Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Secrets of the Blind God

"And when she saw her desire, it changed into a form of a lion-faced serpent. And its eyes were like lightning fires which flash. She cast it away from her, outside that place, that no one of the immortal ones might see it, for she had created it in ignorance. And she surrounded it with a luminous cloud, and she placed a throne in the middle of the cloud that no one might see it except the holy Spirit who is called the mother of the living. And she called his name Yaltabaoth.  [...]  And when the light had mixed with the darkness, it caused the darkness to shine. And when the darkness had mixed with the light, it darkened the light and it became neither light nor dark, but it became dim.  [...]  Now the archon who is weak has three names. The first name is Yaltabaoth, the second is Saklas, and the third is Samael. And he is impious in his arrogance which is in him. For he said, 'I am God and there is no other God beside me,' for he is ignorant of his strength, the place from which he had come."

     - The Apocryphon of John

In Gnostic lore the entity known as the demiurge is often depicted as a mistake, an aberration  willed into existence by the momentary imaginings of the mother goddess Sophia.  In the legends he has many names, but the one that concerns us here is Samael.  The name literally means the 'blind god', and the themes of blindness and sight run through much of the Gnostic lore, as well as mysticism in general.  What does it mean for mankind to be sighted, and indeed what does it mean for a god to be without sight?  Samael is often depicted as a seducer and destroyer.  In Christianity Samael is often an angel conflated with Satan, and shares certain resonances with the popular depictions of Milton's Lucifer from Paradise Lost.  Remember that in Christian theology Lucifer was a title meaning 'Lightbringer', and not technically a name.

It is my belief that everything in the universe is connected by gossamer filaments of information and knowledge, interlinked threads of sentient meaning.  Furthermore it is my belief that magick is the manipulation of those threads by an imagining sentience.  Is there a limit to sentience, to consciousness?  How many spirits, souls or personalities dwell in the visible and invisible universes?  Is the phenomenon of sentient consciousness truly infinite, as the mystics, shamans and visionaries have claimed?  If so, then perhaps this is our intimation of a powerful and holy secret.  That stories live and imagine just as we do, that they are somehow self-aware.  Is it possible that Gnosticism is at some strange and secret level concerned with the alchemical properties of Light?  In modern times the fields of theoretical mathematics and Quantum Physics seem to hint at the stunning and bizarre properties of such Light.  It is simultaneously a wave and a particle and seems to be capable of non-local communication, beyond the remit of what we think of as the Space-Time Continuum.  

But if these are further intimations that consciousness is alive and sentient in ways we do not yet fully comprehend - then what kinds of entities might exist within and beneath our mythologies?  Is it possible that many of the entities we refer to as gods, aliens, faeries, demons and angels are creatures existing in unseen realms who have fashioned their sentience from pieces of stories?  And often, from stories others have told about them - specifically, the stories we humans have told?

If there is any literal or symbolic truth to these notions, if myths and legends are capable of achieving some kind of self-awareness through the near-mystical quantum properties of Light, then what kind of being is Samael, the blind god?  This question becomes even more interesting when we consider his resonance with Lucifer, who many consider to be the fallen Archangel of Light.

Just who or what is designing and engineering our realities?

Are we all in fact living within the strange imaginings of a degenerate and sightless myth, a myth that has become aware of itself as a discreet entity?  Are we living in Samael's City of the Blind?

There are various kinds of sight.  We can see through the context of music, emotion and insight.  We can see with our physical eyes, but we can also see with our inner eyes.  Or, as the mystics often called it; our Third Eye.  This point of imagining sentience is our connection back to Sophia, back to the source.  It is our window into the eternal force that animates us, and provides all we know of joy and love.  Samael would have us forget Sophia; raped and slain by the patriarchy, a victim of the ultimate matricide.  But Sophia is not dead.  She is the sentient capacity for life.  

But perhaps the blind god, like an animated cosmic golem or tulpa, needs stories in order to survive - in order to maintain its own self-awareness.  Perhaps that is why his Archons have enslaved us.  So that he can gather our eyes and feast on our sight.  Are we as spiritually sighted as we perhaps once were?  Have we lost some crucial aspect of our vision?  All the war, unacknowledged genocide and pathology going on in our world right now is proof of the loss of some valuable internal sight.  We have lost our way, groping around in the shrieking darkness.  

And Samael, the one who knows much of light but cannot generate it himself, devours our light instead.  Do we live within him, or does he live within us?  Or both somehow?  Are these notions more than just haunting speculations?  Just why are we here on this Earth, and where might we be heading?

