Thursday, 21 March 2013

Omens of the Outer Semblance

At Amid Night Suns I try to put a lot of effort into creating quality written and video content for this blog.  While it is sometimes difficult to remain creative and inspired, especially when personal struggles continue to test us, I believe that this kind of material is more important now than ever.

The elites who control this world have succeeded in creating a kind of imperious apathy among the population.  They have managed to turn even truth-seeking into a kind of vapid entertainment.  I have nothing against entertainment, or entertaining whilst trying to educate; as I would hope the frequent video content on this blog attests to.  But it seems to me that large swathes of what passes for truth-seeking these days – the popularized notion of ‘alternative research’ – is often little more than an unsubtle farce that reads like something from the pages of a Z-List horror novel.  So-called alt-media is filled with talk of Illuminati hegemony, hidden esoteric technology and convoluted occult conspiracies.  This is not to say that fragments of these things might have some real, disturbing truth to them; only that these dark speculations are so removed from the ordinary lived experience of most people that they become little more than a campfire indulgence.  In short, it seems that much of what passes for ‘alt-media’ these days has lost its teeth – its political and social bite.


We live in a world where the various elites of this world can plan invasions and commence illegal wars before the very eyes of the entire planet, and are not held accountable. These elites can consolidate their power through the pillaging of other countries resources under the flimsiest of pretexts, and very few people bat an eyelid.  These elites no longer even seem to put much thought into their forms of plausible deniability, because they know that people’s collective apathy will do much of the hard work for them.  More and more of our freedoms are being stolen from us with each passing day, and still we turn our blind eyes.  We allow ourselves to be seduced by cults of celebrity, cults of dominance and implicit death-worship, all the while convincing ourselves that it is chic and sexy.  We nod and grin like madmen whilst trying to ignore all the horror that is occurring around us in the cold light of day.

We cannot keep doing this.  It is our responsibility to individually educate ourselves, to arm ourselves with insight and context and the details of real human history – not the pre-packaged shadow-play that controlling factions have invented for us as intellectual and spiritual cul-de-sacs.  To me personally, it seems we have forsaken our stewardship of this Earth.  We cannot keep ignoring the potential consequences of our actions.  We cannot keep sweeping blood and shit and injustice under the collective rug of our cognition, and not expect something terrible to eventually happen.  This is not fear-mongering I’m promoting here; it’s an honest evaluation of our current state of society and psyche.  What consequences will future generations reap because of our past and present actions?  To fool ourselves with the excuse that personal education of things of a spiritual, social and political nature requires too much imagination and intellect – it just highlights how deeply entrenched we are in the twisted wonderland of the elites.  

Is there some awful conflagration coming?  I hope not, but history highlights that when a culture becomes as pathological, narrow-minded and mercenary as ours – bad things eventually happen.  If we cannot click our fingers and suddenly vanquish all the corruption, inequality and injustice in the world, then we are only left with working individually to remove our handlers programming from our minds.  These elites and the larger machine they serve are ghost-writing our consciousness and our lives in quite some detail.  We need to wake up to this fact collectively, if at all possible.  But an individual cultivation of this awareness is also crucial.  It might be a frightening prospect, but spiritual maturity is about opening our eyes and seeing the world as it truly is – not as we pretend it to be.  We must draw a line in the sand and say, “This is what I will not allow in my name, and this is what I will fight to protect.”


This world is a stunningly beautiful place.  We have Love, Beauty, Friendship and Grace.  But this world is also simultaneously an incredibly dark and violent place; full of cruel ironies and bad timings that seem to kick us in the face just as we are struggling to our feet again.  In this sense life is a punishing endurance test – an experience that seems to ask “Just how much more of this bullshit can you handle before you break?”  Sometimes, Fate seems too cruel and taunting to be righteous.  And sometimes we’re left with the feeling that divinity may be all too real, but that it is somehow horribly inhuman and cold to our suffering. These anxieties and difficult questions are probably the things that initially turn seekers towards the themes of Gnosticism in the first place.  Is the human race actually ensnared in a cruel, dehumanizing illusion?  Is this a literal or purely symbolic state of affairs?  Or something that perhaps transgresses discreet boundaries and complicates a definitive answer?  And what might be the true, unacknowledged spiritual power and destiny of the human individual?  

Perhaps only the ridiculously rich and entitled are unable to appreciate the analogy of life as an endurance test, but for most of us I suspect it rings true on one level or another.  For most true Gnostics I believe that the cultivation of spiritual knowledge and the application of that knowledge through human relationships, social interactions and creativity of all kinds – are the only things that make this endurance test bearable.  So, again, it is down to ourselves individually to train our psychic muscles; our muscles of discernment, lucidity and nuance.   There are signs and omens all around us, and we must be patient and disciplined enough to cultivate the sophistication needed to read them accurately.  As Lovers and Warriors and Seekers we are in this race for the long haul – until our final breaths – and we will not fall at the first hurdle.        

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Night Watchman: Blinding Black

I see thee better -- in the Dark --
I do not need a Light --
The Love of Thee -- a Prism be --
Excelling Violet --

I see thee better for the Years
That hunch themselves between --
The Miner's Lamp -- sufficient be --
To nullify the Mine --

And in the Grave -- I see Thee best --
Its little Panels be
Aglow -- All ruddy -- with the Light
I held so high, for Thee --

What need of Day --
To Those whose Dark -- hath so -- surpassing Sun --
It deem it be -- Continually --
At the Meridian?

     -- I see thee better -- in the Dark, by Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Imago Dei

At Amid Night Suns my last two major posts, entitled Secrets of the Blind God and Kingdom Come, explored the nature of consciousness and divinity from two widely differing perspectives.  The former utilized a visionary Gnostic framework while the latter employed a more traditional religious filter.  My point in exploring both these sometimes polarized belief-systems on this blog is to draw parallels, to note differences and similarities.  Personally, my own basic filter with which I interpret experience is an artistic-psychological one.  Yes, I believe in the numinous and metaphysical, but only because I've often found these things to be both artistically and psychologically resonant.  In short, I find they contain great truths.  And what is truth but a certain purity of experience, perception and recognition?

In my experience as a writer, artist and human being I've found that life very rarely adheres to discreet boundaries, categories and rules.  Things blur and phase and intermingle; in our philosophies, arts and even our sciences.  I believe that it is through this intermingling, this interconnectivity, that consciousness makes itself known.  We all deserve powerful and profound stories concerning what it means to be conscious and self-aware.  Religion and Gnosticism and metaphysics can provide some of those stories, but I suspect that it is not until we attempt to make art holy again - until we honor the images born from our own souls - that we will truly recognize and understand our destines, both collectively and as individuals.  Until we truly grasp the alchemical nature of creativity and storytelling the fulfilment of our destinies will always seem tantalisingly out of reach.  But if we can come to understand our own stories, their intricate designs and implications, we can come to know ourselves on fundamental spiritual levels.  We can then enter the holy realm of Praesentiam; a place of powerful symbolisms, metaphors and literal magic.  And when that happens, as Initiates of the Imago Dei, we can finally take hold of our sigils.