Monday, 4 February 2013

Midnight's Cabaret: SWEETEST DREAMS


I bid you Good Evening once again, Ladies and gentlemen.  As always, I am your humble host - Midnight.  At the Palace we are always glad of your custom.  Tonight our wonderful girls wish to show you something a little different, something a little special.

We have a vested interest in the nature of consciousness, here at the Midnight Palace, and our girls know all too well of the double-edged nature of dreams.  They know how quickly a dream can become a nightmare.  So tonight, for our third fantastique, they will take you by the hand and guide you through a liminal realm between sleep and waking - a place where insight and wisdom can be gathered.  But dangers lurk here also, in shadows and red light.  You are lucky to have such accommodating girls to point out the pitfalls and promises.

So once again, Ladies and Gentlemen, light your cigarettes and cigars, raise your glasses of claret - and prepare yourself for a journey into the uncharted regions of the dreaming soul.

Come One, Come All!


  1. Hi Raj,
    What a world to be a sexual being in,eh? When you are young and the blood is singing in your veins it can all seem like it comes from spirit. Then you can be old and tired and none of it does. The balance between not giving up too easily, and over reaching into a place of futility feels like the razor's edge. Friendship may end up to be the best place to start, and finish. All I know is it's a hard road and a tough world to gain in spirit sexually, speaking for myself.

  2. Thank you always for your wise and insightful words, Delorus. Your support is much appreciated! Be well.

  3. Midnight's Cabaret reminds me of the work of some of the better artists (my opinion of the better artists,that is)
    out of a book I have been reading called "Hell Bound",which is about new Gothic type art.

    While the content of the book is good,the binding of my book is truly from hell,as the book is falling apart on my first read through it.

    I featured the art of Nuno Cera
    (one of the artists out of the book)
    in my latest post on my blog.
    Nuno makes very haunting and moody videos.
    Looks to me that you are in the same league as Nuno with your haunting editing technique.
    Nice work Raj.

  4. Love the Midnight's Cabaret series! Seamless video work, haunting messages...this is the stuff!