Friday, 11 January 2013

Midnight's Cabaret

^ ^

$$$                                                                                                                $$$

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening.  Welcome to Midnight's Cabaret.  I am the Master of Ceremonies, your humble host - Midnight.  

Oh, we have a feast of red-lit sensual delights planned for you tonight!  Do you want thrills, chills and spills?  We have them.  Do you want music, magic and mystery?  We have them all.  

Do you want girls?  We have girls.  Lots and lots of girls.  

So sit back, light your cigarettes and cigars, enjoy your drinks, and get ready for a One-Night-Only extravaganza fantastique, live at the Midnight Palace!

Come One, Come All! 


  1. Hi Raj,
    I had to think about my comment to this one for a while. I too feel that the messed up presentation of sex has a lot to do with keeping us all off balance and unable to find an honest expression of a combination of love, respect, and sensuality. It's a theatrical presentation from the way we paint our faces and make ourselves smell and arrange our costumes. We see no different examples, except maybe if they are being marginalized (a hippie woman or man). Women are presented to us naked and painted, in high heeled shoes, men are dressed and leering. How can we find an equal exchange? What were we once like? We must have had at some time in the past true sensuality. I have to believe this for my own sanity. Kindness is good, health is helpful, humor is very good. Watch out for the glamour of paint and cash, watch out where no respect is felt for self or other. Thank you for addressing this issue.
    Be well, Delorus

  2. Thank you, Delorus. It's very gratifying to know that people appreciate what I'm trying to address. Your thoughts are wise and poignant.
    Be well too,

  3. Hahaha yeah man!!! Love this one Midnight!!! I'm so glad you make these videos my friend, I really look forward to each and every one...and I'm not alone. It always blows me away that you don't get half a million views! Never stop is my vote. You're the man Raj!! I showed one of your vids to my Visual Anthropology prof, and she was blown away!!