Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Children of Magi

Welcome back to Amid Night Suns.  Dear reader, lest you think that the content I provide here is unrelentingly Gothic and grim, I'd like to offer you something more uplifting.  Like all my videos produced for this blog it still has some darker atmospheres, but it was fashioned with with a lighter touch and with the intent of a warm spiritual uplift in mind.  I talk on the blog a lot about the Ragged Magi; a benevolent order of hooded mystics, alchemists and magickal warriors, who fight daily to protect the human/divine imagination from the monsters, demons and old ones that stalk in Psyche's shadow.  But I wanted to impress upon you that the ranks of the Ragged are vast, and some of us are not what you might expect.  But we are among you nonetheless, and we fight on your behalf.


Since our world is so full of sinister, enslaving forces I believe it is important to provide a counterpoint, an awareness that there are others in this world who have made it their mission to negate these sinister forces and fight daily for Truth, Insight, Love and Compassion.  Remember, your heart is a powerful star in an endless blackness - a figurative sun capable of all kinds of magick and mystery.  It is the source of your passion and lifeforce.  If it serves you better to instead refer to this Midnight Sun as God, Christ, Allah or Wisdom, that is fine - since I believe that when all is said and done these different terms are interchangeable. Just remember that we are essentially speaking of the same thing; the divine countenance that birthed you and wishes you to fulfil your spiritual potential.  Welcome to the Fourfold City.  Let your hearts burn with the flames of Truth and Justice, and stand and fight against those that would extinguish such flames.  


Even amid an internal, apocalyptic dreamscape, all is not lost.  There are still forces that seek to rebuild and restore the majesty of our minds and souls.  We Ragged Magi are very familiar with human consciousness.  We have seen it at its worst, and at its best.  At its best human consciousness is a potent and  empowering form of magick, that quickens the spirits of anything within its field.  Some of us Magi have crossed realms and worlds to be here with you now at this crucial time in human history.  We know of the debilitating heartache of loneliness.  We know what it is like to put aside your most sacred hopes and dreams, believing that the world is filled only with villains - that the magickal heroes of our imaginative youth are nothing more than naive childhood fantasies.  This is not so.  Many benevolent entities from various realms have gathered here on Earth at this time.  Some of us retain our native otherworldly forms, occasionally glimpsed by the intuitive and discerning.  Others now wear the same biochemical flesh as you do, moving among you unseen.  But all of us are here to bring truth to those sacred hopes and dreams.  There ARE such things as heroes.  You have NOT been forsaken.  And you have NEVER been alone.    

Unless the eye catch fire
The God will not be seen
Unless the ear catch fire
The God will not be heard
Unless the tongue catch fire
The God will not be named  
Unless the heart catch fire
The God will not be loved
Unless the mind catch fire
The God will not be known

William Blake


  1. "The Ragged Magi are among you, and we fight on your behalf..."

  2. Hey Raj, this is Dennis Igou. Have comments on the secret sun been axed? I have tried to comment. It tells me that I am a team member. How does one get to be a team member? Has he shut off comments? I see no body commenting at all. Thanks for any help you can give me. I like your blog and your spirit. Respectfully, Dennis (the shine forth dude)