Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Midnight's Cabaret: REDRUM


Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening.  Welcome Back to the cabaret.  As always, I am the Master of Ceremonies; your humble host - Midnight.  

If you enjoyed our first extravaganza fantastique, then know that you are in good hands.  We have more red-lit thrills, chills and spills planned for you tonight! Our delectable girls will take you by the hand and lead you into realms unknown.

So once again, Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back and relax.  Light your cigarettes and cigars, and raise your glasses of claret.  Let the lights dim and your minds run red.  The Midnight Palace will take good care of you tonight, very good care indeed!

Come One, Come All!


  1. You are a contributor to fearporn.

  2. How so? Care to back that up with some specifics, Meghan?

  3. Interesting mash-up.
    Writing about REDRUM ex-cyclone Oswald nearly wiped out Australia's most famous red rum factory over the weekend -



  4. Love the Midnight's Cabaret series! Can't get enough. Some may mistake a dark aesthetic for 'fear-porn,' but there is a large difference. Fear-porn doesn't empower it's viewers!! Keep rocking warrior!!

  5. Meghan: the thing that rushed over your head so fast it parted your hair? That would be the point, yo.

    See y'all at Midnight's tonight, the drinks are on me!