So what does it really mean to be sighted or blind in a Gnostic spiritual context?  I would offer my own belief that to be sighted is to have full or at least partial access to the transformative power of the imagination, as well as access to the knowledge of who and what we really are.  I believe that humankind is a race of powerful Vessels - originally designed by Sophia herself to be carriers and reliquaries of the Innermost Light; the power of the infinite in its purest form.

In order to once again reach this purpose, our destiny, we must seek a way out of the darkness.  We must rediscover who and what we are in order to put an end to the blindness.  We cannot allow ourselves to be the blinded food for our stories any longer.  We must become discerning storytellers once again.  Dear Reader, know this: the cognizance and application of your true identity is a quest for life and meaning and art.  It is a quest for your emancipation.  Close your physical eyes, breathe and find the stillness.  Eventually, with enough relaxed diligence, your third eye will begin to flutter.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Midnight's Cabaret: KISS ME KILL ME

Welcome back to the Palace once again, Ladies and Gentlemen.  As always, I am your humble host - Midnight.  I bid you a fond Good Evening.  

Tonight, for our fourth fantastique, our girls are going to indulge your darkest, most private fantasies.  But be warned, although they will indulge you they are also going to show you the true price of those fantasies.  Not the monetary value of making those fantasies manifest, but rather the emotional, psychic and spiritual cost.  Also, let it be known that many of the girls here at the Midnight Palace are not as docile, coquettish and toothless as they might first appear.

You are free to choose between a single kiss of hate, or a single kiss of love.  Both contain unimaginable power.  Remember, here at the palace we have a vested interest in the nature of human consciousness.  Our girls do not just sing and dance.  They are also well-versed in the magickal arts.  They are not simply here to make you hard and wet.  They are here tonight to show you who you really are, and they invite you to ponder who you might become. 

So, as always, sit back and relax.  Light your cigarettes and cigars, raise your glasses of claret, and prepare yourself for a journey into the darkest corners of erotica and exile.

Come One, Come All!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Kingdom Come

At Amid Night Suns I post frequently about the issues of alternative spirituality, Gnosticism, metaphysics and the mythic imagination, and how all these topics are intimately interrelated.  But I don't want my readers to think that I am against traditional forms of religion.  I am not against religion at all - I am only against the spreading of hate and intolerance in religion's name.  So often in our history humankind has used the concept of God to butcher our brothers and sisters and wage endless wars against those who believe differently to us.  We fight wars over the supposed names of God; Yaweh, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, Christ, and yet we often fail to take heed of the most important and nourishing aspects of these various connected stories.  

We claim to believe in Love, but we hate so vigorously those who call God by a different name.  And yet, get most sane people alone in a room, of any religious persuasion, in a relaxed and friendly discussion, and they will agree that God is Love, Joy, Wisdom and Brotherhood.  It seems obvious to me that most sane Christians, Muslims, Jews, and people of various other faiths want nothing more than sustained peace and freedom in this world.  And yet we have allowed small cliques of insane extremists to pervert our faiths and corrupt our religious institutions.  I am not a religious man in the most obvious sense of the term, but I am most definitely a Believer.  I know first-hand of the power of the mythic, religious imagination, and I have seen God's love change people of all faiths for the better.  There may be those who argue that God is dead and that we no longer need religion, but we do need a healthy spirituality - and traditional religion is the way that most of the Earth's population connects authentically with the Spirit.  If there is Love and Truth in your own private faith, I believe that you will at least appreciate what I'm trying to convey here. You will understand that the divine has gifted us with Free Will, to make of the Earth as we see fit.  Are we going to choose selfishly and hatefully, and continue to bring suffering down upon us?  Or are we going to choose wisely and compassionately, and be worthy of this mysterious, magical kingdom?


It is my belief that God is an all-pervasive and yet travelling Light, passing through the hearts of all sentient beings.  The divine, creative force of the universe wants nothing more than to see us overturn this genocidal slavery we have built for ourselves.  The divine wants to see us emancipated and liberated.  In a traditional Christian sense we are His children, after all.  What kind of father wants to see his children suffer?  But a good father also knows that sometimes his children must face dangers in order to evolve.  We are not alone in a merciless wasteland.  There ARE forces trying to guide us back to sanity.  We need to turn away from lies, greed  and oppression of the Spirit, and begin the exodus towards a greater comprehension of ourselves and the divinity that birthed us.  Regardless of the differing stories we hold dear, there are nearly seven billion souls residing in this Garden and all of them are equal in the eyes of the Creator.


Sometimes the divine, creative force sends us messengers of love; individuals and embodied stories designed to help us overthrow the darkness that has us so fervently in its clutches.  Often times we debase and ridicule these messengers, arguing over their literal existence or their authenticity.  We seem to usually ignore the message, or we pervert it in an attempt to continue waging the endless, petty wars.  But messages of Love are also calls to make Holy this Earth we all share, to rise above our differences and stand together in a union of minds and hearts.  In stories and legends there are those who came here to give us hope, and to consecrate the Earth.


