Monday, 8 April 2013

The Anomaly Contingent

n. pl. a·nom·a·lies
1. Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
2. One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.
3. Astronomy The angular deviation, as observed from the sun, of a planet from its perihelion.

1. Liable to occur but not with certainty; possible.
2. Dependent on conditions or occurrences not yet established; conditional.
3. Happening by chance or accident; fortuitous.
4. Logic True only under certain conditions; not necessarily or universally true.
1. An event or condition that is likely but not inevitable.
2. A share or quota, as of troops, contributed to a general effort.
3. A representative group forming part of an assemblage.                                                                                                       

Amid Night Suns has been a very powerful touchstone for me over the last two years.  Creating written and video content for this blog -- that I hope maintains a consistently high quality -- has taught me a lot about personal integrity, truth-telling, seeking, and what it means to be of service to others.  Being a blogger, you are not usually paid for services rendered, but there are other innumerable ways in which you are rewarded.  Every kind word or nod of appreciation in the comments section is greatly appreciated.  But the rewards are greater than this.  It is my belief that art is a powerful form of magick.  In fact, it is THE most powerful form of magick -- pre-existing all the arcane spellcrafts that most people associate with occultism.  But if one really takes the time to ponder, meditate and muse on the nature of art and storytelling -- and its role in human history -- one can see quite explicitly that Art is the Oldest Magick; a holy secret that has been hiding in plain sight for as long as we have been cognizant.  Art and storytelling has walked beside us from birth; our imaginary but powerful friend, and it continues to walk beside us through our maturation. Indeed, it follows us and guides us through our death.  It is the most immediate and most literal of human experiences, and paradoxically the most metaphorical.  

We live now, on the opening cusp of the 21st Century, in a society of shallow surfaces and gaudy trinkets -- a world filled with refuse in place of culture.  The ultra-rich elites of this planet are raping and pillaging the poor, and also stealing away our most Holy Gift -- the ability and desire to make meaningful stories.  It is the most insidious and cruel form of slavery imaginable.  We are losing our awareness and desire for meaning-production.  If you doubt this, take a long, hard look at the world around you.  We must remedy this situation if we are to stave off the New Medievalism that is intended to sweep the Earth and remove the last vestiges of our freedom.  We live now in a global City of Detritus.  That is the awful, ugly truth.  But even in Detritus, there are spiritual and cultural diamonds to be found - glinting just beneath the surface.   

In very basic terms art is an awareness and a capacity of and for MEANING.  Without these hidden witnesses walking beside us there is no way for human beings to conceptualize, contextualize or articulate our experiences and perceptions.  Art and story-telling gently governs our entire lives.  Without it, there is no meaning-production.  Without art and storytelling, Language, Communication and Cognition itself would not be possible.  Think deeply on this and you will realize it to be true.

As most artists, visionaries and shamans are well aware, reality is not generated out of sameness but out of difference.  The entire universe, including both the Seen and Unseen Realms, are born of anomalies, subtleties, nuances and quirks.  Those who are intimate with the phenomena of Mystery will have some comprehension of what I'm suggesting here.  You cannot fit consciousness, meaning, art or storytelling into a box.  There is nothing and no-one in creation that can be fully explained.  There will always be anomalous data and different interpretive strategies.  This is how Psyche sings her song.  It is also how energy and matter dance and mate to birth the twin miracles of awareness and reality.  It is my belief that human beings will eventually realize that this reality is a dream, a story, a living work of art -- as is everything contained within it, including ourselves.  Even today our theoretical physics are giving us intimations of this profound truth.

So, it is my understanding that art and consciousness can create new paths and affect subtle changes from the microcosm to the macrocosm, because there are threads and filaments of meaning at the heart of EVERYTHING.  Beneath the apparent material nature of reality lies the non-local energetic pulse of creation itself.  Many have called this pulse God, or the divine, and they are as accurate terms as any other.  With each work of art that is brought into being in this realm I believe that the micro and macro levels of literal and spiritual reality are subtly but profoundly changed.  Yes, it might seem like a bold and bizarre claim, but I believe that art and storytelling alters human beings and physical reality at genetic and atomic levels.  I don't need nor will I attempt to try proving this to you, as I am speaking to you artistically -- but I mean it in the most literal and also the most romantic sense imaginable.

The Anomaly Contingent, in this sense, are the various artists throughout the Myriad who are attempting to use the power of resonance and creativity to protect and empower humanity.  The Anomaly Contingent is a vast and multidimensional assemblage -- including Ragged Magi, Apostles of Arcana, Initiates of the Imago Dei, and human artists who recognize the anomalous power inherent in the act of creation.  To create anything, to utter a story in word or deed or image, is one of the most holy acts of magick that a sentient being can perform.  But understand this also: to Love and to cultivate Friendship, Compassion and Grace is also an act of storytelling and a work of art.  There are many forms of genuine magick, and all of them generate something from nothing.

So, Dear Reader, Amid Night Suns would humbly ask that you join this Anomaly Contingent, if you are not already a member.  Take to the Skies of your Mind, and begin a loving, lucid work of art...and understand that with this most holy of magical acts you change the very fabric of reality for the better.


  1. Standing ovation Raj!! Beautifully done. What an excellent invitation! Come one, come all. "Be the difference. Become the anomaly. Think higher." Beautifully done.

    "Reality is not generated out of sameness but out of difference." Agreed! By my thinking, variation is the true reality...not essential typology (Screw you Aristotle!) ...and " the entire universe [is] born of anomalies, subtleties, nuances and quirks..."

    Loved this post! Digging the tunes and the vids for real. On your team.


  2. "To Love and to cultivate Friendship, Compassion and Grace is also an act of storytelling and a work of art. There are many forms of genuine magick, and all of them generate something from nothing." I also think recognizing and acknowledging beauty in life, nature, and the world around us calls out to more beauty to show itself. To bring us to a tipping point. To be changed in an instant. And yes I too believe, for the better. A dream of hope is powerful magic indeed.

  3. Also- Yeah, what Dave said!

  4. Thank you Delorus, and also Dave! I appreciate both your comments very much.