Monday, 28 January 2013

Apostles of Arcana

My mind is thunder, blood and semen
I am just a friendly demon
Can’t you hear?
Your heart is screaming

You’re just a puppet, but fuck it, because I’ll cut all your strings
I’m here to tell you that you’re made for bigger things
I smoke Light and chill on silver shores
Prowling hallways, protecting doors
This is my life, it’s not yours

Don’t be so quick to judge
I’m a genius and will not budge
But I’m trying to help you, man
There’s still time so devise a plan

I’m not your enemy, I’m your long lost brother
Don’t judge Midnight by his cover
I know it hurts, but it works
They take another pass
The universe is beserk and made of coloured glass

Buy low, sell high
I know
You try
But they’re dragging you across the sky

My friend, can’t you see?
Mythology is history
They eat souls
And you’re the cream
They get off
When you scream

They wish to bend you twist you
It’s how they all attack
Snipping roses, they kissed you
They want to break your back

My mind is thunder, blood and semen
I’m just a lonely demon
Can’t you hear; your heart is screaming
I think we might be dreaming

I think we might be dreaming...

They want to taste you and disgrace you
And drink you dry
They will erase you and replace you
With a bitter sky

Your smile is frosted with the glucose of kill
You should be running, but you’re standing still
They’re gonna catch you and attach you
To the endless suck
You are the prey of hidden things
Yet you don’t give a fuck

You’re so sweet
You’re so sweet

Good enough to eat
Good enough to eat

I’m not the one of which you need to beware
The vampires have noticed you
And they’re beginning to share

It’s frightening, can’t you see their lust unfurl?
They’ll find you, unwind you
And ride you like a little girl

The sweet savoured kill
Of your blood, pain and strife
I hope you realize that I’m saving your life

You deserve more than this, my love

The penny is about to drop
This is my Imaginal Agitprop
There’s gold in those hills
But you’re not worth a fraction
I’m just trying to inspire you to action

Because I watch you falling to the edge of your decay
Keep your eyes open
Attune your ears to the soft-spoken
Their black magick can eclipse the dead
Your electron has slipped its thread

This is your event horizon
The flesh destroys
The ghosts enliven
The monkey, the man, the gun
Are you having fun?

Did you know you were born in a dreaming volcano?

We are the Apostles of Arcana....

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  1. I love your poetry Raj.

    I have been holding you and your family in thought and I hope all is working itself out for your Grandma and you all as well.