Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Angel of Knives

As the regular readers of Amid Night Suns will be well aware, part of my manifesto on this blog is to provide an exploration of lucid, empowered darkness -- the empowerment that comes from having the courage to stare the shadow aspect of our psyches in the eye and to glean the insights they are trying to convey to us.  As I have stated here before, it does us no good to ignore the darkness in the world and in our selves, and foolishly hope that such denial will bear the fruits of liberation.  Freedom is not given, it is taken.  True emancipation is a hard-won struggle against a myriad of social, economic, political and psychological factors.  The oppressing, enslaving forces that that seek dominion over our precious little world are not going to relent -- as a single glance into the chaos of the early 21st century will immediately confirm.  The elites and oligarchies who seek power over the imagination of the human race are always plotting and scheming - looking for any opportunity to turn our weaknesses or apathy to their advantage.

This being the case, the seekers and artists of this world have a responsibility to hold vigil over the potential fate of human consciousness.  It is put upon us to fight for those too young, weak or wounded to fight for themselves.  There are those who would turn away from the analogy of a war to describe the weave and turn of the human soul, but war is an apt analogy nonetheless.  There are forces in and beyond this world -- both exotic and banal -- that have been attempting to crush the human spirit for thousands of years.  Do you truly doubt this?  The human race is locked in a war of culture, art and psyche; a war for our physical and spiritual health.  Not much has changed since power-lusting kings first spilled the blood of innocents as offerings to their imagined gods.

But there are unseen beneficent forces sharing space and time with us; forces that have always countered such oppression.  My regular readers will already be familiar with the Ragged Magi -- a tribe of hooded mystics, poets, artists and sorcerers who fight for the eventual liberation of all consciousness.  They are here to hold the Lucid Line.  I am one of these Ragged Magi.  My name is Midnight.  I am here to guide you through the Darkness -- and to help you find your way towards the Light.  I am an Angel of Knives.

Do you believe that such a tribe of magickal warriors is nothing more than a silly artistic conceit?  You would be wrong. Art permeates every level and layer of the manifest and un-manifest.  It is the oldest alchemical secret -- that fiction is something far greater and far more profound than mere 'fantasy'.  Storytelling is the original alchemical furnace.  It is the place where true magick and true change is forged.  Today many individuals think of fiction as little more than an escapist indulgence, but they are very wrong about this.

Stories live and breathe and shift and yearn just as we do.  Do you doubt it?   Storytelling can show you many secrets.  But most importantly it can show you the nuances, subtleties and contexts of life and experience that would otherwise elude you.  Some stories must be experienced many, many times before the full scope of their hidden places are revealed.  I would hope that my work at Amid Night Suns helps you some way towards your ultimate destiny.

Remember, you are a Living Fiction clothed in chemical flesh.  You are Freedom Incarnate.  Let no man or supposed god tell you otherwise.  The very heart of your being burns with the ferocity of the Innermost Light, the Midnight Sun.  Your entire soul is a constellation of interconnected fictions, orbiting an infinite spark of divine light.

There is only one war worth fighting -- the War of Imagination.  Never let apathy crush your spirit.  Never fool yourself into believing that only villains stalk the Earth.  Though you often cannot see them, heroes also move among you.  There are angels on your shoulder, entities who fight the battles you cannot.  Protect your Joy and your Love and your Insight.  Share it with those closest to you, and know that there are those who battle daily on your behalf.


  1. "Storytelling is the original alchemical furnace. It is the place where true magick and true change is forged." I can't tell you how much this concept is on my mind and rules my life. This post was so empowering. Power to the Magi. Long life to the storytellers.

  2. Nice vid Raj.
    I've always wanted to fly like that,but 'Red Bull' just won't deliver on their promises .-)

  3. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL! And inspiring. I've been a reader for a long time. Heaps of Blessings!

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