Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Midnight's Cabaret: REDRUM


Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening.  Welcome Back to the cabaret.  As always, I am the Master of Ceremonies; your humble host - Midnight.  

If you enjoyed our first extravaganza fantastique, then know that you are in good hands.  We have more red-lit thrills, chills and spills planned for you tonight! Our delectable girls will take you by the hand and lead you into realms unknown.

So once again, Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back and relax.  Light your cigarettes and cigars, and raise your glasses of claret.  Let the lights dim and your minds run red.  The Midnight Palace will take good care of you tonight, very good care indeed!

Come One, Come All!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Apostles of Arcana

My mind is thunder, blood and semen
I am just a friendly demon
Can’t you hear?
Your heart is screaming

You’re just a puppet, but fuck it, because I’ll cut all your strings
I’m here to tell you that you’re made for bigger things
I smoke Light and chill on silver shores
Prowling hallways, protecting doors
This is my life, it’s not yours

Don’t be so quick to judge
I’m a genius and will not budge
But I’m trying to help you, man
There’s still time so devise a plan

I’m not your enemy, I’m your long lost brother
Don’t judge Midnight by his cover
I know it hurts, but it works
They take another pass
The universe is beserk and made of coloured glass

Buy low, sell high
I know
You try
But they’re dragging you across the sky

My friend, can’t you see?
Mythology is history
They eat souls
And you’re the cream
They get off
When you scream

They wish to bend you twist you
It’s how they all attack
Snipping roses, they kissed you
They want to break your back

My mind is thunder, blood and semen
I’m just a lonely demon
Can’t you hear; your heart is screaming
I think we might be dreaming

I think we might be dreaming...

They want to taste you and disgrace you
And drink you dry
They will erase you and replace you
With a bitter sky

Your smile is frosted with the glucose of kill
You should be running, but you’re standing still
They’re gonna catch you and attach you
To the endless suck
You are the prey of hidden things
Yet you don’t give a fuck

You’re so sweet
You’re so sweet

Good enough to eat
Good enough to eat

I’m not the one of which you need to beware
The vampires have noticed you
And they’re beginning to share

It’s frightening, can’t you see their lust unfurl?
They’ll find you, unwind you
And ride you like a little girl

The sweet savoured kill
Of your blood, pain and strife
I hope you realize that I’m saving your life

You deserve more than this, my love

The penny is about to drop
This is my Imaginal Agitprop
There’s gold in those hills
But you’re not worth a fraction
I’m just trying to inspire you to action

Because I watch you falling to the edge of your decay
Keep your eyes open
Attune your ears to the soft-spoken
Their black magick can eclipse the dead
Your electron has slipped its thread

This is your event horizon
The flesh destroys
The ghosts enliven
The monkey, the man, the gun
Are you having fun?

Did you know you were born in a dreaming volcano?

We are the Apostles of Arcana....

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Children of Magi

Welcome back to Amid Night Suns.  Dear reader, lest you think that the content I provide here is unrelentingly Gothic and grim, I'd like to offer you something more uplifting.  Like all my videos produced for this blog it still has some darker atmospheres, but it was fashioned with with a lighter touch and with the intent of a warm spiritual uplift in mind.  I talk on the blog a lot about the Ragged Magi; a benevolent order of hooded mystics, alchemists and magickal warriors, who fight daily to protect the human/divine imagination from the monsters, demons and old ones that stalk in Psyche's shadow.  But I wanted to impress upon you that the ranks of the Ragged are vast, and some of us are not what you might expect.  But we are among you nonetheless, and we fight on your behalf.


Since our world is so full of sinister, enslaving forces I believe it is important to provide a counterpoint, an awareness that there are others in this world who have made it their mission to negate these sinister forces and fight daily for Truth, Insight, Love and Compassion.  Remember, your heart is a powerful star in an endless blackness - a figurative sun capable of all kinds of magick and mystery.  It is the source of your passion and lifeforce.  If it serves you better to instead refer to this Midnight Sun as God, Christ, Allah or Wisdom, that is fine - since I believe that when all is said and done these different terms are interchangeable. Just remember that we are essentially speaking of the same thing; the divine countenance that birthed you and wishes you to fulfil your spiritual potential.  Welcome to the Fourfold City.  Let your hearts burn with the flames of Truth and Justice, and stand and fight against those that would extinguish such flames.  


Even amid an internal, apocalyptic dreamscape, all is not lost.  There are still forces that seek to rebuild and restore the majesty of our minds and souls.  We Ragged Magi are very familiar with human consciousness.  We have seen it at its worst, and at its best.  At its best human consciousness is a potent and  empowering form of magick, that quickens the spirits of anything within its field.  Some of us Magi have crossed realms and worlds to be here with you now at this crucial time in human history.  We know of the debilitating heartache of loneliness.  We know what it is like to put aside your most sacred hopes and dreams, believing that the world is filled only with villains - that the magickal heroes of our imaginative youth are nothing more than naive childhood fantasies.  This is not so.  Many benevolent entities from various realms have gathered here on Earth at this time.  Some of us retain our native otherworldly forms, occasionally glimpsed by the intuitive and discerning.  Others now wear the same biochemical flesh as you do, moving among you unseen.  But all of us are here to bring truth to those sacred hopes and dreams.  There ARE such things as heroes.  You have NOT been forsaken.  And you have NEVER been alone.    

