Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Midnight's Cabaret: STRANGE LOVE

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Welcome back, once again, to the Palace.  As always, I am your humble host -- the Master of Ceremonies -- Midnight.  How lovely to see you all here again.  It has been a while, and our girls have missed you.

For our fifth extravaganza fantastique the girls have prepared quite a show for you.  They are prepared to dance, to twist and turn and writhe - and radiate.  They have been awaiting your return for so long that their barely-contained passion threatens to detonate.  Fission waits in their every twinge and tease.

But beware -- the girls of the Midnight Palace are not like other girls.  They are dangerous, and are not truly under my control.  I am merely a figurehead, a gatekeeper.  Truly, it is the girls themselves that run the show. As I'm sure our regular guests are well aware by now.  

Tonight, the girls wish to tell you an intimate love-story  -- a story with the potential to create or destroy.  As always, the girls will leave it up to you to decide how this night will end.  So, once again Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back and relax; light your cigarettes and cigars, and raise your glasses of claret.  The delectable girls of the Midnight Palace are about to lead you into the darkest, most explosive regions of desire...

Come One, Come All!


  1. Hey Raj!! Man I just love these Midnight's Cabaret posts. Love the imagery in the vid...perfect. Looks like we've both been on a Strangelove kick...I must confess that mine came as a result of your last post on The Shining...since then, thinking on Kubrick...I've had the good Doctor on my mind as well. Your message is as powerful as it is true...may it be universally received. Rock on warrior!

  2. Hi! i'm sorry i couldnt find your email and had no where else to put this! i am creating a comprehensive website of spiritual and uplifting resources for artists and creative types. Its also a place where artists can hang out, talk to each other, vent, yadda yadda.

    Anyway on the website i want to put a list of blogs and resources that really helped me when i was down and out and all that stuff. just wanted to let you know that i will be listing your website address on the website as a place where visitors to the site can go. Hope thats cool with you! Keep up the Great Work!

    stephanie b.

  3. That's totally cool with me, Stephanie! Cheers!

  4. I too,find that I have a strange love for your videos Raj.-)

  5. hi : could you please backchannel me? have question about a piece of art on your blog & would love to hear from you ASAP if possible! thx!