to the bone, bro! Watching your skill with vids as it has developed has been nothing less than a visual, mental, and auditory feast. My sword is pulled and held skyward, and you can count on me standing next to you, as you continue to draw the lucid line. Fantastic stuff! Blessings to you and Sarah now and in the future. It's my pleasure to know and support an artist like yourself who spreads strength, honor, love, and empowerment. Keep raising the vibration! I'm excited about 2013! Onward Ragged Magi!

  2. I just wanted to say thanks, learning for looking in and applying feelings gained. Some people imagine, or pretend to to be something better and use that as a courage builder. Sometime after the pretending goes away you have nothing but that event, but sometimes you realize that that power to imaging that confidence came from the little fait that it could be. Faith is funny, sometimes unknow or unrecognised or hidden; but it is inside ready when you can call it out, fill you up, take up the space of emptyness and power you up with hope. Faith alows the light to live and return! Look around there are always speark the search to shed light or seek to reveal