Unless the eye catch fire
The God will not be seen
Unless the ear catch fire
The God will not be heard
Unless the tongue catch fire
The God will not be named  
Unless the heart catch fire
The God will not be loved
Unless the mind catch fire
The God will not be known

William Blake

Friday, 11 January 2013

Midnight's Cabaret

^ ^

$$$                                                                                                                $$$

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening.  Welcome to Midnight's Cabaret.  I am the Master of Ceremonies, your humble host - Midnight.  

Oh, we have a feast of red-lit sensual delights planned for you tonight!  Do you want thrills, chills and spills?  We have them.  Do you want music, magic and mystery?  We have them all.  

Do you want girls?  We have girls.  Lots and lots of girls.  

So sit back, light your cigarettes and cigars, enjoy your drinks, and get ready for a One-Night-Only extravaganza fantastique, live at the Midnight Palace!

Come One, Come All! 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Live from the Ruins of Psyche

It is now 2013, and Amid Night Suns has not been resting.  Over the holidays I have been trying to explore the notions of Gnosticism more deeply, as well as notions of artistic freedom and how the two are interconnected.  If Art is Magick, and I believe that it is, then what is the true role of art in the life of a modern Gnostic?  How exactly does art allow us to cultivate spiritual knowledge, and furthermore, how does it help us to become more free?  The answers to these questions are complex and full of subtleties.  For one thing, art allows us to construct a spiritual voice.  It gives us the opportunity to engage in considered, creative perception -- the opportunity to also muse on these perceptions; considering their contexts, resonances and various aspects.  Art then is the mercurial, mysterious wisdom  of the human soul.  It is our very essence, distilled.  It contains all our hopes, doubts and anxieties, and is unimaginably potent because of it.

Do we truly realize how Art has shaped our sciences and philosophies?  But the rulers of our world, both seen and unseen, have declared a war on Art -- and thus, simultaneously, a War on our Imaginations.  As I have written here before, the complete control our consciousness is the true goal in this War of Imagination that the corporate elites are waging against us.  Because humans are so adaptable, and also now so unwilling to  peer into the darkness, our oppressors have been able to lay waste to large swathes of our imaginations -- without most of us even consciously recognizing this fact.  We have been fed so much fear concerning the material destruction of our world that we fail to see the obvious: that it is our internal, psychic realms that now lie in ruin.  All the violence, hate and pathology in the world cannot be evidence of anything else.  The bravest among us need to open our eyes.  We must lead the way for those who are still ensnared by the elites various bait-and-switch methods.  So, I stand amid the debris of a shattered collective consciousness, and I know exactly what I'm looking at.  It is my responsibility to bring information, urgency and insight back from these broken depths, and transmit this lucidity to you in a way that quickens your spirit.

The Witching Hour

The apocalypse has already occurred within us, and we are left to pick through ruins, scavenging a meager existence from the broken remains of once-sacred things, and the detritus that we are perversely fed in Art's name.  But a time like this is also a potent moment, a trembling uncertainty of potential and opportunity.  It will not last for much longer, and you will grieve it when it's gone.  During a Witching Hour it is important to take stock of your perceptions, your beliefs and creative impetus.  You should subject yourself to a brutal self-honesty.  What do you want to stand for?  What are you willing to fight to protect?  How will you discipline yourself to cultivate the skills to take you where you need to go?  If you do not seriously ask yourselves these questions, the magick of the Witching will pass you by unacknowledged.  And you will look back sadly in hindsight, never knowing that the Great Mystery was trying to gift you with a moment of grace -- a moment of transformation, if only you had been brave enough.  So be brave, and take hold of this Witching Hour.

This Twisted Wonderland

We live in a world filled with Newspeak and enslaving comforts that would make George Orwell and Aldous Huxley blush.  We are Alice, and this world we find ourselves in is choking with violence, spectacle and nihilism.  This Wonderland does not wish to simply destroy us.  It seeks to own and violate us at its leisure.  It wants us to defile and eat our young, removing all that was once sacred in our hearts.  Remember, this is primarily a War of Imagination.  An assault on our culture, our sexuality, sense of individuality and general spiritual health is where their biggest victories are gained, and where the most collateral damage has occurred.  It will inevitably bleed out into the external world, infecting the way we feel about and relate to one another.

Everything is topsy-turvy.  The elites would have you believe that War is Peace, that Freedom is Slavery, and that Hate is Love.  By manipulating us at an almost mystical story-telling level, our oppressors are able to co-author our lives in quite some detail without us ever realizing it -- and often become the dominant ghost-writers of our personal lives by playing on our co-mingled apathy and insecurities.  As evidence of this, we need only look to how many of us are slaves to the media's hollow glamour.  We know the glamour is not genuine magick, but it is sold to us as magick, and with our exhausted Blind Eye turned we continue buying.  We cannot keep doing this if we want to survive in any spiritual shape that's really worth living.  Begin by discerning the realm in which you dwell.


The Ragged Magi do not condone this desecration of Psyche.  And we are familiar with darkness.  Some of us were born of it.  We are not afraid of the monsters, demons and old ones that stalk through Psyche's ruins.  We honor her, even as she lies broken, bleeding and dying.  We will fight to protect the last of her Light.  To the Callous Ones, I say this to you now:  We Magi have witnessed your corruption-counsel, and we do not abide it.  

We stand ready with an enlightened darkness, and we will use it as a weapon against you, because we know what you really fear.  You fear the alchemy of a discerning, creating mind.  To those who thrive on evil...we Magi will give you something to fear.  We will hunt you down, and call you out by name.  You will be unveiled.  You will be judged, sooner or later.  Oppressors, you have raped and tortured the entire human race.  Beg for forgiveness, because in this heart your time has come.