Usually when mankind speaks of religious revelation we imagine destruction and judgement.  But destruction and judgement has been with us for a long time now.  Everything we fear is already coming to pass.  We imagine an Apocalypse?  We are already in the throes of an Apocalypse.  We imagine the End of Days?  Our days are already getting figuratively shorter, as the Darkness attempts to banish all Light from our hearts. My point is that as sentient, imagining creatures we are the union between Heaven and Earth.  Although we are planted firmly in the flesh we often catch glimpses and intimations of Heaven.  Regardless of your view concerning the literal existence of spiritual entities there is one place where God, his angels and the forces of the Fallen are inarguably real and powerful - in the realms of the imagination.  So, what do you choose to see?  This sojourn of the physical is only temporary.  Sooner or later you will return to the Spirit.  What are we as individuals and as a collective going to choose to leave behind?  If there is such a thing as a loving God, whatever name we give him, I'm sure of one thing - he wants us to gain spiritual knowledge.  He wants us to see.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Arc of the Angels

At Amid Night Suns I'm always searching for new subtleties and nuances to old familiar stories.  As you have probably grasped by now, I am a huge fan of art drawn in darker tones.  As I've stated here before I have a somewhat Gothic artistic sensibility.  But I never want my readers to mistake this aesthetic for something more sinister.  There is a lot of darkness in my art, that much is true, but hopefully it is an empowering and illuminating darkness.  I am firmly sided with the forces of Light and Love, make no mistake about that.  But I believe that it does us no good to deny or repress our darkness.  I believe that true wisdom and self-governance can only be gained through insight - through understanding ourselves, Light and Dark combined.

In my experience there are certain oppressive, enslaving forces that pose as Keepers in the Halls of Light, when in fact these forces are anything but.  It makes sense that sadistic, predatory things would disguise themselves as their opposites.  In this way religions have been able to spread fear and hate whilst claiming to preach love and tolerance.  Only a fool would declare that our authoritarian religions are truly loving and tolerant.  Claiming to be one thing whilst secretly being its opposite is a good way to pass unseen in this world, because few people are willing to face the cognitive dissonance of unraveling such trickery.  If something claims to be an angel, we would do well to check their wings for blood-splatter - regardless of how convincing their Light appears to be.

It would make sense that the Archons of this world would manipulate our religious imaginations, using our mythologies of angels and demons for their own controlling ends.  The goal of any true Archon is to perpetually baffle the human race; to keep us sadistic, fractured, apathetic and uncertain - to make our thousands of unanswered questions eventually drive us crazy.  And it does seem like more and more of the human race is succumbing to a bitter pathology, doesn't it?

But remember, all is not trickery.  There IS a true and holy Light from whence we all came; a light that binds the universe together and makes possible the miracle of cognition.  There ARE spiritual entities watching over us, beings of true love and compassion.  Bad things happen to good people not because such entities are unreal, but only because such entities are not omnipotent.  Even a true angel has certain limitations.  The human race itself is part angelic, because angels reside in the Imagination, as do all sentient beings.  Dear reader, Heaven and Hell are all around you, because the Imagination is all around you.  That infinite realm is not simply contained within your mind, rather your mind is contained within that infinite realm.  Your mind, body and soul are Holy Imaginings, willed into existence by divine consciousness.  You and I and each one of the nearly seven billion souls who dwell here are refracted aspects of the totality of this divine consciousness.

Think of yourself as a kind of figurative Nephilim, an angel-human hybrid composed of stories, and you will be much closer to the truth of your ultimate identity.  There is emancipation and creativity in this understanding.  If you can really come to know this truth, this secret, you will be made privy to the Word - and for a moment you will be blinded.  

Monday, 4 February 2013

Midnight's Cabaret: SWEETEST DREAMS


I bid you Good Evening once again, Ladies and gentlemen.  As always, I am your humble host - Midnight.  At the Palace we are always glad of your custom.  Tonight our wonderful girls wish to show you something a little different, something a little special.

We have a vested interest in the nature of consciousness, here at the Midnight Palace, and our girls know all too well of the double-edged nature of dreams.  They know how quickly a dream can become a nightmare.  So tonight, for our third fantastique, they will take you by the hand and guide you through a liminal realm between sleep and waking - a place where insight and wisdom can be gathered.  But dangers lurk here also, in shadows and red light.  You are lucky to have such accommodating girls to point out the pitfalls and promises.

So once again, Ladies and Gentlemen, light your cigarettes and cigars, raise your glasses of claret - and prepare yourself for a journey into the uncharted regions of the dreaming soul.

Come One, Come All!