Thursday, 13 December 2012

Cities On The Sun

As anyone who visits Amid Night Suns regularly will be well aware, the video content that I create for this blog is very time-intensive and complicated.  I spend hours sourcing, editing, and re-editing material, as well as the time taken to write the posts themselves and the prose delivered within the videos.  I've made over 170 of them in the last two and a half years - all directly inspired by Christopher Loring Knowles' exemplary work over on his cultural blog The Secret Sun, and more recently The Solar Satellite.  Why am I still doing this two and a half years later when only a handful of people subscribe to this blog or bother to leave comments?  I'm still doing this because I'm following Chris Knowles' example, and I am trying to set an example myself.  There are too many people in this world who are happy to sit back and not raise their voices when they see injustice all around them.  I am not one of those people.  I have always tried to speak the truth as best as I understand it...I've always tried to speak up on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, or those whose voices are deliberately ignored.

For me, the past two and a half years have been a very rapid learning process and evolution as a writer and artist, and also as a human being.  I found Christopher Knowles' blog The Secret Sun at a crucial period in my life, and it was directly responsible for steering my life onto a more satisfying path.  I hope I can continue to pay it forward by replicating a similar honesty and bravery in my own work.  Empowerment is the core manifesto of the work I do here at Amid Night Suns.  I hope that you, dear reader, feel the truth of this.  I hope that you are engaged, excited, provoked and empowered by the content I provide here.  If not, then I have failed.  But I will keep going in the hope that something in my writing or videos strikes a chord and helps you to feel more connected, awake and dynamic than you did previously.

For me, the image of the sun is a multi-faceted symbol shaded with nuance and various subtle meanings.  It is not simply a vast sphere of burning gas at the centre of our system.  It is also indicative of an ancient lost secret that teases and hints to us through various forms of sub-communication.  In my art I often conflate the actual sun with a poetic Midnight Sun - an internal, imaginary sun that exists at the heart of our own personal dreamscapes.  This internal sun is what I sometimes refer to as the Innermost Light; the source of truth, mystery, perception and experience.  Others have referred to it as God, but I usually try to avoid this religious terminology to guard against a short-sighted or selective perspective; the whole "My God is bigger than your God" nonsense that humans seem so fond of.  I would much rather explore the connections and resonances of the divine in a visionary, artistic context.


It is my suspicion that the symbol of the X is at least as old as human culture itself, and perhaps even older in our perception if time.  I believe the X is a very loaded and powerful symbol, many of the resonances of which are now lost to us.  I think the X denotes the sun (both external and internal), as well as being evocative of the physical/spiritual continuum through which we experience our own self-awareness.  I believe that the X connotes the mysterious process of cognition itself - the incalculable realms beneath everything we see and know, that yet give rise to our individuality.  For me, the X is symbolic of the Forge of Alchemy in this War of Imagination.


I think one of the most sacred goals of any alchemical or magickal practice is the transmuting of Self into Spirit, or, perhaps more accurately, the transmuting of Ignorance into Gnosis.  Whether your worldview is more Gnostic or Hermetic in nature, or a blending of both, it would be very difficult to slight a perspective that has self-actualization, emancipation and compassion as its main goals.  That is what I'm attempting here in my own little way.  I want to make the heart more bold, more intelligent, and more wise.  Without this heart I believe that all intellectual endeavours are doomed to failure.  But if you really put your heart into your work and your seeking of truth then you can have a thousand flaws and make a thousand mistakes, because your intent is true and just - and by simple virtue of that fact you are aligning yourself more closely with what you seek.  There are times when I am able to catch glimpses of things before they happen, a strange kind of atmospheric pre-cognition.  This information usually comes to me indirectly, through odd insights, feelings and moods.  You can believe or disbelieve this if you want, but because of this ability I feel a certain responsibility to do what I can to protect our future - to protect the best of what human consciousness has to offer.  I feel it is a warrior's duty.  


We are truly living in a War of Imagination, where Archonic forces, neo-fascist elites and petty oppressors are continually attempting to subvert and remove our natural power.  They attempt to steal pieces of our minds, hearts and souls - and what they cannot steal they pervert, or attempt to nullify.  We must resist this occupation of our consciousness.  Our consciousness is the sum totality of our imaginations; the parts that speak, think, feel, dream and fantasize, as well as the silent and unseen parts of ourselves that conduct strange work beneath our ability to recognize them.

Imaginale is one of the many names for the First and Oldest City - a vast internal city of Light, and sometimes Darkness.  There are those among the human race who fight to defend it from occupiers and colonists.  Although my language to describe this realm may be somewhat poetic and ethereal, the threats that it faces are very real, grounded and ever-present.  There are forces out there that seek to enslave, dehumanize and spiritually rape us - and I for one will not stand back and let this happen.  Not without a fight - the fight of my life.  Dear reader, you have a great power dwelling in you.  This power can help you create art and influences and changes in this world that are akin to miracles.  It is still possible to discover just who and what you really are - Freedom and Magick Incarnate.  Let it be known, here and now, that there are cities on the sun.  Cities of mystery and potential, composed of divine fire.  If you stand and fight for Truth, Love and Honor these cities will embrace you - and transform you.


  1. Hi Raj, I agree that there is great power in these simplest of shapes- the X the spiral the circle the square. We can imbue them with our meaning and we can take them back. We can make them clean. We can make them a gift to others and not a weapon against them. They are the vehicles of truth love and honor.

  2. Your word smithing is always improving,imho.Your opinion rings true to me, most always. Keep on investigating the mystic in your minds eye. Dennis

  3. Raj, you continue to amaze me with the artistic way you convey your message of love with the world. Your last video, "Imaginale" really struck me. Brilliant, keep up the good work, I'll try to check in regularly with Amid Night Suns.

  4. Imaginale...truly a city worth fighting for! A prize to focus on as the darkness reaches it's peak...a rock to build from as the light rises.