Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Signal Fire

At Amid Night Suns I work very hard to present explorations of Lucidity, Acuity and Consciousness that are hopefully intelligent and nuanced.  My goal on this blog is always to empower those that come here -- and to offer the possibility of a potentially transformative way of perceiving the world.  For a long time I have been interested in pulsed frequencies, electromagnetism, encoded information and their possible hidden connections to the ill-understood secrets of our biology.  I talk a lot on this blog about the Mysteries of the Imagination, but I do not think such mysteries are limited only to our private, psychic spaces.  I think they extend also to our physical bodies.  Furthermore, I think our bodies are explicit manifestations of these mysteries -- spiritual insights, geometries and secrets encoded into what we commonly refer to as deoxyribonucleic acid; DNA. 


Does the reality of the body negate the reality of the imagination? Is one more 'real' than the other?  I would argue that both must work in concert to create the human individual, that in fact they co-create each other.  Most traditional materialists would maintain that, no, our physicality engineers our imagination as a biochemical illusion  -- a side-effect of our neurophysiology and synaptic brain-function.  As reasonable as this may seem at the outset, I believe this view to be incomplete at best.

It is my belief that DNA is, among other things, an incredibly sophisticated and powerful receiver/transmitter -- able to channel, house, decode and re-encode various kinds of information, usually in the form of modulated or pulsed frequencies.  From an older post entitled Pulsed Frequencies, Physics  and DNA - The Elusive Signal:

"A signal is a modulated or pulsed frequency.  The manner in which it is pulsed or modulated is what defines that specific frequency as a signal; as in being under intelligent control – and this is what separates a ‘signal’ from the naturally occurring frequencies that fill the cosmos.

Now, if physical matter is a wave/particle situation as quantum physics suggests, and if all matter needs to oscillate and vibrate in order to maintain structural coherence – then this suggests that the entire physical universe is a realm of overlapping, interconnected pulsing frequencies, or signals.  This makes sense in that we live within an ocean of electromagnetic energies.  [...]  Cutting-edge research in the fields of biochemistry provides enough circumstantial evidence to at least suggest that DNA itself makes use of pulsed frequencies in order to wind, unwind or recombine.  This would make a certain kind of sense considering the wave/particle duality at the heart of all forms of matter.  Other research suggests that genes and individual cells use protein-sleeves and membranes to sense incredibly subtle vibrations in order to transmit and receive chemicals.

Is DNA itself a ‘Signal’, a modulated pulsed frequency that collapses into a particle-reality of nucleic acid sequences?  If so, is it consciousness that essentially governs this manifestation?

So, are we human beings actually a constellation of interpenetrated and interdependent signals, that in essence builds the matrix of our physical, emotional and imaginative presence?  Are we signals interpreting signals?  What kinds of strange magick are our brains and souls creating every single moment of our experiences?


Speaking of matrices, most of my readers will be familiar with the 'Matrix' movies, a cyberpunk-influenced trilogy that was massively successful and seemed to capture the cultural zeitgeist of the millennium.  The Matrix movies are quite pardadoxical because they are on the one hand techno-phobic (the evil, enslaving Machine-Demiurge and its Agent-Archons), but they are also explicitly techno-fetishistic (the obvious glee taken in the cyberpunk aesthetics).  What might we be able to glean from this?  How does this influence our potential Gnosis?  The Matrix movies feature cyberspace as the Gnostic Prison.  It's a useful and undeniably resonant kind of imagery, but there is something deeper here.  

Here's a fascinating quote from Christopher Knowles at The Secret Sun, discussing the writer and visionary William Gibson, from Knowles' post entitled Our Cyberpunk Reality, or Escaping the Prison Planet

Gibson's Cyberspace wasn't the prison, it was the escape from the prison. It was a place of endless freedom and possibility. Which means, of course, that it was written long before the Internet was available to anyone outside of university computer labs by a guy who did his writing on a manual typewriter.  [...]  But Gibson's obsession with dislocation and created environments ties into the Gnostic desire to escape the Demiurge's world. Preferably into the Pleroma, but escape into a self-created world would surely be a nice consolation prize. And unlike the stereotypical image of the lone seeker often associated with Gnosticism (and common in Gibson's fiction), the deep feelings of alienation that the Gnostic harbor could also act as an epoxy for alternative community. Under the right conditions, at least.

I would hope that my work at Amid Night Suns helps anyone who comes here to battle these deep feelings of alienation.  My blog is hopefully an example of an empowering self-created world existing in cyberspace -- a place of endless freedom and possibility more in keeping with Gibson's work than the dehumanizing cyber-prison of the Matrix movies.

In conclusion then, it is my belief that our DNA is, in a cyberpunk sense, the ultimate interface.  Through its connection to the Raw Infinite from which it was generated I believe that we can utilize it to explore the Endless Vistas of the Unknown  -- our bodies and imaginations working in concert to explore the Mysteries, to cultivate Gnosis, and to begin unraveling the most complex and fascinating questions concerning our existence.  There are mysterious signals out there, transmitting to those sophisticated and nuanced enough to receive them -- signals that, I believe, can illuminate us with the Divine Fire that is our birthright and our destiny.  


  1. Good post Raj. There is no doubt that the physical body is an emanation of underlying reality but materialists bury their heads in the sand with regard to these issues. You might like the post "Are You Back To Front" on my blog. It deals with these issues from a metaphysical / Zen Buddhist point of view. All the best.

  2. Great stuff, and I really love the awesome illustrations!! Haunting images!! The first time I heard the term "junk" DNA, I thought...I really doubt it...and marveled at the arrogance of calling something junk that is so little understood...history repeating itself there. Rock on Magi!!

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